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Found 2 results

  1. Are you disgusted by the number of Midoris you see while playing online? Does the incessant grind to perfect your teams get tiring and ever quell your desire to play? Does seeing the same team formats over and over drive you to the brink of insanity? --- What if there was a Fire Emblem community eager to improve the PvP aspect of Fire Emblem Fates that also welcomed casual play, competitive play and diversity in team building? What if you could actually win prizes for playing? What if this was a place that catered to players from North America AND Europe? Does such a place even exist? It does! Introducing: Fire Emblem Fates: Tournaments! Hey everyone! I’m Delta, a moderator over at Fire Emblem Fates Tournaments: a community where we strive make the online battling aspect of Fates as fun and as fair as possible! Unfortunately, as Standard Fates PvP is so unbalanced, we try to make it more appealing to play by limiting some common and overly powerful sets, along with engaging our users through hosting standard tournaments, running gimmicky/theme based tournaments, and having some real prizes up for grabs! At Fire Emblem Fates: Tournaments, we strive to make PvP appealing to players of all types and keep the community engaged. We are a mix of casual and competitive players with differing levels of experience and skill in Fire Emblem. In one way or another, we help each other out -- and are completely willing to! And aside from Fire Emblem, we have different interests as well: Fanart, Smash, other video games, music, you name it! We try not to only limit ourselves to Fire Emblem just because of who we are as a subreddit -- we play other games on the side as a community as well, so feel free to participate and get to know everyone! Most of our discussion happens on our Discord server, where you can talk with other players, request battles, discuss team building and more! This is also the best place to head to if you have any questions that you need answered right away -- there should always be someone available to help you out! And finally, our subreddit is where any updates and important information can be found. If you're looking for a list of rules for tournaments, team-building resources, tournament date schedules, etc, you'll be able to find it there! You can also post there if you have anything to say regarding opinions and anything else! In terms of how our battling plays out, players participate in seasons. In these seasons, we hold tournaments with varying battle formats such that players earn invitations to a grand championship tournament - where large prizes are up for the taking! I’m going to go through our battle formats, rulesets and prizes and how they all work, so let’s get right in! Seasons Near the beginning of each month, a new season will start with various tournaments to enter throughout. Entering these tournaments may earn players real, modest cash prizes and invitations to enter the championship tournament at the end of the season -- where top players earn even greater prizes! All of our tournaments showcase varying themes and rulesets to encourage diversity in team-building and playstyles, so that tournaments never grow stale! A season typically lasts three months to host six tournaments: two per month, with two weeks to prepare. One Prize Tournament and one Free Tournament are held per month. Prize Tournaments use the Core or Eternal Rulesets while Free Tournaments utilize Casual or Gimmick Rulesets -- which are all explained in greater detail below (rules, etc). Championship tournaments showcase at the end of each season, with larger prizes in play for the top 4 players. Our Eternal ruleset is for players seeking to go all out through grinding, our Core ruleset is meant for players looking to go into a competitive scene with team-building diversity, and our Casual ruleset is meant for players just looking to have fun (without so much of a focus on grinding)! Take note of these rulesets: they’ll be some important terminology for our next little bit. Prizes What ARE our prizes, you say? Well, smaller prize tournaments held during a season are distributed either cash or gift cards with a monetary value that can be used towards nearly anything of your choice! In order to receive a cash prize, you must have a PayPal account in which we can send it to. If not, alternatively we can send gift card codes! (eShop, iTunes, etc.) NOTE: For EU, we’ll be resorting to PayPal only until we can find an EU moderator that can potentially cover the EU region (for eShop codes, gift cards, etc.) If you’d like to help out, please let us know! Tournaments Our tournaments have different formats depending on the ruleset used for that particular tournament. Casual and Gimmick tournaments use Swiss Pairings to determine matchmaking. This format matches players by their records throughout the tournament so that they’re able to compete against opponents with similar skill levels. This format also runs pretty similarly to Round Robin, so everyone gets a chance to fight against more people, and overall just have a fun time! Eternal tournaments use Single Elimination to determine who wins and who loses, quickly. This is to simulate a high-risk, high-reward setting as these tournaments host cash prizes, and so players can finish quickly and prepare for future tournaments. Finally, Core and Championship tournaments play with a combination of Swiss Pairings and Single Elimination: Swiss Pairings are played at the beginning so that players aren’t completely out of the game due to bad RNG. This way, players still have a chance to make it to the top 8 players who then advance to the second phase of the tournament: Single Elimination. From here, it’s all or nothing. One mistake can cost you, so risks just may need to be taken. Who will make it to the top? Let’s find out together! Battling Formats: Eternal, Core, Casual and Gimmick Tournaments From the experience of playing Standard PvP, it seems that the community is split into three different categories in terms of play style, or how players want to play: Players that love to grind, have many options within moderation, play the most broken strategies, and analyze the metagame with a paywall (access to DLC) Players that seek to transition into a semi-competitive format with less grinding and more creative team-building Players who want to play freely without having to constantly grind their teams to perfection, especially for new players who have just entered the Fire Emblem series through Awakening or Fates Therefore, we have three battle formats to cater to these three types of players: The Eternal Battle Format, the Core Battle Format and the Casual Battle Format. Eternal Ruleset The Eternal Battle Format appeals to players who are looking to go nearly all out! This battle format looks to bring out the most in competition as possible, with rules that change