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Found 1 result

  1. Yo! Earlier today, a notable SF user had an excellent idea: Why don't we make a thread in which we vote for a user who will post one song daily for a week? I, along with several others, thought this was a pretty neat idea. Unfortunately, this user seemed to be plagued by laziness, so I volunteered to create the thread for him-- and you guys! So here's how this is gonna work: [spoiler=THE RULES. PLEASE READ THEM.]1. Throughout each week, we shall vote for a user. The user who receives the most votes in that time period will be dubbed the Weekly Vicar of Music. 2. The Vicar will be tasked with posting one song every day for a week. 3. The Vicar may talk about the song, the genre, why they like it, etc. Others may discuss the song, too, of course. 4. In the meantime, other users may vote for who they want to be the next Weekly Vicar of Music. 5. I, Esme, will keep track of the votes. No need to worry! 6. Preferably, the Vicar should put his or her song in a spoiler tag for the sake of making things look neat. 7. In order to vote, simply make your text blue and bold and type out who you wanna vote for. Also, here's two small things that I encourage: a. The Vicar must try his or her best to make their seven-song selection as diverse as possible. This is to ensure that we do not get bored. b. BE NICE, WIENERS. [spoiler=Vicar Hall of Fame]Esme (Pages 1 - 2) I might add more rules in the future if necessary, but I think I got all my bases covered. Anyway, let's get this started! I'll be this week's Vicar so we can get things started.
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