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Found 23 results

  1. I would like to have 2 healers on my team and I know that mists mounted healing is extremely useful, so I wondering if I should sacrifice all 800 of my Bexp in order to be able to give her a master seal and get her functioning, or should I beef up other units who need it like Jill and Marcia? I really don’t plan on using master seals on anyone but mist and Rhys as I just don’t find it wise for stats, but I have several units who could really use the Bexp but at the same time I have just the right amount to make my mist fully functioning as a mounted healing unit
  2. I've heard some games are tedious or don't make any sense in their hardest difficulty (I remember Awakening and Shadow Dragon), so what's the highest difficulty that you recommend for each game you've played?
  3. Short story shorter: I'm borrowing my cousin's copy of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest for a few months (her "borrowing" my copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising for five years may or may not have anything to do with it), and I'm curious if there are any general tips or advice I should know before diving in. For reference, I have completed ironman runs of Awakening on both the Normal and Hard difficulties (and the first Normal run was technically a no-grinding run, even if in truth I did it four times. To be fair, two of them were getting to shops that I wanted to buy from, and another was to test out support facts from the site), as well as Echoes on Normal and Hard (does it count as an ironman if everyone survived and I never resetted, but still used the turnwheel?). I've also tried Mystery of the Emblem, Blazing Sword, and Sacred Stones, but my emulator crapping out prevented me from getting far in any of them. I have experience with this series, but I'm not all that knowledgeable on the specifics of what Fates does differently. I know that they changed how pair-up works, the reclassing system is expanded upon, there are still children, and weapons don't have durability but instead have drawbacks, but other than that I know next to nothing about Fates. Also, is there anything I should brace myself in regards to the story, supports, and characters? I don't want spoilers, but I know that Fates is infamous for its... let's say lackluster story, and I want to know what to prepare myself for. This is coming from the guy that thought that Awakenings story was alright (personally believe it's over-hated, but at the end of the day it's merely average) and that its cast and supports are underrated (although I can understand why some don't feel/think the same way). I also liked Echoes plot (although I will also be among the first to admit that it is very, very flawed) and enjoyed the characters. I admit I don't have the highest hopes with Fates in the writing department, but I'm also going to decide for myself how good or bad its quality is. Thanks in advance!
  4. GBA portraits are cool! I try to make some! And I fail miserably because the optical illusion stuff throws me off. How do their anime eyes work??? I can draw well enough but this is something entirely different altogether, so please, advice would be cool! Or anything else. I’m really having trouble figure out the gba fire emblem style, is the thing. Top one is most recent, bottom one was my first real attempt. And yee they’re all my own OCs lol
  5. Teku

    Sprite opinion

    I'm new to making sprites so i was looking for advice on how to make a few sprites I've been tinkering with for a few days but im not sure how to best approach making them the best that they can be, 1 is a sprite for a video project my friend and i are working on, the other was my attempt at making a manga character (you could probably guess who) So how do i best approach the problems that are curretly present in them to have them reach the best they could get?
  6. I thought that this wasn't weighty enough for the Serious Discussion forums, but I still want legitimate answers. What are some tips, advice, and habits you have for going to bed on time to get enough sleep for the next day, as well as waking up at an assigned time without snoozing or accidentally going back to sleep? For the full (and very long) story of why I'm asking this: The Short Version:
  7. Hey guys, I started my first playthrough of Stardew Valley (loving it btw) and I decided to specialize in artisan goods. Does anyone have some tips for how to build up to that? I do love RF/HM games- I’m just not the best at them sometimes... Some info about my farm: I’m a few days shy of fall I have about $22000 Have all tools upgraded once I have the forest farm Should I buy a coop or barn? Make more jams? Any advice is appreciated!
  8. I need help deciding how to use my feathers. I have enough to get any one unit to 5* and between my 4* and 3* units, I have most characters. My 5* units currently consist of: Sannaki, Hector, Effie, Jaffar, Martin, Roy, Leo, Xander(spring edition :() Camilla, Sheena, Kain, Abel, Lucious, Charlotte, and Lachesis. Please take the units I have at 5 into consideration and give me some advice on who to promote!
