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Found 3 results

  1. Sire

    Tears of Serenia

    NOTICE: These concepts are just ideas only. There are no current plans to implement these designs into an actual fangame. Since Serenes Emblem is on on "indefinite hiatus," I started messing around with my own take on the project. Tears of Serenia is a conceptual “what-if” spiritual successor to Serenes Emblem, with a different approach to Fire Emblem mechanics. It was built from the ground up with its own formulas to determine bases, growths, and weapon stats. Because this project doesn’t rely on any existing engine, it is free to explore mechanics without any limitations. At present, Tears of Serenia is still a work in progress and is purely conceptual. I mainly started this as a fun brainstorming session to mess around with Fire Emblem mechanics without limiting myself to game engines, such as GBA hacks or SRPG Studio presets. There are no current plans to actually implement these designs into an actual fangame. As I am experimenting outside of existing engines, trying to actually implement everything will likely require some custom assets and code, which I am not proficient in. The alternative is to simply adapt these concepts to an existing engine, but at that point the project may just become a simple reskin instead of being something more. - - - - - Now, if I do manage to lay down these theoretical foundations, there is potential to try and make Tears of Serenia into "Serenes Emblem 2.0." However, there is still the question of what engine to use, what sacrifices need to be made, and what custom assets are required to properly transition everything over. I do not see this happening in the foreseeable future, so please do not get your hopes up. * * * * * * * * * * Features: - Branching Classes, like in Sacred Stones (Myrmidon → Swordmaster, Assassin) - Class Skills, like in Three Houses (Canto for Mounted Units, Unique Skills for T2 Classes) - Combined STR/MAG Stat, like in Shadows of Valentia (STR/MAG → ATK) - Bases/Growths are more based off of classes and not the character. (Class + Personal = Total, for both Bases & Growths) - A new take on Armored Units (The “Unstoppable” skill functions similarly to Galeforce, but all it needs is just to attack an enemy instead of killing them.) - Bow Expansion – Short Bows (Bows with 1-2 Range, lightweight, but somewhat inaccurate and weak.) – Long Bows (Bows with 2-3 Range, heavy, but is accurate and powerful.) * * * * * Game Information Characters & Classes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fxJHJieDhPGLqOA3lpFS7staEq0qewHxAOX5vDpJWr8/edit?usp=sharing Weapons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10uCh1BQ37_oPPRIp3DMfOUPRjDFxUsg260_n-aAqSDA/edit?usp=sharing General Info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zAxXGsr_jNK-LRti1UKxb90jwHa-azhWes1JnM04hU0/edit?usp=sharing
  2. THIS HACK IS GETTING ENDED! I REALIZED THAT I WAS WAY OVER MY HEAD WITH IT. I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HACKING, MY WRITING SKILLS NEED WORKING, AND I NEED MORE EXPERIENCE. EXPECT ANOTHER HACK FROM ME THAT IS SMALL AND NOT TOO AMBITIOUS! SORRY FOR EVEN POSTING THIS! Hi guys. My name is SuperSamYT and I'm an aspiring modder. A.K.A; a teenager who really wants to make a game, but has zero talent so he uses programs made by other people to make his life a whole hella a lot easier. Notes before I tell you guys a bit about the game I want to make: This is a mod of FE7 I'm quite familiar with Nightmare and FEditor I know about Nickt's mugs and I love them <3 I'm not the best with everything modding-wise so don't be surprised to see me asking questions about different aspects of modding Lastly, my project is ambitious so don't hate on me about it! The basic story is all I've got so here it is: In the water bordered continent known as The Westlands there are 5 countries: Portcheli, Frontacia, Botomia, Hirmaccio, and Autrily. These countries were prosperous, for the royalty and peasantry, however, there is a group of usurpers in Portcheli. They are known as The Rebellion of Eternight or Eternight for short. They wish to make their own country where they are not oppressed by the royalty. Our story revolves around the Royalty of Portcheli and their different endeavors. I am taking a bit of a Fates approach to this, but instead of having two games with a pretty sad ending and one with a good ending, my game's going to have 4 games with a pretty sad ending and not a single game with a good ending! From easiest to hardest the games will be: Desolate Portal; Peace - This game will follow the youngest of four siblings, Verta, and her endeavors to bring peace back to Portcheli and it's royalty. Desolate Portal; Revenge - This game will follow the second youngest, and most important, of the four siblings, Violent, and his endeavors to get revenge on something *spoilery so I won't say what it is* Desolate Portal; Sorrow - This game will follow the second oldest, and least important, of the four siblings, Bleuiet, and her journey to get away from Portcheli and everything that's going on there. I will try my hardest to make this game give you the feels. Desolate Portal; Betrayal - This game will follow the oldest of the four siblings. Though I can't say much since this game will be pretty serious and hard with, what I hope to be, the best story. It will be an emotional rollercoaster for you the player. Earlier when I said that this will be semi-Fates-ish I meant it. All four games (but one game) will have the first 10 chapters be the same. After chapter 10 each game will be different. NOTE: To all the Hardcore Fates haters; I will try my best to make each character develop throughout the story instead of having them be 1 dimensional, 0 development, idiotic characters. So guys and gals I hope you like this idea as much as I do and help me along the way! Another note: I will be using the nickt collection for my mugs, but I'll also be making my own (or at least try to). Another note: Since I can't make music worth crap don't expect any new music. Another note: Please leave suggestions to help me! Thanks guys and gals! Can't wait for the feedback! FUN TIME: I got bored so I made something tell me if I should add it to the game.
  3. Hello everyone, long time lurker here starting on a new project. Usurper* plans to be a hack following Desmond* and his young band of thieves as he travels in exile. As of yet I have 3 maps done and 1 in progress. With no eventing or anything else done yet. I hope to be able to use some new sprites and get things worked out with new classes. At this point in time I'm looking for people to discuss with and maybe learn from. Chapter One - Chapter Three http://imgur.com/a/IN7Dq
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