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Found 3 results

  1. So, after a few months of being a stalker that sees every single post in the forums but never posts anything wandering around the forest I decided to effectively join the forums (technically I've created my account nearly a month ago but this wouldn't have been the first time that I created an account and left a week later, however I ended up really liking this place and won't be leaving so soon maybe next week). I started playing Fire Emblem with FE6 after playing SSBM a couple years ago but soon as Chapter 6 IIRC, I ended up quitting due to not being able to pass the chapter and bad translation patch that I was using. Some time after that, Awakening's announcement got me interested in the series once again and this time I found FE8 and went as far as Chapter 15 before quitting for a while to come and try again something I was stuck at like I've done with so many games before but ended up forgetting it entirely. Finally, this year, while trying to figure what GBA games to put on the emulator of my recently acquired Android Phone, I remembered these two little games that I've played but never finished and went looking for them and FE7, eventually after playing them for a while and looking for Wikis, FAQs and such, I encountered Serenes Forest and later the Forums and after a while I created an account and started to get to know everything around here until I finally decided that I was definitively staying and made this introduction. Long story short: Played SSBM, liked Roy, played FE6, stopped playing because noob, Awakening hype, played FE8, quit because, played FE6 and FE8 again with FE7, found SF, created account, is saying hi to you all.
  2. I think so, that way we wouldn't have all these useless new topics. It's the fad topics all over again. ENOUGH.
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