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Found 4 results

  1. Since I love the FE: Heroes art so much, I decided to do a couple of wallpapers ( read several ) in super HD ( twice the size of Heroes current resolution ). Sometimes I do wallpapers of the older FE art or even Cipher art, but I tend to have a preference for Heroes atm. Group wallpapers:
  2. As the title says above, let's discuss wallpapers, or themes that you can decorate for your 2DS/3DS. What does everyone have? What are your favourites? I currently have the Fire Emblem Fates theme featuring the two families, which I got as a gift when I bought Conquest. This is the only one I have, as surprisingly, there is almost none that I like. I might get a Zelda OoT/Skyward Sword theme later on. But that is really it for me. There was a theme from Pokémon which I really would have liked to get - it was a stylised version of Serena with her Pokémon (titled Pokemon: Heroine - see here). I also saw two Pokémon Movie (from the XY series) themes, which I wouldn't mind getting. Sadly, all three are Japan-exclusive, and thus unobtainable in my Australian 2DS. Actually, what is with the utter lack of Calem and Serena (or any other human PCs besides Red and Blue) for the Pokemon-related themes? Outside of Pokémon, I understand that Earthbound or Golden Sun would not get a theme - actually, I would be very surprised, though overjoyed, if there was. What I am surprised, however, is the lack of FE Akaneia/Awakening-related themes - I wonder what the heck is going on.
  3. Wallpapers For Samsung Note 3 So I made some wallpapers for myself of Fates' Kinu with My Kamui's hair color. Edited Portrait credit goes to AMagieRobot's wonderfull FE14 Support Simulator and Portrait Generator Size increase smoothness credit goes to Nagadomi's super useful waifu2x First Flower texture = Chinese Silk by Qi-lin on Deviantart Grunge texture = Orange Grunge Paper Texture by stock-pics-textures on Deviantart Second Silk texture = Silk Fabric Pack by Rubyfire14-Stock on Deviantart Lightning texture = Gimp 2.0 If anyone has requests, feel free to ask! If I get enough, I may a start a seperate tumblr just for these. It's quite fun.
  4. So I am a complete deviant art x fire emblem search noob. Was wondering if anyone has created or attempted to creatively add every single fire emblem lord there is from all the game iterations onto a single wallpaper desktop in HD? Helpful info is appreciated as always, cheers!
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