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Found 2 results

  1. Help me feel better about myself. How many times did you try the Lokomo song with Rael before you got it.
  2. I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread for this already DA RULEZ: 1. The first pokemon you encounter in a route should be captured and immediately wonder traded. It's okay if it accidentally dies and you need to get a new one because you're trading it away anyway! 2. Only one pokemon in every route can be captured 3. Whatever you get from the first wonder trade is final! 4. If a pokemon faints, you are allowed to stick it back into wondertrade and continue using the result - I settled on this instead of the standard graveyard PC box because i figured it would be more interesting and more entertaining. I realize there's the potential to keep sac'ing mons until I get something I like, but I won't. I'll be keeping a log of my alpha sapphire WUNDERLOCKE run in this thread for kicks, but I want to hear about everyone else's if they want to try too. It's harder than it sounds, since there's actually a level cap imposed by the number of badges you have, which means that I have to rotate my team lest boosted EXP get the better of me. I considered doing one for Y as well, and then remembered I don't actually own Y and idw restart my X file :( [spoiler=THE BEGINNINGS] PRE-PSS: Mudkip l9 - ur gonna do gr8 son Poochyena l8 - fire fang op as shit Zigzagoon l6 - lol Zigzagoon l2 - lol POST-PSS The one thing you'll notice is that my team is mildly low-levelled... It ended up being a problem roughly 15 seconds later as I realized that my HP total had gone down by about a factor of two. THE FIRST FIGHT LEVEL 5 WILD WINGULL Lead with Oshawatt. Can't touch it. Swap in Bagon. "Maybe it can tank water guns because it resists- OH GOD IT ALMOST GOT OHKO'D" Swap in Slakoth, which worked, sort of. He yawned it, then scratched it a few times, then immediately got crit and died. Oops. Swap in Wingull. Tanks water guns and doesn't get confused, Wingull OP- That being said, slakoth got traded for a ralts and wingull transformed into HANGOVER PT1 (aka a level 18 spinda that i'm unofficially nicknaming "jeigan"), so it wasn't all bad. PETALBURG FOREST: LEVEL 2 ZIGZAGOON -> LEVEL 6 HARDY ZIGZAGOON WITH PURSUIT ...worth it? uneventful otherwise. scary moment with bagon at 2 hp vs aqua grunt though, my mons are getting uncomfortably close to level 10. VS ROXANNE: OH GOD OSHAWOTT HIT LEVEL 11 MID-FIGHT OH GOD IT ALMOST GOT OHKOd BY NOSEPASS LORD JEIGAN PLEASE SAVE ME next route i traded a level 2 whismur for a level 1 hardy solrock with rock throw/tackle/harden/confusion... idek anymore [spoiler=DA CREW]Bagon, the level 8 Naughty Bagon Zigzagoon, the level 8 Hardy Zigzagoon Oshawott, the level 11 Shiny Calm Oshawott Tarsal, the level 10 gentle ralts HANGOVER PT1, aka Jeigan, the level 18 Gentle Spinda Solrock, the level 1 Hardy Solrock
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