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Found 3 results

  1. Since I have played Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS, I am huge fan of the "Tales of" series. TotA gave me a first impression, how awesome this series is. And I want to play more sections in the future. I think every game of the "Tales of" series is great, which complicates me the decission. So I need your help: Which "Tales of" game should I play first? I own these games: a) Symphonia b) Symphonia Dawn of the new world c) Vesperia d) Graces e) Xillia I f) Hearts
  2. I was wondering how many people do all the extra things that always are in JRPG's but don't have anything to do with the story. Like the stupidly large amount of side quests in Final Fantasy or the Tales series? When ever I play these games I never bother because I prefer story over actually game play. I just skip them and kind of rush through the games on the simplest difficulty to get the story moving. Am I the only one who does this?
  3. ~Moonie's Art thread~ Hello everyone! Will try to get more active here so I figured I could post some of my art to kinda break the ice? Comments and critiques are appreciated. Some stuff is old though so don't be too harsh ówò Maybe I'll actually post FE art someday, haha. --Pictures-- Summer Breeze (OC) WIP - Younger Rani (OC) Springtime with Tussilago (OC) Christmas Card (OCs) Rani with longer hair (OC) Tussilago Maia (OC) Sophie (ToG) Tear and Mieu (TotA) Rani WIP (OC) Lady Amalthea (TLU) Presea (ToS) Renamon (Dgmn) --Sculptures-- P-chan Spider Pig Jigglypuff Numel Makar Quickie Oshawott Culumon Black Spy Pyramide Head bros Metool Saizo the pig --Other stuff-- Necklace ------------------- If you happen to like any of this crap, feel free to watch me on DA: http://www.moontoon.deviantart.com/ or follow my (f)artblog on Tumblr: http://tsukiarare.tumblr.com/ (Main Tumblr: http://moontoon.tumblr.com/)
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