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Found 2 results

  1. Reading through the Ultimate Tutorial, in Ch27: Battle Backgrounds, the writter uses a custom TSA to apply on the new background images. However, the link to the custom TSA is broken and I can't find it posted anywhere else. Does anyone have it stored somewhere for re-posting? If not, is there another way to mod the Battle Backgrounds?
  2. for a while i was one of the few people that did asm nowadays though pretty much everyone is better than me (see: blazer, that guy who does FEIV, jubbs, kot) due to tutorials and people just being flat out not dumb BUT since everyone needs a hobby, i've been slowly trying to get myself back into this junk by teaching myself how to hack the graphics. "But Cam, GBAGE already exists!" Not *that* kind of graphics, silly. I can insert images into the ROM just as well as the next guy. What I need help with is this kind of stuff: To anybody who doesn't know what that is, that's the tile viewer in VBA. Which leads me directly to what I'm asking- does anybody know how to find/alter the tsa that is used for dynamic graphics (see: the battle screen) given only the offset in memory? To be more specific, the graphics i'm trying to fit a map over are between addresses 0x06013400 and 0x06014000, which is this set of tiles. I'm trying to see if I can't relocate the data on the battle screen, just for kicks.
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