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Found 2 results

  1. So I finally got around to beating Path of Radiance on Hard, first time, although I can't say it was my first time trying it. Fuck you, Ashnard. On a side note, I can see why everyone gives Awakening so much shit about it's story and character development. This is the second Fire Emblem game I've completed, and with Awakening being my first... I'm ashamed to say it got me into the series. But I love it all the more for it, nonetheless. I didn't come here to complain, though. I've an incoming shipment for Radiant Dawn from a nearby GameStop ($70, jeez) and it'll be here... soon, haha. My question is, in the meantime, I'm going to be doing a Random Mode Transfer Run. Now, the characters below I've listed by their priority, Level/Stat Cap-wise. 1. Shinon (Favorite character in the game, don't know why) 2. Ike (Surprise <_<) 3. Elincia (It feels fitting, having her capped) 4. Ranulf (^^) 5. Boyd (Only Fighter, and even in Radiant Dawn, he's one of two) 6. Mist (I've heard she's common to cap, by people?) 7. Mia (It's always easy to have Mia cap... unless she's Strength screwed) 8. Ilyana (I originally left her out, only to grind for supports with Zihark so I can recruit him easier in Radiant Dawn, but I found she wasn't all that bad) 9. Zihark (^^) 10. Soren (Grinded supports with Ike, grew on me) 11. Gatrie (Grinded supports with Shin- you get the drift) 12. Geoffrey (Paragon) 13. Sothe (I heard he kinda gets useless later in Radiant Dawn? I'd like to fix that) 14. Marcia (Heavily suggested) 15. Jill (Heavily suggested) 16. Rhys (Only Bishop, yeah?) 17. Astrid (She needs it, correct) 18. Makalov (For Supporting with Astrid's sake) My question is: Will this all be possible? I originally wanted all the Greil Mercenaries to be capped, but with Rolf, Titania, and Oscar... I'd rather not. I didn't come here to ask whether or not WHOM I should cap, but rather if its all possible, and if so, how can I... maximize success?
  2. More than a year ago, I started to plan a Transfer Run using all of the Greil Mercenaries. I also wanted to record it, for myself, and for sharing it with a friend of mine. After a few months of getting all I needed, last summer I finally started and finished the run. My original idea was to do two simultaneous runs: one with Easy Mode and Fixed Growths, for transfer; one with Hard Mode and Random Growths, to record. But after 8 chapters or so, I found out that Fixed Growths mode is sooooo annoyingly tiring and boring, a lot more than the reset-based RNG abuse for Random Growths. So I ended up going only for the Hard Mode+Random Growths instead. Since I started the run without paying too much attention to the level ups for the 8 first chapters or so, I thought that maybe I wouldn't be able to cap as much stats as I wanted. Oh dear Ashera if I was mistaken! I got to cap a lot more than I could have ever achieved with Fixed Growths! If I had started to control the level ups from the very beginning, I could have capped HP for Oscar without having to use a Seraph Robe for just ONE HP point, and maybe some other stat for Titania and Shinon. Well, enough talking, these were the results (capped stats in black) Ike 60 HP, 26 Str, 8 Mag, 27 Skll, 28 Spd, 19 Lck, 24 Def, 22 Res S rank in swords (Skills: Aether) [supports: A Soren, B Oscar (+1 Attack, +42 Avoid)] Easy one. I only needed to use one Seraph Robe and one Talisman for him. Impossible to kill. Mist 45 HP, 20 Str, 26 Mag, 24 Skll, 26 Spd, 26 Luck, 9 Def, 29 Res A rank in swords, S rank in staffs (Skills: Miracle and Sol) [supports: A Boyd, B Rolf (+3 Attack, +1 Def, +7 Hit)] She was obviously one of the toughest to cap, at least at the beginning. I remember using 1 Energy Drop, the 3 Secret Books and 1 Talisman. With a forged 19 Mt. Silver Sword (conveniently named Sieglinge) and a Runesword, she took a peacul stroll around the final chapter, annihilating everything on her path. She got hit once, she recovered :) I enjoyed making such a pitiful character into such a beast. Boyd 60 HP, 30 Str, 2 Mag, 28 Skll, 27 Spd, 25 Def, 12 Res S rank in axes, B rank in bows (Skills: Resolve, Wrath, Tempest) [supports: A Mist, B Titania (+4 Attack, +2 Def, +17 Hit) Only a Dracoshield was used on him. Also impossible to kill, since past that huge HP and defense lies the Resolve+Wrath combo :D Rolf 60 HP, 25 Str, 11 Mag, 30 Skll, 28 Spd, 21 Lck, 25 Def, 23 Res, S rank in bows (Skills: Nihil, Smite (con raised to 9)) [supports: B Mist, B Shinon (+1 Def, +5 Hit, +10 Avoid)] Rolf, that one little beast who beat even Ike stat-wise. Pity that he can only use a bow! Believe me or not, I only used one Seraph Robe on him. It's just that on the first boss abuse I did (just the mission when you recruit him), he got a lot of incredibly lucky level ups, and he was also rather lucky through the rest of the game :) But I also RNG abused him, of course. Mia 60 HP, 22 Str, 10 Mag, 29 Skll, 30 Spd, 22 Lck, 22 Def, 25 Res, S rank in swords (Skills: Vantage, Adept) [supports: A Rhys (+3 Str, +15 Hit)] For my beloved waifu, I wanted to make a transfer as perfect as possible, and Ashera was on my side. With a bit of luck, A LOT of RNG abuse during the last chapters and one Seraph Robe, I got her to cap even HP, Defense and Resistance. I'm eager to see Mia's performance at Radiant Dawn's Hard Mode! :) Gatrie 60 HP, 29 Str, 2 Mag, 27 Skll, 24 Spd, 13 Lck, 30 Def, 13 Res, S rank in lances, E rank in swords (Skills: Luna, Provoke) [supports: A Shinon (+3 Def, +7 Hit, +7 Avoid)] Knight Ward For the Win. That's all :D Well, I've to say I needed a bit of RNG abuse for him to max Def. Strange, I know. With a cap Spd of 24, he didn't double attack that much at the final chapters, but he didn't get doubled either, and that was a HUGE plus to his defensive capabilities :) Shinon 45 HP, 25 Str, 11 Mag, 30 Skl, 28 Spd, 18 Lck, 21 Def, 15 Res, S rank in bows (Skills: Counter, Provoke, Gamble) [supports: A Gatrie B Rolf (+4 Def, +12 Hit, +17 Avoid)] Poor Shinon didn't have a lot of luck, specially in that boss abuse I did against Petrine. But oh well, if trained, Shinon is godly anyway. Oscar 60 HP, 26 Str, 10 Mag, 26 Skl, 27 Spd, 13 Lck, 27 Def, 13 Res, S rank in lances, A rank in bows (Skills: Savior, Guard) [supports: B Ike (+20 Avoid)] Even without offensive skills or two supports, Oscar was also one of my main guys (who wasn't anyway...?). As I said before, I had to use a Seraph Robe on him for only ONE HP point. If I had started to take care with level ups from the very beginning, I could have used that third Seraph Robe on Shinon or Titania :( I also used a Dracoshield. Reyson 32 HP, 3 Str, 20 Mag, 17 Skl, 26 Spd, 27 Lck, 3 Def, 29 Res I suppose the Sp cap can help him a bit at Radiant Dawn :_) I used the Speedwing you get at the final chapter for that. Getting him to level 20 was obviously easy with boss abuse. Soren 38 HP, 9 Str, 30 Mag, 28 Skl, 28 Spd, 18 Lck, 11 Def, 28 Res, S rank in wind, A rank in fire, D rank in thunder, B rank in staffs (Skills: Vantage, Adept) [supports: A Ike (+1 Attack, +22 Avoid)] The important thing here is the capped Speed. Add the unbelievably high Str to the mix and you get a real juggernaut. With that much Spd, the Avoid granted to him by Ike, and that Skills combinations, he could even fight on the frontlines a bit. Oh yes, I had to use one Spirit Power with him, by the way :_) Titania 49 HP, 25 Str, 26 Skll, 27 Spd, 20 Lck, 23 Def, 15 Res, S rank in axes, A rank in lances (Skills: Sol) [supports: B Boyd, B Rhys (+2 Attack, +2 Def, +20 Hit)] Exactly the same I said for Shinon applies to Titania. She would have loved to cap her HP... She was good anyway, it's just that the others were way better. Rhys 41 HP, 3 Str, 29 Mag, 22 Skl, 25 Spd, 24 Lck, 11 Def, 30 Res, S rank in staffs/light (Skills: Miracle, Shade) [supports: A Mia, B Titania (+1 Attack, +1 Def, +10 Hit)] As with Soren, the most important stat for him to cap was Speed. 25 Speed combined with 3 Strength added a lot for him, offensively speaking. And that's all. Even if I don't remember all of my run's details by now, as I said, I recorded it, so if anyone wants some help for a transfer run, I'm here to answer questions too ;) I also got max bonus exp at almost all chapters, EVEN the desert chapter with the laguz (with all items collected), so I can help with that too.
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