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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Serenes Forest! I decided about a day ago I wanted to do another Nuzlocke run of some game, and I never completed the randomized run I was doing, so I thought; let's make it even harder and post it on Serenes Forest! So, I'm doing a randomized Nuzlocke of the Pokemon Volt White hack. I randomized everything, but for specifics, here's what was randomized: - Base Statistics are completely random within their stat totals (Pokemon evolving are treated as separate Pokemon, so evolving may drastically change a Pokemon's stats) -Pokemon Abilities are Randomized (No Wonder Guard, increading the chance of a beatable run) -Starter Pokemon are completely random -Pokemon typing is completely random, and evolution does not keep the same typing as the previous evolution -Pokemon movesets are completely random, and every Pokemon starts with four moves for added chaos -Pokemon Trainers have completely random Pokemon, and have randomized class names and trainer names -Wild Pokemon are random, including legendaries, and have random held items -Static Pokemon encounters are completely random -TMs are completely random, as is their compatibility; Pokemon have a 50% chance to learn any field HMs or TMs -In game trades have both requested Pokemon and traded Pokemon randomized -Field Items are randomized This is also a Nuzlocke, and it will be following standard Nuzlocke rules. If by some weird chance, none of my Pokemon can learn required HMs (though this is unlikely), I will break the catching rule until I can find a Pokemon that can learn the required HM, and all previous Pokemon caught in that time window will be released, keeping the HM Pokemon. Since this hack doesn't change the plot of Pokemon White at all, I'll only be screencapping Trainer Battles, the first wild encounter in any area, or comments from NPCs I really want to comment on. I'll also be letting you guys choose my starter, starter nickname, and caught Pokemon nicknames. And with that, let the game commence! (Please include starter nickname in a comment if you want to suggest something) Voting for the starter will probably end tonight. Starters:
  2. Well, I'm going to catch some hate for this, but I find Geneology of the Holy War highly overrated. The majority of your units in the first gen(I quit at chapter 7 due to boredom) suck. Lex and Arden are both downright useless. The battle saves are easily abused. Arvis kills Sigurd for literally no reason other than to gloat. The chapters take WAY too freaking long. There is NO WAY to restart a chapter if you need too, if you battle saved over your save file. Something the game does not warn you about. There is way too much incest in this highly overrated game. And its plot is just as far fatched as Awakenings. That last bit will bring on the majority of the hate, but its the truth. Explain to me why, Quan, Ethlyn, and Finn stay in Silesse with Sigurd for a whole year before going to get reinforments, why Arvis wasn't hidden away like Deirdre, any many other small things.
  3. So, I've talked about this in the Hello, Hi, Hey thread awhile and said I would post the playlog, so it's time to be true to my word. For those of us not there, the general gist is I... hacked the game to give every player unit 1 Con and pretty much every enemy 20. JOY! [spoiler=PROLOGUE: I SUCK ENOUGH TO TAKE 13 TURNS] Since it’s forced in LM… Oh, Fire. Turn 1: That’s -4 AS w/ an Iron Sword. What made me think this was a good idea? Meanwhile, Enemy Con is ridiculous. Let’s just stay here for now… Turn 2: Nothing happened but that bandit came closer. Also remind me to download an older VBA on this PC. This is sloooow compared to 1.7.2. Turn 3: See Turn 2. Turn 4: She can’t double. Of course. Turn 5: Mmkay. LHM so easy. LNM on the other hand… Turn 6: Gotta get close! Turn 7: I can’t believe I did not do this sooner. Gotta fight Batta! During E-phrase. Glaceon Mage. The almighty… archer with the worst affinity in the game (Ice) that becomes a Blade Lord. I am not even sure why I’m an Archer in that hack. I guess it has got something to do with my Archer-Harem. Turn 8: Dodging 48s. Normally decently reliable, but Gotta be careful! Turn 9: Yep. Turn 10: Vulnerary time! Turn 11: Again… Next blow will kill him. Not wasting another Vulnerary. Speed! And Str but Spd is much needed atm. Turn 12: Finally. Ha. Turn 13: Finally. Did I seriously just take 13 turns on the Prologue? My tactics ratings suck and even I know I can do better. Oh, well.
  4. + SURELY A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN MADE CANON THREE MINUTES AGO if this gets moved I regret nothing
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