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Found 1 result

  1. I can't understand the extreme Japanese fixation people have. There are those who'd rather have just Japanese with subs than just an English dub. I can't even see why. People say the English voices are annoying, but those people must have terribly thin skin. People complain about games like Persona, but why? Persona has some of the best dubs I've ever seen. Why are people so obsessed with the Japanese dub? I think the only examples that infuriates me are games with British accents. My specific examples are Xenoblade. The only time I ever get insanely mad is when someone disses the dub of Xenoblade and trashes the voice actors. Yeah, no. The terrible Japanese actors are nothing compared to the amazing British voice cast. I'd even go as far as wanting to meet Adam Howden, Carina Reeves, or Jenna Coleman to complement their work. I can't believe anyone would dislike a perfect British dub. British voices are the best in the entire world, and it angers me that anyone could be that intolerant. rant over
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