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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there! Some people might have seen me in the concepts part of the forum, but my name is Justin Dreams, an aspiring story teller. This is my first attempt at any kind of fire emblem fan project, and the main idea is to work on my story telling. The Desert's Rebellion is a introduction of sorts to what I would like to be a series, featuring the adventures of Miclas and Tsura. The Desert's Rebellion will tell the tale of how the two met, and worked together to free their country, Uhai, from the Emperor of Zunbae, a rival nation. A 'brief' summary: What we currently have- A Demo! A very alpha state demo at that. I wanted to get this out for one main reason- to show dedication. I'm no good at making sprites- as I've discovered, and Im still very new to game balancing and level design, so I want to show Im dedicated to this project, so that other people who may want to help will know that efforts will not go to waste. Dropbox download- You need the srpg studio to play the game atm, but the demo version is free, and you can play it on that Current Changes that will be fixed in the next version: Please note that story and narration has not been added to the story yet, but will be by the next playable version Conclusion Like I said, I'm still very new to this, so any and all criticism I'm in desperate need for, so please feel free to message me or post here about anything! Screenshots Credits
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