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Found 9 results

  1. DOWNLOAD My GBA Library is a Windows application that allows for convenient organization, patching, and playing of GBA ROMs. It is also connected to FECentral.org's backend, from which you can view, download, and patch Fire Emblem fan projects directly from a desktop application. A guide on how to use the application is included in the README. If you are unsure about the application's capabilities, I showcase them in this video: https://youtu.be/JlNFpdWvNww If you currently have a previous version of My GBA Library: v2.1 updates v2.0 updates Please report any bugs! If you would like to contribute to development, please DM me.
  2. Here you will find links to various tools, resources, tutorials, documentation, and random stuff pertaining to FE modding/hacking. In an effort to keep the topic as searchable/ctrl+f-able as possible, I'm breaking everything up into separate posts, and linking to them from this one. Table of Contents - Tutorials - Tools - Resources - Documentation - Catch All Post If something needs to be added, and hasn't been after a few days of waiting, give me a shout out.
  3. Howdy Serenes folks. As one of the main people working on the ultimate graphics repo now, I thought it'd be good to personally throw a thread up here on Serenes. Could a mod move this to resources, please? Apparently I can't create a topic there /shrug. Pin it if you find it valuable enough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) First of all... Emblem Anims I've made a site that allows viewing, downloading, etc. of all free to use animations. Navigation generally involves the navbar at the top but you can also use the search bar (which may become more powerful in a future update). Clicking on an image will start a gif looping through all available combat animations. For the sake of brevity, you can learn more about it at my main FEU post or check out my github/readme. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2) Ultimate FEGBA Resource Repository (this link also available from emblem anims) For all assets that aren't battle animations, this (or the last release by klok) is probably your best bet for finding them. I've added a few new sections since, including a "Tools" section so that new hackers can get up and running faster and with less hassle, f2u maps, and f2u unfinished animations such as stills or spritesheets (hence the rename to resource). This repo is constantly updated from my PC via drive backup, so the data contained should always be 100% up to date and may change from one day to another. If you have any free to use asset that you don't see in here or on emblem anims, please feel free to contact me or post it in the comments so that it can be added. To learn more about the graphics portion of the repo, check out the FEU thread for Ultimate Graphics Repo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy hacking!
  4. Hiya! Since FEITS hasn't been updated in quite a while, and the creator wasn't interested in adding localized names, I did it myself. It's called FEFTS (Fire Emblem Fates Text Simulator) and is a fork of FEITS. Download link: https://github.com/robotortoise/FEFTS/releases Here's the changelog from FEITS: Optimized PNGs to save a bit of memory and hopefully boot a bit faster. Changed default conversation to something absurd (Selkie/Chrom) to better show the benefits of the program. Changed name to "Fire Emblem Fates Text Simulator". Localized Reference Guide, and stored locally. Created a changelog. Further improvements to overall system stability, system security, and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience
  5. Posted here because it didn't look like it'd fit in any subforums I created this thread because i want to get better at programming. Basically, this is where you can ask me to make tools to make things easier/faster. Rules: -only submit 1 tools request at a time. -please make sure that the tools you want to be made hasn't already been made. How will this work: You submit a tool request, i make the tools, i pm it to you and upload it here Hopefully this'll get a lot of request so that i can get good! Note:all of my tools are made with c# current waiting list: -FE4 Army Editor Need more info: -Easy reclasser? i have a slight idea of how it should look like but i still need more info.
  6. Since i'm too lazy to update stuff here, i'll just link you to the feu thread: http://feuniverse.us/t/kirbs-resources-thread/2286
  7. Could anyone tell me what the easiest tools to use are for beginners? For stuff like Map and Portrait editing, and text editing, and basically changing everything (Even weapons and class names). I am doing a Sword Art Online hack of FE, and I need to change a LOT of stuff (again, basically EVERYTHING), so what would you guys recommend? (I tried to download Nightmare, but I just got a load of .NMM files.)
  8. I've been working on a chart to calculate max stats when pairing characters up, for the sake of planning out my Revelations game and getting all those kids perfectly. Along the way, I ended up calculating potential classes based on S and A+ Pairings for all the characters in the game. All the data I used came from Serenes Forest, and I figured that I might as well share this to help out anyone who is as meticulous as I am about using each character. https://www.dropbox....Fates.xlsx?dl=0 There are way too many characters to pair up and test to be sure that everything worked out. I made sure to take into account for parallel classes and gender specific classes for each character. You can pair up any named character, even if they can't pair up in game. I'm considering adding other things that may come in handy as reference. I haven't included growth rates per class and character, and potential skills for each class yet, but it shouldn't be too hard to calculate and include. If anyone finds any mistakes in classes or stats when pairing up the characters, please let me know, and I'll figure out how to fix it. I'm not a programmer, I just like calculating stuff. I already caught a bunch of possible pitfalls, such as Monk/Shrine Maiden promotions, and Kana max stats when one of his/her parents is a child unit.
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