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Found 3 results

  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xYSbx-2hlfj0mQHziO91uVeABf_qYgimAfpyim93-NA/edit?usp=drivesdk Feel free to criticize on anything you think for the Alec > Levin argument.
  2. I've started my second run of Genealogy and wanted to try some different pairings. I've already got everyone figured out except Brigid. I'm debating between Dew and Alec, since they are both some of my favorite Gen1 characters and offer something decent in the form of Bargain/Sol or Pursuit/Nihil. What do you guys think? (I know there are way better pairings out there for her, but I'd like to keep the choices down to either Dew or Alec here plz)
  3. Hey folks! I just felt like doing a completely unnecessary text on why I feel like Alec is actually a pretty good unit in my opinion. So yeah, just keep on reading... First off, I just want to clarify that I don't think that he is freakin' amazing and/or better than Sigurd or anything like that, but whatever. But still, I think he does have many redeeming qualities that makes him totally worth using overall. First, let's talk about his skills. Alec, while not having access to any class skills, does have two personal ones permanently attached to him: Pursuit and Nihil/Awareness. Pursuit is possibly the MOST important skill in the game, because it essentially allows a character to function like a ''normal'' unit in the series, and also because it has a near 100% chance of doubling your damage output for a round of combat. But Nihil, while much more situational, also has its cool uses! It basically negates anything that is not Wrath and normal attacks, such as critical hits, effective damage and even enemy offensive skills. I dare to say that this makes Alec into an ideal choice for specific situations, such as recruiting Ayra - dues to Nihil negating the super-nasty Astra - and if he has lucky stat growths, he may even handle most of the dracoknights in Chapter 5 because of the horseslayers being horrible against him, or he could do it with foot-locked units if he's not good enough. Point is, while one of those two skills will not be always useful, they do work quite well in his favor. Secondly, how is Alec exactly as a combat unit? Well, the big reason why he is salvageable for many people is because of this: Alec is a Cavalier, with perfect availability, in FE4. Since Genealogy is (in)famously known for its HUGE maps, being a mounted unit in this game is perhaps the biggest thing you can going for you, since you can traverse way more rapidly terrain and join the fight before all foot-locked soldiers. And let's not also forget the ability to move the remaining distance after doing an action (Canto). And since he joins at the same time as Zigludo-Senpai Sigurd, Alec can be put to use immediately! Lastly, what about his stats? Honestly, this is where it kinda falls off. While he does have pretty soolid base HP for FE standards, his other startings stats are otherwise only Okay, especially with a mediocre Defense of 7. As for growth rates, since he is from the famous Cain archetype, Ale sure likes getting good Skill. However, his Speed actually only has one more point than Strength at base (10 vs. 9) and both stats share a 30% growth (and Defense also has a 30% growth, strangely). Even then, since enemies are not terribly fast and that swords are really light, he will pretty much always double anyway, so it barely matters. However, it is true that is Strength is shaky, but I do think that 16 to 17 Power when freshly promoted at Lvl. 20 is good enough to work out. At worst, he could be a solid weakener for others, y'know? Speaking of, his promotion to Paladin is serviceable, but still one of the weakest gains in the game, with +2 or 3 points in every stat that isn't Magic or Resistance (+5, surprinsingly) and a better rank in Lances. Sure, many would argue that being locked from Silver and Blade weapons is a bummer, but Steel has not exactly garbage might, and should you feel that it's weak, you could still give him a magic sword after promotion, or even Ayra's Brave Sword if you are *ahem* Brave enough. (sorry...). I also think that giving him a high-kill weapon - thanks to his high Skill - is not a horrible idea... So yeah, this was a stupidly lengthy text about me defending why I think Alec is actually pretty good. Sure, he will not one-round anything on his way, but if you give him the right opportunities, I am certain that he'll fill a spot/niche in your army that is not a benchwarmer! Please comment and give me your thoughts! ^^
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