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Found 2 results

  1. I have never once seen a forum on this, but I'm trying to get into online matches in Fire Emblem Fates (Yes, I know about all the bullsh*t hacking and what not, so please don't just post that). Aside from obvious OP skills and weapons: 1) What classes are particularly good online? 2) Is diversity in a team of 5 important? 3) What would be some good teams? (Just list classes and not actual units please)
  2. Awakening was a bit of a let down for me in terms of multiplayer. Sure, the occasional street pass keeps me somewhat content, but I was expecting more with the latest functions of 3DS wireless capabilites. For example, my best friend and I do not live in the same state and have loved Fire Emblem ever since Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken (Blazing sword) was released for the GBA. The only way we can "play together" is by skyping, and in that sense it was a big let down for my friend and I. Personally, I would like more out of the multiplayer aspect of the game: direct Player vs Player on a dynamic or default map. What are your hopes for wireless? Any news that I'm unaware of?
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