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Found 3 results

  1. Fates gave us a bunch of class dualities between the Europe-inspired Nohr and the Japan-inspired Hoshido to represent different cultural variants. Cool concept, but what if they made it possible for different culture factions to share classes, using different styles of armor following a particular layout code? For example, Fighters wear armor on one arm, but in Nohr that would be European plate while in Hoshido it would be more Samurai-esque panel. Or there could be a Greco-Roman faction with Gladiator-esque Fighters, or a Middle Eastern faction with Fighters that were more deserty garb, and so forth. Cavaliers would be mounted knights in Nohr and mounted samurai in Hoshido. Myrmidons would be fencers in Nohr and samurai in Hoshido. I'd thought of this idea for a Zelda/FE game where you have Hylians, Sheikah, and Gerudo each following clear cultural inspirations, and felt allowing overlaps with cultural distinction would make the classes easier to work with. So far however I like the idea of each tribe getting unique starting classes, with friendship class sharing like in Fates. Of course, this does make each faction feel less distinct mechanically, but each faction could get a different set of classes to which its own units have access. I suppose it depends on the number of factions within a given game; a title like Fates can handle distinct classes for each faction, but a game with 4-5 factions might have to resort to the aesthetic distinction.
  2. Since we've had a daily topic about what we think of characters, and one about the music of Fates, I decided to make one where we give our opinions on the character's aesthetics. Which might have been discussed a bit in the character discussion thread but for this thread It shall be the main focus. Does the clothing appeal to you? any facial features that really makes the character pop? anything that just looks odd to you? post em here. I'll stick with a 2 characters per day formula. List so far: To start us off I figured we'd start with: #1 - Corrin (M/F) I'm rather mixed about Corrin's design. It's not dull by any means and the black and white on the armour looks nice, It just looks a tad bit over designed in comparison to previous lord designs, particularly In comparison to our last avatar character Robin. Also the male version's hair is a tad silly, although the female's hair is actually quite nice. The headpiece is a nice touch to her design. With that said however her design suffers from unnecessary sexualisation in the form of those patch of exposed skin around the thighs. While not the biggest deal since Camilla and Charlotte exist it does feels forced onto her design as her male counterpart doesn't have anything like that (Similar for Effie when compared to Benny but I'll get to that later). It reminds me of Cherche's design in how inconsistent it was with that design choice. Also why do neither of them wear shoes? Since they were first revealed It's stuck out to me like a sore thumb (or in this case, a toe hehe). I'm guessing that it's because when they transform into a dragon they need space for their feet/hands? which is still odd since their armour seems to blend into their body upon transforming, at least that what it looks like. Edit: Also when it came to custom avatar designs for the male I preferred the long hair one as it gave him an elfish look. Haven't used F!Corrin yet so not sure what I'd prefer for her. I suppose we can also discuss Corrin's dragon design while we're at it. If there's one thing I noticed about this game and dragon's is that they seem to be really stretching what can be considered a dragon. Along with Lilith I just don't see them as a dragon, if anything the first thing I thought of upon seeing Corrin's dragon form was Xerneas from Pokemon X...while Lilith is just a bloody koi fish squirrel. #2 - Azura Azura certainly has an interesting design for a dancer. It's exotic, yet mysterious, which suits her character. The one leg stocking thing sticks out though since that's connected to her undergarment, so would that be considered a fan servicy design choice? or is it some kind of pants that just has one leg exposed? It reminds me of Palutena as she had one leg stocking as well. I like her long, flowing blue hair, which also looks hilarious ingame since some classes clothing clips through it or the gear from cloths shops, had her as a berserker recently and the combination of her hair with the barbarian look made me giggle.
  3. There have been plenty of threads about which classes play the best, but what about the classes that look the best? We're talking 100% aesthetics here. The actual effectiveness of any of the classes doesn't come into question. I think the best looking is the myrmidon class. I love classes that use fur, and the emblem on the sash takes the cake for me. The worst in my opinion goes to the Hero class. I don't what Intelligence Systems were thinking, making one of the best classes in the game look the most ridiculous. I don't even want Ike's DLC character because I think his avatar and portrait look silly. The only character in the game with a decent looking hero avatar is Flavia. Sucks that it's character exclusive to her, though.
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