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Found 3 results

  1. So, I just beat Chapter 9 of Conquest Normal, and I've heard Chapter 10 is a real doozy. I only have one Heart Seal and two good choices to use it. On the one hand, reclassing Jakob to Paladin will make fighting Takumi easier, but on the other hand, making Mozu an Archer will make dealing with the enemy Sky Knights a lot easier and help provide extra chip damage with the ballista. So, who should get it? Jakob, Mozu, or someone else entirely? For a bit more context, this is my current party: Ryan (Level 1 Wyvern Lord; +Speed/-Luck) Jakob (Level 8 Butler) Elise (Level 8 Troubadour) Silas (Level 11 Cavalier) Arthur (Level 8 Fighter) Effie (Level 10 Armour Knight) Odin (Level 8 Dark Mage) Niles (Level 9 Outlaw) Azura (Level 12 Songstress) Nyx (Level 9 Dark Mage) Mozu (Level 7 Dread Fighter) Haitaka (Level 10 Spear Fighter)
  2. I have the following skills but I'm not sure who to give them to. Skills in case you can't see the image: -Wrath -Guard [Occult Scroll] -Smite The only units I have with their master skills are Ike/Aether, and Steffan/Astra.
  3. Hi guys. It's been about a year since I started working on this. Unfortunately, I am still unable to start creating the game itself, and I am really unexperienced when it comes to this. My firstquestion would be: should I start doing this with the tools that are available atm, or should I wait for FEXNA to come out (don't know how much more it will take tho)? Anyway, here is Hunger for Power's start (btw don't ask why Rennar is so similar to Ragnar from Death or Glory, I just started playing it myself, blind). Lyndharc's five nations, Cyren (empire), Asith (wyverns kingdom), Barona (pretty much a kingdom with duchies, similar to Grandbell or Lycia), Delos (desert magic kingdom, was destroyed because the two brothers of the Royal Family unleashed some kind of forbidden spells) and Veritia (snow, religious teocracy) were founded by the heroes Cyren, Aurike (Asith), Dalen (Barona), Aldred (Delos) and Saint Illote (Veritia). One thousand years ago, they defeated the Dark Lord Luxor (leader of the Demon race the humans were at war with), ending the Dark Ages. Each hero was given by the Goddess Sinona two holy weapons, which became the symbols of their countries. Rennar, a sergeant in the Cyrenian Army, is entrusted by Emperor Tedan with a diplomatic mission to Asith. He will discover that he is just a little pawn in a grander scheme of someone very close to him... Here is what you should expect: - Two lords (one of those being Rennar) - About 20 chapters of content (plus the prologue and three or four Gaidens) - Decent map design (including escape chapters and some original objectives) - Backstories on almost everyone (something I think is not in most FE games) There it is. I will prolly need - a lot of feedback on the plot - good sprites (later on, I can't use them right away) That's it. Feel free to leave feedback. Criticism is appreciated as well.
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