  9. Hi, everyone: As most of you know, Fire Emblem Heroes is down for maintenance, and I already have an overload of hype for the upcoming Fire Emblem game; so this is a serious case of overhype without a cure I can think of. I'm out of ideas and fear I might go crazy before heroes goes back online. Any suggestions on what I should do to curb this hype? I've tried playing chess on an 6 X 8 grid (assigning statistics to each piece), playing the original Gaiden, and attempting to keep my mind occupied with other activities. Thank you for keeping my sanity in check better than (Fates Spoiler). Edit: Maintenance is over. Thank you for all your suggestions! If you read further into the post, there will be mention of a story I wrote. Here's a link to it. The Pineamato and the Failed Culinary Experiment
  10. So I beat this game on normal mode. It wasn't too hard except that the enemy turn reinforcements made me have to restart a bunch of times. I enjoyed it though, so now I'm restarting on hard mode to do the other routes. This is the first time where I've felt like I can't actually beat a Fire Emblem game, at least not the way I'd like to. You see, I like to keep a brisk pace when I play because I find the game gets boring when I'm just healing and waiting for the enemies to attack. I feel like I can't do that in this game because my units are consistently weaker than the enemies. I'm still in the Lycia arc. I beat chapter 7 after doing some crazy save state BS and then realized I wasn't enjoying the game anymore. So I restarted and now I'm at chapter 4 and I'm not seeing any way to beat it without getting lucky or playing really defensively. Basically, it seems like it takes my units 4 rounds to beat enemy cavaliers while my units can only survive 3 rounds. Roy's rapier and Marcus's silver lance help a little bit but I still feel I'm just totally outmatched. I'm at the point where I'm thinking of just knocking the difficulty back down to normal so I can see the rest of the game. I'd really like to play on hard mode for the challenge but not if my only option is slowly peeling away at the enemies each turn. That's not fun to me. So yeah I need some help, or at least an assessment on whether or not it's possible to play hard mode without playing extremely cautious. As far as I can tell, I'm using the best characters: Marcus, Alllen, Lance, Deke, and Rutger with other units providing support and chip damage. Lance and Allen got to level 6 each by chapter 4 with C support but are still noticeably weaker than enemy cavaliers. The only other thing to add is that I'm using the numbers patch from the translation patch topic linked to by the main page. It doesn't seem to change much though and what is different seems like it would make the game easier.
  11. Well, I got Lyn to level 20. I can get her promoted through the Heaven Seal, but could I later promote Hector, or will it be automatic for him or something. Basically what I'm saying is, will there be more than one Heaven Seal? If not, will Hector have an automatic promotion later on like Eliwood would? Furthermore, should I give a body ring to Lyn, in hopes that increasing her constitution can maker her use the Sol Katti without AS penalty?
  12. I'm asking for advice for making Custom character portraits for rom hacking How do you guys do it? and give any other tips you have for rom hacking if you want
  13. So I'm going to play FE6 now. I don't know much information about the game, or know all the characters, therefore I need help in order to play this game. So, here's what I know: Wendy and Sophia suck, but I'll still try to use them(although it'd be a waste of time) Axe wielding characters are not that great, because the game is biased towards swords and lances(?), but I may be wrong here. Milady is awesome, Roy is not that good. Zephiel's the baddie. Legendary weapons are to be found in order to get the true ending. Yeah, that's what i know so far. In all honestly, I'm not expecting much from this game, but who knows, this might turn out fun Thanks in advance for all the advice.
  14. I have renamed this thread to better suit what I need from it/what it is used for. Welcome to my Sprite of Threads, before I get a thousand comments on the name I KNOW IT'S WRONG. I just like the joke XD. I used to call all thread of sprites this. Not sure why. First of is Red, to be used in my FE hack Draconic Unity with the following description "Kayla's recently recruited retainer. King, honest, and loyal." Though not mentioned, he is intended to be of the Lucius archetype- so he was intended to look feminine (and I used Lucius' face for it.) Next is Zev. Zev is the OTHER retainer to Kayla (who you shouldn't of seen yet), and has a description as follows. "A Wyvern rider from Solara serving as Kayla's retainer. Knowledgeable, but inexperienced." He is of the Red Knight archetype, but serves as a flier unit- rather than a cavalier. And finally is Naella. She is a fire-dragon Manakete, who's description isn't really confirmed yet. She is my newest sprite- so she probably will have the most critiques XD Any and all critiques are appreciated, and I'm looking forward to making more mugs (and some battle sprites) in the future. New one, this is Kayla who I'm not really going to describe too much, but she is intended to be a bow lord. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animations/Battle Sprites Here is where all my battle sprites and animations are. If any of them are obvious recolors of a preexisting one- then I obviously don't own the original sprite (unless it actually is a custom one I made, lol). If I borrow anyone's custom sprite, I will do my best to make sure I can cite them. If I fail to or cite them wrong, kindly let me know and I will fix it. Red (Sword) - Recruit (Base) The (partially) custom animation for Red's recruit class. Since this 'Recruit' class is horse back and uses swords, I decided to base it off of the Cavalier class. The sword is Eirika's recolored. If I happened to use too many colors, please let me know as I lack the program needed (and/or the knowledge to use one I have to find it) to find out- though I try to make sure to the best of my ability to not use too many.
