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Found 1 result

  1. That's the deal, folks. In this hip, cool and positively fly thread, you get two Let's Plays for the price of one! Join Elieson (that's me) and that other guy, Jedi (that's not me), as we struggle to play this totally decent and well-worth-the-time SNES-style tower climb JBeat 'Em Up with style, grace, and a passable amount of attitude. Here's the quick and easy rundown, if you wanna follow our playthroughs but don't quite know what the game is. What kind of game is Ys Origins? Well buckaroo, it's a JRPG Beat Em Up on Steam, that plays like a Playstation-era hack n' slash. Run around, smackity smacking things up with your magic spells or battle axe, use skills to blow things up faster, and do some puzzle solving and gear upgrading while you're at it. The pace of the game is relatively quick, and the bosses of the game are a rare challenge for even experienced gamers. It's got pretty standard SFX, but the music is a real treat. If anything, this is one of those games that you should definitely try, if you enjoy the genre to some degree. It doesn't require immense skill, and doesn't have a super steep learning curve. Why are you both playing it? I'm playing Yunica's story, and Jedi's playing Hugo's story. The game lets you start with one of two characters, and you unlock more as you beat the game. We'll worry about them later, but each character has a unique enough story to warrant their own playthrough. Jedi and I kinda wanted to do a collaborative effort, and this game's been on my backlog for years. Blazer actually gave me the game as a gift, and I promised him I'd do a Let's Play of it, to show my appreciation for him buying me this game. Talk about late, but I'm finally doing it. Jedi's on his way to become a Pokémon Streaming Master, so this'll be good for his reception, and just be overall fun for the both of us. There's a bunch of difficulties. What are you guys doing? For the sake of simplicity, we're both doing Normal, which is effectively the 3/5 star difficulty. What's special about your runs then? I'm playing blindly, and Jedi's playing through after knowing pretty well what the game has to offer. He beat it once, I'm sure of that. Probably more times...who knows! Ask him! He's the whiz here! [insert Other Question Here]. Just ask it! [spoiler=Yunica Story Episodes (Elieson)] [spoiler=Hugo Story Episodes (Jedi)]
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