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Found 6 results

  1. Playing Conquest Lunatic right now. I'd like to get a Chef's Hat so I can take advantage of Jakob and Mozu's cooking skills. I'll also visit your castle so we can both get more BP and VP. My address is in my signature. Thanks in advance! (I'm playing the North American version of the game, FYI.)
  2. It looks like we don't have a topic yet, so I'll get the discussion started. We once again grind maps for some nice accessories and some avatar ego stroking! This time around, the accessories are Maid Headpiece x2, Glasses x2, Sacred Stardust x2, Knight Headpiece x2. I've been looking to sunglasses for my Titania for some time. The glasses aren't exact, but they will be close enough for now. It also looks like we get to pick the 7 days we get orbs for, rather than just the first 7 days now, which is good if you accidentally miss a day, which can be easy to do, especially if you've finished grinding before the 7 days are up.
  3. Hi! I've been wondering if anybody would like to create Bond Units with me! And with each other, of course. Now, I'm personally doing this for the specific reason of doing a "corrin-only-lunatic-conquest-soulink-nuzlocke-thing" run through with my friend, and I'd like to use Bond Units for their personal skills! The bond units I receive will be edited using FEFTwiddler to fit their respective class, boon, bane, nature, looks and base stats for this playthrough I'm doing with my friend (We've already set these aspects up earlier). They'll then be exported from that file and be imported into the file we're going to be using, so I'm not worried about your avatars info. Please follow this format when posting! Game: [Version] Characters Name: [name] Castle Name: [name] Castle Address: [address] Boon/Bane/Talent: [+Stat / -Stat / Class] Last Skill Equipped: [skill] While I don't mind what your Avatar has, other people who may want to create Bond Units will! So please make sure to include everything! Now, when you arrive at someone's castle, make sure to accept their card then give them an accessory! If you don't have their card, you can't make a bond unit! And that's that! So let's all go make some Bond Units! My info Game: Revelations Character Name: Luna Castle Name: Xenospace Castle Address: 01210-50185-98536-06328 Boon/Bane/Talent: +Speed / -Luck / Ninja Last Skill Equipped: Certain Blow EDIT: If anybody who uses FEFTwiddler wants to attach a .fe14unit file of any bond units they have to their post, I'll greatly appreciate it!
  4. ... When you refuse to give your units accessories once the opportunity to do so arises when you talk to them. Everyone is surprisingly so casual about being turned down - especially you would think that your female comrades would wind up complaining, nagging, or bummed out if you refuse to give them accessories, but it's quite the opposite. Some even end up disapproving the thought of getting an accessory if you decline their offer to gift them something (e.g. off the top of my head, Shura's quote "You came back to your senses. Now let's get back to work"). Did the developers forsee that people would almost never equip accessories onto their units outside of the Accessory Shop? Lmao. (Unless I'm the only one who doesn't, then please feel free to scold me)
  5. List or post pictures of Accessories found in Fates (localized or not)
  6. I've actually managed to get a new one as an early Christmas present. But I have a question. What sort of protection can you guys recommend for me for it? In regards for screen protection, I think I may have one possible selection. But I don't know what external covers are good. I know Nintendo products tend to be durable, but I'm still a little afraid. And as such, I don't want to take any chances for if the hinges on the 3DS happen to break apart like they did with my last one. Any ideas?
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