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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome! For the past eight months, a close friend and I have created and fleshed a complete retelling of the Revelation route for Fire Emblem Fates. We loved the game and everything it provided, however certain aspects of the game seemed to fall short, especially when it came to the history of Hoshido and Nohr as well as the overall pacing for the main game. We wish to open our project to all Fire Emblem fan's and their original characters, and see if we can widen the depth of our story with the help of new faces and minds. We are looking for both OC's and Cannon Currently We Are Closed, Thank You Please Fill Out the Character Sheet Below Name: Gender: Allegiance: (Hoshidan, Nohrian, Vallite) Job:(knight, maid, prince ect.) Appearance: Personality: Bio: Signification Other: Child OC (If applicable) Other: (anything that doesn't fit above) _________________________________________ Submissions are open please read the last response for more details thank you :) Those accepted:(in no order at all) Aries Clara Aaron Red Alphanard Akio Solare Myst Anders Tekina Morgan Faunis ______________________________________ Cannon Characters Taken: Shura Saizo Mozu Hinoka Elise Felicia Keaton Hayato Xander Seigbert Kanna Nyx
  2. Say, after re-reading the entirety of Sacred Stones Saga (and magvel lores, whatever few exists), as well as reading some discussions of why Lyon (esp in Eirika's route) is a tragic figure worthy of Greek Tragedy, in a sense that his actions destroy the very thing he try to save in the first place (saving Grado from devastating earthquake and such by using Grado's Black Stone who contains the soul of Formortis) But as I admit I'm also a fan of alternate scenario "what if", so, what if the story has the same characters (while OCs can be used to fill un-important units and bosses as such), but taking a different Protagonist (Hero), and Villain? So well, either the Earthquake disaster foretold to hit another nation that isn't Grado (or Carcino because they're republic), and the villain try to avert this by successfully stolen Grado's Stones (and still predictably get possessed by the Demon King). OR the disaster isn't foretold, but already happened before Lyon even get corrupted, resulting in weakened Grado, and in exploiting the weakness of the biggest nation, someone who corrupted by the Demon King decides to invade other nations to sow Chaos for return of Demons and Monsters? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, I have an idea about a kind of "What If Scenario", with Heroic Dark-Magic using Lord, Prince Lyon's journey to recover Grado's Sacred Stones before the Demon King is released... and since the only magic-using prince/princess in Magvel is... L'Arachel *cough* *cough*... she could be the one who get a vision that Rausten will engulfed in total disaster, so she try to avert this by using sacred stones' power, but her uncle dies before he could even giving her proper counsel over this. And in this scenario, the real Point of Divergence begin when Riev, of all people, is not excommunicated from Rausten, but managed to worm his way up to Rausten's top clergy, and end up as second in command under the Divine Emperor Mansel. And since Rausten apparently control most of the Religious groups in Magvel, the corrupted Church managed to worm their way in every other nations, as well as secretly using "light magic" to raise people from the dead (but with secret switch so they're fully under Demon King's control without nobody else knowing). So basically, they managed to form a large army rivalling even Grado... Grado's sacred stones was stolen by clergy (and replaced by fake stones) And they invade their sister nation of Jehanna,.. declaring a "Holy War" to conquer all of Magvel. Grado and Renais tried to help, but found themselves overwhelmed by the religious fanatics, formed largely from their own citizens... And uh, well... since Prince Lyon is a Dark Magic user... bonus points if the Holy War in question was aimed to "Eradicate All Dark Magic" and making him a prime target... And since no other prince/princess other than protagonist comes as Lord, maybe Ephraim will be Paladin this time... and Eirika could be a myrmidon, because Lyon will be a Lord, and Dark Magic using Lord, who get promoted into "Dark Lord". And, uh, well... there could be some other side plots too... like what if the "Demon King" instead summoning clear monstrous beings, actually summons his own monsters that "traditionally" viewed as a good magical beings (like elves, angels, treants, etc) and their reanimated 'zombies' is mostly indistinguishable from normal human, but still having some kind of obvious clue (like glowing golden eyes like Nergal's morphs). While Grado's "Dark" Sorcerers tried to salvage the situations but founding themselves overwhelmed by sheer amount of light magic using people (hey, light beats dark magic) ---------------------------------------- Of course, another villain (as long as it wasn't Lyon), and another protagonist (not from Renais) is good to go... Any other suggestions? And yes, I think this as a start of a plan for alt-universe romhack, with bonus points of not needing a lot of custom sprites and portraits (since we'll re-use or modify a little of the original contents afterall)
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