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Found 2 results

  1. So i'll probably post the prolouge tomorrow. The reason why I may not complete this is because I am TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE at FE. I couldn't even beat hard classic of awakening. I will try this however since I've been wanting to play FE9 for a long time. The farthest i've played is chapter 4 on normal mode so that's what I mean by almost blind. Meanwhile I'll hopefully get some tips. I've already been advised to use Titania quite a bit especially in earlygame.
  2. so yeah i know alot of my playthroughs have failed due to no one actually looking a them. but i will try one last time, well it is partly me to blame due to being to lazy to actually play the game and type, but what i mean by the almost blind is i have gotten to chapter 4 and thats it. i would do this on hard mode if it were unlocked!
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