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Found 4 results

  1. Inspired by the FE7 Tag-Team that David started (that I still need to update), a group of posters from the Last to Post thread teamed up to get through Fuuin no Tsurugi. They will laugh. They will cry. This will curse their fellow teammates when they do trollish moves (let's hope not). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...The Sword of Seals/The Binding Blade Tag-Team! The bros (and one sis): Jprebs, Kalas, Dusk, ZM, Poly. The following units cannot be killed off at all and must be used as much as they possibly can: Jprebs: Dusk: Kalas: ZM: Duck: This will start soon. Because Jprebs wanted me to get it up, for some reason. :P
  2. If you have anything Touhou-related in your avatar and/or sig, please post. I want to do a census. If you don't and still post, I don't give a shit. :P
  3. Simply because we can. And a Touhou subforum would be freaking amazing. I particularly like Touhou MMD videos, and this one is among my favorite series of them.
  4. Ok so, in our quest to get a Touhou subforum made, this is a thread for Touhou music, ZUN's compositions, and remixes, to get it more well known to the denizens of SF. So yeah, let's do this. Let's start of with a little McRoll U.N.Owen was her? And also this thing. So yeah, go, my Touhou brethren!
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