  15. Hello all, I recently got into a bit of a dilemma with a person who I thought was a friend. As the title says, this is going to be a little long, so brace yourselves. For the better part of a year, I've been working with some wonderful people, and although our job doesn't pay a livable wage, we still had a pretty good time. I managed to make a few friends, including one young woman person whom I considered a best friend (since I don't have many close friends). The young woman whom I became close friends with has two children, and oftentimes, she needs additional money to take care of them. The father of her children is not very active in her children's lives—and in many cases, is antagonistic towards her. From what I'm led to believe, they've been in physical altercations, for example. Naturally, I wanted to help her out, so I gave her money from time to time, and didn't worry about her paying it back. The exception to this rule would be two times when she asked me for over $100. My personal rule is that if anyone asks me for $100+, I make them sign a contract stating that they will pay me back within a certain time or face the possibility of legal action. The first time, she paid me back no problem. The second time ... Over the last couple months, I find out that my friend was pregnant again. The father is the same guy who's not reliable and antagonistic towards her. She tells me that she needs money for the abortion, which I gave to her (though not without having her sign a contract first). Shortly after that, she loses her job, so naturally, I tell her not to worry about paying me back since I know she wouldn't be able to afford to. Instead, I ask her to be my wingwoman, since I have a hard time meeting and connecting with women, so having her introduce me to women and accompany me when I'm ready to meet women in social settings would help. However, I find out through one of my other friends that she's pregnant again by the same man. At first, I just think she made a bad decision. But there's more: from what I'm led to believe, she never terminated her pregnancy. She used the money I gave her for something else. When I found this out, I was overcome with rage and grief stemming from dishonesty and betrayal. Here's the thing though, the contract states that she had to use that money for its intended purpose, and if she doesn't, I can take legal action. But should I? On one hand, I want that money back, but on the other, I just want to wash my hands of the whole thing and refrain from speaking to her again. Thanks for reading this long, drama-filled post.
  16. I'm playing Conquest (hard/classic, if it matters) and I wanna try my hand at planning ahead. Is the Lodestar class viable? I know Xander benefits from it quite a bit, but would it be acceptable to not change him into another class?
  17. Finally got a copy of Birthright yesterday (I'm fighting so hard to not spell it "birthday" on accident XD). I put it off for a bit because of life and I thought that, gameplay-wise, it would be similar to Awakening. Boy, was I WRONG! While the core mechanic of the gameplay hasn't changed much (it's a strategy game. What are you gonna do?), the difficulty level is INSANE!! Just like Awakening, I'm playing on Hard/Casual because I don't want this to be easy or lose my units. Well....it's not easy, so I got that wish granted... Let's start at the beginning of my run through so far. The starting chapter shows you the units in the game from both sides. I think that's a nice touch, now you can get to know the people you're about to kill! Quick battle intro and stuff happens, then you're brought to a fortress pillar for the first chapter where you train against Xander. ...Couldn't they have just put all this in one chapter or something? Chapter 2 begins afterward and I now have Gunter and Felicia fighting some people from Hoshido (Rinka and Kaze) I swear, these names are not easy to remember... Anyway, that's done and Chapter 3 begins and here's where things really start to get difficult. Three paths are set before me, the bridge to the north and two Dragon Vein bridges to the south. I decided to go to the Vein bridge in the middle. ...Nope. All units dead. Then I decide "Okay, let's not take a shortcut and decide to train." Bad idea. All units dead again! Going with the south-most bridge this time. Reinforcements?! REALLY? ...Alright, fourth try, here we go. Yes! FINALLY! ...Gunter, nooooooooooooo! Chapter 4 was relatively easy, as all the enemies headed north toward Hinoka and Sakura (sensing a Japanese theme here...). Ryoma makes quick work of the enemies and I was able to get to the two girls easily. Mission complete! Now for the chapter I'm currently on. Chapter 5. Wait......... my mom dies?! This game just keeps getting better.... Anyway, I'm now a dragon and EVERY STINKING ENEMY on the map is effective against me. Wyrmslayers, thunder magic... My units are terrible for some reason as they can only do 2-5 damage at one time whereas the enemy can do, like, 12. I'm the only one who can do any significant damage, but that goes both ways. To make matters worse, Ryoma is down at the bottom taking care of the boss and he goes down in two hits! It's like the game threw every challenge my way and expects me to live through it! I can't abuse Azura or Sakura because they're only level 1, and Rinka and Kaze go down just as easily. If only Felicia didn't keep dying back in Ch. 3 so I could train more, but that would've still only meant *I* have to do all the work. Is this level even possible? I was told Birthright is easier than Conquest (my brothers are screwed, then XD), but this is insane! Forget this. I'll go back to playing Awakening and training up for Apotheosis. At least I know I'll clear that map some day... EDIT: Changed topic title. Need any help? Ask for some here! EDIT2: Dun goofed the tags
  18. So, I'm a decent chunk of my way through writing my first novel, and I often find myself in some spots where I'm like "that's a really good line" or "that was some witty dialogue" but too often I get the feeling of "am I writing complete crap?" I often get into situations where I'm unsure whether the audience knows what's happening in the scene, or whether the setting is described well enough, or if I'm going into too much detail and it's getting boring. So I'm wondering if there are any other writers, authors or critics who have any good tips to share, and hopefully those tips will help not just me, but for all aspiring writers on the forum. Anything that will help me out of the trudge of writer's block, expand my wit and ready my typing fingers would be much appreciated please. If it helps, my story is historical fantasy adventure.
