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Found 2 results

  1. Well, it's finally here, the most infamous DLC of them all. And honestly I'm kind of disappointed by the difficulty. For my team I intentionally avoided using children characters and legacy DLC characters, so I expected to have some challenge, what with having much lower stats and weaker skill sets than what a lot of people suggest. But instead I got waves of enemies that don't move, or are in too small numbers to be a legitimate threat. I expected the time limited waves at the end of the secret route to put serious pressure on killing stuff quickly enough, but both waves took 3 turns each. I was basically never in any danger of dying - the only times I took reasonable damage were the Berserkers in Secret Waves 4+5, and that's only because I didn't have the stats/skills to kill them before they attacked me and they have Hawkeye/Luna+/1-2 range axes, meaning 60+ damage counterattacks (oh no whatever will I do o rite fortify) Probably the hardest wave in the whole thing, and the only one that really made me stop and think, was Normal wave 5. 25 enemies in one place, ~20 of them being aggressive, that was actually a threat. But still, they came from one direction and gave plenty of room, so it was pretty trivial to just slowly back off while using Galeforce/Rescue to pick groups of enemies off. Despite the fairly low difficulty, it was fun. Having the variety of waves did also makes things interesting.I think it'd have been more interesting if more enemies moved towards you from closer in, especially on secret waves 4+5 (since your position is reset, it would be very possible to make happen). Maybe in the future, I'll try a no Limit Breaker Apo run. I still expect that it wouldn't be THAT tough, though, maybe the time limit will actually matter...
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