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Found 1 result

  1. Good morning everyone, and welcome to a brand new let's play of FE8! This is a randomized run using Otaku's randomizer! "But wait" I hear you say "What about your youtube??? WHAT ABOUT MANRIKLASS?" and I say............. maybe later. In the meantime, this is going to be a great LP. I previewed a bit of it, and it's AMAZING. First off, I randomized FE8 with these settings: Having tried a bunch of variants, this is the most reasonable one I've found to date. I don't randomize weapons because it usually ends up stupid and broken, and I only randomize characters because the bases can be interesting. All in all, over multiple tries, this always ends up most balanced. Also, enemies get buffed, which makes FE8 finally hard again. Note that character growths have variance of 45, which means they can get anywhere from -45% to +45% on their original growth % totals. This tends to work out against me but who knows, maybe I'll get useful characters with good growths and not too many shitty ones? This run will also help me focus down issues with my FE8 Fix Patch I'm working on. So without further ado, let's get started! [spoiler=Prologue] Hard mode, always. I'm no wimp. Even if the enemy growths ARE buffed up to a 100% increase, how hard can it possibly be? Huh. King Fado sure surrounds himself with a lot of magic users. Let's hope they never try a coup, or his RES is being destroyed! I wonder what our first three character classes will be... Valter confirmed assassin. Oh my god that is such a perfect reclass for him. The fact he doesn't 2HKO me here with a double is a total mercy move. And Valter shows nobody any mercy. Uhhhh, "Seth", you know I can't use that, right? I'm apparently a Pupil now. Huh. He doesn't look so bad. Ewan replaces Eirika in this mode, so maybe he will turn out awesome? His only good stat appears to be Resistance, but curiously he has 5 movement. Don't forget, movement among the classes will be anywhere from 4-8! In this case, 5 is a pretty good number, and considering he's a Tier 0, that's great! But what about his growths? You'll have to wait and see. THE BOULDER once again returns! This time he's a goddamn summoner with RES out the ass. I will have nothing to fear from mages! Note the 6 movement, expected for a T2 magic user. His SPD and Ewan's spd are pretty bad. Maybe growths will fix it. I... I wonder how they compare to this chapter's enemies? T-THE BOULDER DOES NOT FEAR YOU! Yes, the enemy stats are already higher than vanilla, those 0-100% growth boosts are already kicking in and lemme tell you, that shit is gonna be huge later on down the line. In all honesty, I have no guarantees I'll be able to beat this hack. None at all. Hahaha! Gotta love how the summon has better stats than the summoner! Sure, no DEF, but that's a good SKL/LUK rating, plus he makes for a good meatshield/distraction! As a final bonus, summons can fly, so he can get past barriers easily. Finally, every time THE BOULDER summons, he gains 10 EXP. That might be needed later on down the line for EXP grinding. Couple turns later, after using summons to weaken the enemies and some attacks on them, Ewan gains his first level! It's shitty. Moving the summon to the mountain, I create a target to draw the first enemy in, shielding Ewan with my Nosferatushield just in case. The summon has better hitrates than the enemy... wow XD More summoning to draw the boss in and see how I fare... the hitrates suck. I'll have to get him away from the forest. Moulder gains his first level via summon spam. It's actually worse than Ewan's. Ewan gains another level! It sucks. I'm beginning to detect a pattern here. Turns taken: 16. WHAT A GREAT START. [spoiler=Growths for characters] Ewan's Growths: HP: 20% POW: 100% SKL: 35% SPD: 0% LUK: 0% DEF: 35% RES: 50% Comments: WHY GOD HAVE YOU FORSAKEN MEEEE?! Almost no HP, absolutely no SPD or LUK, but stupid high POW gaining! He'll hit like a truck and be locked to 2 SPD for the rest of the game. What a great character! Klok Rates: 2/10! THE BOULDER'S Growths: HP: 135% POW: 0% SKL: 50% SPD: 5% LUK: 0% DEF: 25% RES: 50% As usual THE BOULDER fails to disappoint! On top of having summoning skills, this badass has relegated his POW/SPD/LUK stats to the nether, forsaking them in favor of RAW DEFENSIVE POWERRRR! Also lots of SKL, because YOU NEED TO HIT THINGS TO STAY ALIVE! Klok Rates: 2/10. OH BOY I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT CHAPTER 1 WILL BRING US!
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