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Found 1 result

  1. Warning - Wall of Text Follows So, in the "The Next Ylisse Game" thread, changes in landmass between the Archanea/Akaneia games and Awakening were being discussed. Someone pointed out that the dramatic shifts between the two could not be explained simply by 2000 years of continental drift. As much as I love de-railing topics, I'm gonna create my own vanity thread to discuss explanations for these shifts instead of de-railing a discussion about possibilites for the FE14. Anyways, what follows is simply speculation, and as such is intended more for people to have fun with than anything that actually matters to plot or whatever else. --- (much of what follows is cut-and-pasted from my post in the other thead) --- The Tellius games did state that everything else but Tellius was flooded - maybe the flood merely isolated an extremely large landmass into separate "continents," and floodwaters are still receding (slowly). That would also explain why Ylisse might look like Archanea/Akaneia with a lower sea-level. But then I had a different, (perhaps) better theory: Hmm, looking at the actual maps of Ylisse and Archanea, I get the impression that while sea-levels may or may not have dropped, landmasses certainly did a lot of moving around. Even more apparent looking at Valm and Valentia, IMO. (All 4 links are images of the continents in question) My best explanation is that when Grima made his first appearance during the first War of the Exalt, he ravaged the world to such an extent that the landmasses themselves were changed - what a badass, huh? This would be sort of like Middle-earth's War of Wrath, which destroyed and sunk Beleriand (basically, the entire northwestern part of Middle-earth - link is an image), or a less dramatic Golden Sun event from the eponymous series of games (which I love very much). My apologies if someone already posted this theory; if they did, I must've missed it. [spoiler=Relevant links]Archanea Ylisse Valentia Valm ----- So, what do you all think caused the shifts? Continental drift? Massive wars? Aftereffects of Ashunera's flood? Naga sneezing? Feel free to discuss any other implications/assumptions of either theory, such as the first assuming that the Tellius games (FE9, 10) take place in the same world as Fire Emblems 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, and 13. And please don't say "Shut up Euklyd, it's just a game" - if nobody cares, this thread will whither and die on its own, and won't need your help. inb4Shut-up-Euklyd-it's-just-a-game
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