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Found 2 results

  1. Alright, I don't want to necro any past threads, so I'm making a new one. Cool? Okay. In my opinion, I feel that some lesser acknowledged Pokemon should be able to Mega evolve for OR/AS, since I feel some of them have some awesome potential with them. Let's take a look at Mega Huntail and Mega Gorebyss: [spoiler=Mega Huntail] Ability: Defiant HP: 55 Attack: 144 (+40) Defense: 105 Special Attack: 84 (-10) Special Defense: 105 (+30) Speed: 92 (+40) [spoiler=Mega Gorebyss] Ability: Competitive HP: 55 Attack: 84 Defense: 105 Special Attack: 144 (+30) Special Defense: 105 (+30) Speed: 92 (+40) A Water/Dark Mega Huntail along with a Water/Psychic Mega Gorebyss would be kinda badass, in my opinion.
  2. This is directed towards the people who are getting both games. Considering they are coming out so close together what do you intend to do. I can't decide because I want to play rune factory 4 but 12 days isn't near enough to beat it, but picking up games after a long time is hard. So what are you going to be doing about them both coming out on top of each other?
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