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Found 1 result

  1. I just went to the home page of YouTube and this user did uploaded video popped out on the Recommended Sections. But, I did managed to watch the whole video, I did saw some new ones that we haven't seen it yet such as Gray's Critical Hit Cut-in line, couple of Faye's battle lines, more battle of Clair, scene where you rescue Clair at the Southern Outpost Interior, interesting greeting conversation with Alm and Clair, Clair doesn't seem to know of cows and not picturing about the Ram Village, and Chapter 1 Zofia's Castle Cutscene. Clair does sounded more like Alexis Tipton since her voice actress was confirmed in Heroes. And also, I did saw some of items that were found in this video: One of the Alcoholic Drink is called Leftover Ale Cell Key Wine is still called Wine Blue Cheese Black Pearl Ram Wine Ridersbane is still called Ridersbane since that was used from Shadow Dragon
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