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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not someone to gosh over dificulty and stuff like that, and I certainly don't think Zelda games are particularly easy, but a few days ago I decided to pick up Wind Waker because I love boats. No seriously, that's the only reason I picked it, I like the idea of a game where you sail everywhere appealed to my adventurous side, I guess :P [spoiler=SPOILERS AHEAD] So after the intro I was... kinda curious as to why I was given all my basic gear so quickly. I remember that in other Zelda games usually there was a long, dragged intro where you get your stuff. Then the pirates where like "sure we'll take you there, no questions asked" Forsaken Fortress was a laugh, and then you get the "Baton of Wind" (which I guess is our Ocarina of Time) from a talking Boat, again no questions asked. I'm currently at the Tower of the Gods, which I assume is the midway point of the game, given that the whole "collect 3 random stuff" trope of Zelda games is done. I just find everything.... so simple. I mean, it's not a bad thing, I'm having a blast because the game is tons of fun. Is the game really that easy, or is just that my perception is conditioned in some way? The last game I played before that was Path of Radiance and Street Fighter V, both not-really-hard games, so I feel it can't be because context.
  2. So I've been replaying the Wind Waker, and since it's my favorite Zelda plot and gameplaywise for a myriad of reasons, I would up thinking of how a post apocalypse world could work in FE. Not necessarily a cheerful one with a dark secret like The Wind Waker's peaceful islands, but still. The first thing that pops to mind is Tellius, of course. Its backstory involves a goddess throwing a temper tantrum and flooding everything but Tellius. However, this wasn't really used as a major plot device until the end of FE10, prior to that, it was "oh yeah this is the only continent in existence". I think it had a lot of potential, but ultimately wasn't fully utilized as well as it could have been. So, thoughts? Would you like a post-apocalypse story? If so, how would you prefer it to be handled?
  3. I see you under that barrel. Can't fool me. *throws you in jail*
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