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Found 3 results

  1. I have one of the best teams ;) you won't stop me! SeraphPunchOnline MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  2. My theory is that Nohr and Hoshido dont actually exist, in DLC 5 I believe of heirs of fate, shigure mentions that they were in valla to which shiro and siegbert reply that they were at the opposite factions castles,but shigure says that it was all and illusion, the same illusion that may have been seen by their parents, now it makes sense, back in the before awakening DLC when Chrom said Nohr and Hoshido were mythical worlds, because they are.
  3. Hi, Ok so, if you're reading this, you've already beat Revelation I hope. So after the very happy cliche ending, Kamui is the king/queen of Valla and the siblings are all like "if you need anything please let us know/come to us. But in Kamui's ending story thing, it ssys that the Bottomless Canyon was sealed. We saw that the Bottomless Canyon was used as an entrance to Valla, and that the only person who could open a partal outside of the Bottomless Canyon was Azura, who stays in Valla, i'd assume (i fon't remember but mist likely) So if the siblings wanted to communicate, or visit Kamui, how would they do it? Just a random thought.
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