infrequently. It is tailored for players that enjoy grinding, have many options to choose from, look to go through the best possible strategies within the limits of the rules, and deeply analyze the meta from access to DLC. Specific Rules are as follows: No Forges greater than +3. Weapons with the Brave property may not be forged, such as the Brave Sword, Lance, Axe, Snake Spirit, etc. Lightning is excluded from this rule. Tonics are allowed, but Rainbow Tonics are not. A max of 4 boots may be used on any team. No Einherjar or bond units. Pavise and Aegis may not be used in tandem, including through Nohrian Trust. No Warp or Lethality. No Castle Maps, Valley Settlement, or Fort Dragonfall. A maximum of two flying units per team. Songstress class is banned. DLC is limited to what is available in NA or EU (depending on the region). Only skills a unit may get legally are allowed (consult here) You may bring a max of 1 Rescue staff. Rescue staves are not allowed on Falcon Knights A max of two Replicate units allowed per team. A max of two Nohrian Trust units allowed per tem. Galeforce may not be combined with any combination Life and Death, Aggressor and Spendthrift more than once. This means you can only use Galeforce in combination with one of these skills, not two or three. NOTE: Quick Draw and the six Faire skills do not apply to this rule. Core Ruleset The Core Battle Format appeals to players who are familiar with the Fire Emblem series and are looking to transition to a format with Eternal rules, but are still looking for creativity in teams and fair games. Though this format appears to be casual, it’s deceivingly deep! Specific Rules are as follows: Parent units may only use Heart Seal classes/skills Child units may only use classes/skills from their two default sets Players may only forge shop weapons with unlimited shop inventory up to +3 No DLC skills/classes No Nohrian Trust Corrin/Corrin kids All other Eternal Rules Casual Ruleset Finally, the Casual Battle Format appeals to players who are just looking to have a good time! This battle format provides a fun atmosphere for players of all styles to play, and focuses more on community engagement rather than competitive engagement. The Casual Battle Format is recommended for players who are just starting out with the series and/or just looking to have a fun time! Specific Rules are as follows: Parent units only use Heart Seal classes/skills No Child Units No Forging any weapons No DLC skills/classes All other Eternal Rules Gimmick Ruleset / Tournaments Just as implied, Gimmick Tournaments have a certain theme or rules in order to make some interesting team-building ideas, such as our upcoming 3v3 Royals and Retainers Gimmick Tournament and past 3v3 Beaststones and Dragonstones Gimmick Tournament! Gimmick Tournament rules include all other Casual and Eternal rules, and a few special rules depending on the tournament, which normally won’t exceed one or two. --- Introduction Tournament If you are interested in the sub, we will be having our introductory tournament on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016. This tournament will use our Core ruleset, and is a 5v5 Tournament! Specific rules such as times and the like will be posted on the subreddit and Discord channel soon -- so you’ll still have time to prepare your teams! --- And that’s all! If you have any questions, please feel free to post on this thread and even leave some feedback! I’ll try my best to answer. You can also follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/FE14Tournaments and on tumblr at www.fe-tournaments.tumblr.com . We’re still under construction, but you’ll find important posts there in the future! Happy Embleming! --- Discord! Click here Subreddit! Click here ※ Many thanks to Balcerzak for the permission to advertise!
  2. Attention, all NA and EU players! Hey everyone! I’m Delta, a moderator over at Fire Emblem Fates: Tournaments. If you’re wondering what that is, Fire Emblem Fates: Tournaments is a small community of players interested in playing Fire Emblem PvP, with balanced and fair rules to make it more fun to play! Next week on Saturday, August 13th, 2016, marks the starting tournament of our first season: our 5v5 Eternal Tournament! Eternal tournaments are tournaments with a ruleset that favors players who like to go all out with their teams, finding the best strategies through all options legally available, and utilizing DLC options. If Eternal rulesets don’t suit your fancy, there’s no need to worry: We also have our Core ruleset. This ruleset favors players who like to play with more diversity in team-building, such as units only being allowed skills from their classes via Heart Seals. --- Various tournaments are played through a season, which all have different rulesets from time to time. There are about two tournaments per month, with 2 weeks in between each one to give players time to breathe and prepare for their next tournament. Playing in these tournaments invites players to the grand Championship Tournament, where we’ll have actual cash prizes/gift cards/eShop cards for the top players! Here’s the schedule regarding Season 1: Month 1: Prize Tourney: 8/13 (ETERNAL) - Qualifier to Championship Free Tourney: 8/27 (GIMMICK - 3v3 Royals and Retainers) Month 2: Prize Tourney: 9/10 (CORE) - Qualifier to Championship Free Tourney: 9/24 (GIMMICK - 5v5 Capture Units) Month 3: Prize Tourney: 10/8 (ETERNAL) - Qualifier to Championship Prize Tourney: 10/23 (CORE CHAMPIONSHIP) - Payout ($20, $10, $5, $5) --- By participating in the upcoming Eternal tournaments or Core tournament, you will earn an invitation to the Championship Core Tournament at the end of the season, where there will be cash pay outs depending on your placement! If you place high within these qualifying tournaments, you will also earn byes for the first part of the Championship tournament! As NA and EU are unable to play together due to region-locking, unfortunately, we have a separate season for EU players too. We would love to have an epic EU season plus an awesome a NA season as well. --- Our Eternal Tournament starts on Saturday, August 13th, 2016 at 12 PM CST, and team submissions will end on the same day at 10 AM CST. This is to ensure that the moderation team has enough time to check over everyone’s team for legality, and so players have a chance to do some last minute preparations. After you submit a team, please join our Discord and Reddit page to see all the latest news and updates! You can find more information about our first Eternal tournament on our corresponding reddit post, where you can sign up for the tournament. You can also find the sign-up page on our subreddit! If you’re still a bit confused or want some more information, please check out our informational post and feel free to ask questions! We hope to see you soon! --- Please follow and join our: Twitter! Tumblr! Reddit! Discord!
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