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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I´ve been looking for that skills but I can´t just find them. Does someone have they? If so , could you give your castle address to acquire they? Thanks!!
  2. As the topic, this thread discusses sweeping Apotheosis enemies in enemy phase as many as possible by one pair & necessary helpers (at least a rallybot). Basic strategy: VVDS+ Vantage + Vengeance + Celica's Gale + 100% Dual Strike + enough power and accuracy to 6-hit KO enemies as many as possible - Vengeance provides at least 10~20 damage against Aegis+. - But since leading damage is seriously restricted by enemies' Aegis+, focusing boosting support side's Str/Mag while sacrificing leading side's Vengeance, such as Olivia!Lucina (single Vantage, no Vengeance) / Extreme Str/Mag Morgan-M, is also feasible. - Each +1 Str/Mag on support side provides +2 total damage in the 6-hit. - Each +1 Str/Mag on leading side provides +0.5 total damage against Aegis+ in the 6-hit. Performers: - Lucina - Lucina's husband - Rallybot - Chrom (x FeMU or Olivia only. The latter is unpractical.) Who will be the leader? - Lucina's husband: Default option, since most of the optimized Lucinas lack Vantage. - Lucina: Only FeMU!Lucina and Olivia!Lucina are available to be the leader. Sully!Lucina has Vantage but she has no Tome classes. - When Lucina's husband leads, Lucina is the only supporter and her output is restricted. - When Lucina leads, we can choose higher output supporters. Physical supporters are also exclusive here. Hit Problem: - Brave Axe users usually need Hit+20 and one more Hit+10 skill to ensure a 100% hit on Throne Berserker (see the enemy Avo database). --------------------------------- Some specific Q&A Why physical supporters > magical supporters when Lucina leads? - Physical supporters' max damage to Hi-Def > Magical supporters' max damage to Hi-Res. - The loss of Mag pair bonus is very low. Switching Sage to Berserker decreases 6 Mag on leading side = Only -3 damage against Aegis+. Difference of FeMU!Lucina and Olivia!Lucina: - FeMU!Lucina has Vengeance (+10~20) and Tomefaire (+2). But she loses Extreme Morgan access (+8). - Olivia!Lucina has Extreme Morgan access (+8) but lacks Vengeance (+10~20) and Tomefaire (+2). Any good Lucina's husband's leading options? - See Czar_Yoshi's analysis in another topic, or calculate it yourself. Rankings? - Under construction. ------------------------ Database Enemies theoretically cannot be tanked: - NM Wave 3/5 Longbows - SR Wave 1 Warriors - SR Wave 4 Mires if you're outside their moving range or your HP < their Mire's damage. The most difficult enemies to be 4-hit KOed from support side (Required-Physical-ATK/Required-Magical-ATK) - SR Wave 4 Berserker on the Throne (117/108) - SR Wave 5 Berserkers (114/105) - SR Wave 5 Anna (105/105) - SR Wave 2/5 Boss Sniper (110/86) - SR Wave 3/5 Boss Sorcerer (96/104) Enemies who have a high Avo: - SR Wave 4 Berserker on the Throne (148) - SR Wave 3/5 Boss Sorcerer (139) - SR Wave 5 Anna (137) - SR Wave 2/5 Boss Sniper (131) - SR Wave 5 Berserkers (128) More points going to be added here later.
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