  19. I just ordered a copy of FE:If (Hosido), and should be getting it within a few days. I was a big fan of online battles back with Shadow Dragon, and I'm hoping to jump right into preparing a competitive team. Keeping in mind that I'll only have Hosido access, I'm very curious to hear what classes/characters/skills/weapons are recommended for online play. As a side note, I'm thinking of making my Avatar a magic class. Is there any suggestions for what magic classes work well online?
  20. Hey everyone, just made an account on here, and had a few questions. I've played through the GBA fire emblem games, PoR and Radiant Dawn, and I got awakening a two and a half weeks ago. I love it so far, and plot-wise, I'm right before Ch. 6. Units-wise, I've spent a lot of time fighting Risen. My questions: 1. I'm taken my female MU all the way through the Tactician class to lvl 20, and reclassed her to Dark Mage and just got her to 20. I'm not sure if I want to do one of the following: A. Promote to Sorcerer, lvl to 15, then switch to Grandmaster B. Promote to Dark Knight, lvl to 15, then switch to Grandmaster C. Second seal her over to Peg. Knight then lvl to 20, then promote to Dark Flier for Galeforce. D. Option C followed by reclassing to either A or B then Grandmaster. Fem MU stats: HP: 53 Str: 13 Mag: 26(max) Skill: 21 Spd: 29(max) Luck: 18 Def: 25(max) Res: 15 Assets: Spd+/Luck- Also, I'm rather conflicted between options A and B. Tomebreaker and Vengeance are nice, but Lifetaker is just so useful, and will likely prevent some deaths. Slow Burn isn't that big of a priority for me, but I'd use it when convenient. __ 2. I'm messed around with the some of the Spotpass characters, and have some of them. At this point I've gotten 10 of them to lvl 20, of which Ulster and Jamke are my top dogs. I've reclassed Jamke from Archer lvl 20 to Wyvern Rider, and it's quite nice. Is it recommended I keep working with Jamke, or ditch him for an upcoming wyvern rider who's all around better( but no galeforce) Jamke, lvl 11, Wyvern Rider stats: HP: 47 Str: 26(+2) Mag: 7 Skill 23(+2)(max) Spd: 24(max) Luck: 17 Def: 21 Res: 6 __ 3. Lissa. I've taken her through lvl 20 as a cleric, and reclassed her to Troubadour for extra stat growth and Demoiselle. At this point, I'm considering one option, with several steps. -Plan: Reclass to Peg Knight. Lvl to 20. Promote to Dark Flier. Get Galeforce. Reclass to Falconknight/Valkyrie/Unsure Lissa, lvl 20, Troubadour stats: HP: 45 Str: 5 Mag: 20 Skill: 20 Spd: 25 Luck: 31 Def: 12 Res: 22(+2) Thanks for the help in advance yall, and if I need to include other info, just let me know. Side Note: Donnel is the best character I've got so far. My only complaint is the writers missed an opportunity to make a Big Lebowski reference when Donnel's mom was trying to talk him into staying home. They set it up, and it would have been perfect. TL;DR: Need help picking paths for fem MU, Jamke from Spotpass, and Lissa with current choices/setups --PapBear
  21. I want to try playing through the game on Hard with no Pair-Up, no Second Seals since I heard that makes for a much more reasonable challenge than Lunatic. I'm not sure how to go about getting the parents to S though. Does anyone who has done this before have any tips?
  22. Hello, this is my first topic. I have recently decided to create a entirely new FE7 hack, filled with new characters, sprites, and adventures. This is my first time attempting a hack, but I am ready for whatever challenges lie ahead. I do not have much experience with hacking, so I am open to advice. Any ssuggestions and tips regarding making a hack would be greatly appreciated
  23. So, I've been playing through FE4, and I have to praise the translators. It's a good patch. I know/ have heard that the ending of the game causes some issues and that some of the conversations bewtween lovers when returning back to base are missing, but those are minor things. Now, I'm wondering about FE5. I've heard a lot of different opinions on this patch. The translation page says it's mostly complete, but I can't find a full list of just what isn't finished. Are there any parts of the game that are unplayable due to this, or should I be fine going through the game as it is?
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