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Found 2 results

  1. A group of mercenaries, the best in the whole of Nashen... The dead walking amongst the living... A quest dared upon by many, but one that no-one has ever survived... Welcome, to the Soldiers of Fortune, a group of mercenaries famed for their skill and wealth amongst the common folk. It is your very first mission, and most recruits do not survive their first... You must investigate the evils of the Tower, where there are rumors of a dread necromancer is manipulating the minds and bodies of the recently dead... You have been contracted, along with a small group of fellow recruits, to kill this dread necromancer. Setting: Nashen, a fantasy continent inhabited by elves, orcs, goblins and many other races. How many players?: 6-8 players. * * * Hello! It's time to finally get this started! Before we begin, I'd like you to copy your character sheet onto either your About Me page or your signature in a spoiler. That way we can easily keep track of your characters. I'd prefer for you to have them in your sig, but your About Me page is fine too if your sig is already pretty damn full. (Note: You can leave out the Backstory of your character out of your character if you wish to save space.) List of players: TheWarpedWizard- As the gamemaster and Silas, the priest. And your gracious host. Majestic Paladin- As the paladin Armstrong. He left. Dandragon- As the swordsman Klaine. Currently playing. Toogee- As Lucretia Dara, the archer. Currently playing. Harkas- As Arton, the thief. Currently playing. I Like Pi- As Flin, the Necromancer. Currently playing. David the SecondWorld- As Gaile, the paladin. Currently playing. Rules 1. When writing your actual RP segments, please do so in itallics. 2. If someone dies, the game still carries on. You can create a new character for the next part or when the group next visit the SoF's base, or help the gamemaster. (That's me, by the way. Your gracious host.) 3. The battle system is mainly RP based, but you will need a certain amount of a certain stat to perform most actions... [spoiler=Example Scenario!]The orc barbarian is approaching, axe swinging wildly. Do you: A) Attack with your weapon? (Requires strength equal to or greater than weapon weight and a weapon) B) Cast an attack spell? (Requires magic equal to the spells prerequisites.) C) Raise your shield? (Requires strength equal to the shield's weight, and defense equal to or higher than the orc's strength) D) Run like hell? (Requires speed greater than the orc) That was the example used on the Sign-up thread. 4. Remain in character. This is kind of an obvious one. 5. Don't hog the spotlight! Give everyone a chance to be a hero. 6. Although the party has free will, I will guide you. Remember, your goal is to slay the Dread Necromancer- not waste gold on chocolate. 7. Occasionally, there will be full-on RP sessions where you might have to question a captive or persuade someone to give you information. These won't usually give you gold or magic items, but they will often give you valuable pieces of information. 8. There will be riddles. When I do use a riddle, don't look up the answer! I'll will be very sad. 9. No one-line posts! Have around five sentences per post. Alright, here we go!~ You have been assigned your first mission as part of The Soldiers of Fortune, a infamous group of mercenaries that are spread across every corner of Nashen. You, and a group of four others, (six if Dandragon and Majestic Paladin are still involved) are going to be paid a large some of gold to kill the malevolent Dread Necromancer, Lexington Zakath. The path will be long and difficult, of that there is no doubt. But with the cooperation of your companions, you will succeed. You're standing in the courtyard of the Soldier's base, with your companions. What do you think of them? This is usually one of the first things that a gamemaster does. Pick two of the characters from the party, and roleplay as your character to describe them. (The main reason I'm doing this is because I haven't heard back from Dandragon and Majestic yet.) GO, YOUNG WARRIORS! GOGOGOGOGOGO- *cough cough* G-go....
  2. The actual thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=42068 The original sign-up thread. This will be dug up in between parts to possibly bring in new players and/or replacements if people leave. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=41457 Feel free to provide feedback, criticism and tips, non-members of the Soldiers. This is where we'll talk to each other about character relationships, events, and possibly character deaths. Thanks! ~YourGraciousHost, TheWarpedWizard.
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