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Found 1 result

  1. Status: FEE3 video is out! Enjoy it in all of its glory! Prologue: For those of you with good memories, you may have remembered the first attempt of this hack, close to a year ago. Some of you even over-reacted to some joke screenshots I made of it, and still others cheered me on. My progress was halted by real-life interruptions (and technically I'm about to have more) and the fact that all of my progress was erased when the computer I used fried and had to be sent in to be wiped and fixed, but I never did give up on the dream to make my own ROM hack. I began again back in March 2013, and while it is still only partially completed, I am well on my way and have something to show for my efforts, so I'm definitely content. This is and will most likely remain for the most part a solo project, so it will take time, but I truly hope that you guys enjoy it, and PLEASE let me know of any bugs you find with it or anything that severely turns you off. This ROM hack is my vision of Fire Emblem, but I am making it for you all to enjoy, and I take great satisfaction and pride in giving you guys the best game possible. As I will be leaving to move to Texas on June 15th or 16th for graduate school, I am releasing my initial patch now. Note that I have personally playtested this patch extensively and ironed out as many bugs as possible. However, if you note any bug or any mistuned content, do NOT hesitate to tell me it -- this is technically a beta patch, so changes will be made if necessary, and as soon as reasonably possible. Introduction: So what is the KOT Patch? It's name is similar to the Shin Patch for FE4, and for good reason; it was what I considered to be an awesome hack, and it is the inspiration for this whole project. I want to keep the story and the flavor of FE8 intact, while at the same time balancing classes, revamping the experience, and upping the challenge, all while presenting the best level design I can. This was and still is my first hack, and it is a large undertaking for a solo project, but it's challenged me and (hopefully) made me better. In the following sections, I will provide you with a link to the (beta version of the) game and show you all of the changes and new additions that makes the KOT Patch so special. UPS Patches (Click on Link Below): Original Version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sy1z2lcci7hz9dl/KOT%20Patch%20Release%20Version%201%20%28Up%20to%20Chapter%205%29.ups Updated Version w/ Bug Fixes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0299ifyo40b4miz/KOT%20Patch%20Release%20Version%202%20%28Up%20to%20Chapter%205%29.ups Screenshots: [spoiler=Prologue] [spoiler=Chapter 1] [spoiler=Chapter 2] [spoiler=Chapter 3] [spoiler=Chapter 4] [spoiler=Chapter 5] [spoiler=Chapter 5x] Sorry for the large delay in the screenshots! Turns out lab work and maintaining a rent keeps you busy (who knew?). Engine Changes: [spoiler=Click Here to See]The KOT Patch does make heavy use of ASM hacking, so there are a fair number of engine changes that come with the game. Most of them are with battle formulas, largely designed to balance stats/classes, but for the most part the game retains the exact same feel. They should all be here, but I might have forgotten one or two minor ones, so please forgive me. > SKL now provides 5 HIT per stat point, up from 2. Still provides 0.5% crit per point. This change is designed to make low SKL particularly relevant and allows the stat to be close to the value of STR in terms of offensive potency. > SPD now provides 4 AVO per stat point, up from 2. 4 AS difference for doubling is unchanged. This change is designed to keep AVO rates similar to that of HIT rates granted by SKL. The buff seemed necessary to the dramatically lower incidence of doubles in the KOT patch. > LUK now provides 1 HIT, 2 AVO, 1 DGE, and 0.5% Crit per point. This change does two things -- allows CRT to scale the same as DGE throughout the game (meaning you'll need LUK both to crit and more LUK to keep enemies FROM critting), and makes LUK a valuable stat to have. > Staff hit is now 45 + (MAG*3) + (SKL*2) + LUK. Staff avoid is now (RES*3) + (SPD*2) + LUK + DISTANCE*2. These two changes are designed to make SKL more useful for staff users. In addition, while the range of status staves is still MAG/2 (minimum of 5 range), note that the old formulas had SKL counteract the decreased accuracy caused by increased range, these new formulas do not; this means that while the range of status staves will gradually increase as the game goes on, the hit penalty from range will not be mitigated in such a way, making long distance status application possible in late game, but a risky venture. > Poison now does 5 damage. Poison is now actually relevant and poison weapons are now not completely terrible. > Class power changes have been made, which essentially changes the EXP those classes get/give for killing/getting killed. Most classes with lower class powers have been bumped up to 3, with the exceptions of pre-promo healers and trainees (obviously). This is mostly to compensate for the fact that thieves no longer have terrible combat and monsters such as revenants are just as potent as their monster counterparts. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or not. > Female and male unpromoted mounted AID is now always 25 - CON. Promoted mounted AID is now 30 - CON. These changes are designed to make female mounted characters not have a severe handicap for rescuing, and allows promoted units to have an increase in AID roughly the same as the average CON increase on promotion. Now the horses GET DA POWA on promotion too, not just the riders. Swords/Lances/Axes: [spoiler=Click Here to See]Some planned late-game enemy-only weapons are not included. Also note the lack of S-ranked weapons -- don't worry, at least Eph and Eirika will get them. Bows/Tomes: [spoiler=Click Here to See]Some planned late-game enemy-only weapons are not included. Also note the lack of S-ranked weapons -- don't worry, at least Eph and Eirika will get them. Staves: [spoiler=Click Here to See]Only changed staves and ones found in or before Chapter 5 are included. Player Classes: [spoiler=Click Here to See]These do not include enemy-only classes. Abilities: [spoiler=Click Here to See]All of these abilities should now be properly integrated into the game, although there is nothing in the in-game text to indicate that they exist. This will be addressed in a future patch. Planned Promotion Bonuses: [spoiler=Click Here to See]These are not yet implemented, but will be once I get enough of the game made that promotions will actually occur. Approximate 20/20 Stats: [spoiler=Click Here to See]These are simply approximations/rough averages that don't take promotion bonuses into exact account. There to give you an idea of each character's strengths and weaknesses. Only changed characters are included so far. Enemy Bases: [spoiler=Click Here to See]Only unpromoted enemy classes are included at this time. Enemy Growths: [spoiler=Click Here to See]Only unpromoted enemy classes are included at this time. Conclusion: Enjoy the patch, and I wish you both luck and skill on your journey to Chapter 5!
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