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Found 7 results

  1. So for the uninitiated Berwick Saga is the second game from Shouzou Kaga, creator of the original 5 Fire Emblem titles, after leaving Intelligent Systems. It's set in the same world as TearRing Saga, although the two games are not directly related by plot. It borrows a lot of elements commonly found in the Fire Emblem series, such as permadeath and weapon durability, while adding several unique and interesting twists on the old formula. Battles are no longer carried out phase by phase, but instead on a turn by turn basis for example. Many skills and ideas found in modern Fire Emblem titles can be traced back to this title as well. This playthrough is based on this English patch created by Aethin, and I definitely recommend you check it out and support the project if you can. I'm all of two maps in and it's been an absolute blast so far. Anyways, Part 1 In this part, we're first introduced to our cast of characters and get our first taste of the crazy new battle system this game has to offer. I can't help but be heavily reminded of FE4 with how this game sets up the story. Nothing too crazy happens here story-wise, but I'm already finding a lot of things to like with this game. The art doesn't look that impressive in screenshots, but seeing the game in motion I have to say that the graphics are incredibly smooth and full of life. The soundtrack is already starting to grow on me too (that boss music!). Anyone who has played TearRing Saga and enjoyed it would probably say that this game has some big shoes to fill, but so far I have to say things are looking good.
  2. From the creator of Corrupt Theocracy, Blademaster! has created a sequel called Sun God's Wrath in Fe8. Looks really good so I am going to LP it and play it blind. I didn't read everything in moniker's LP but I am more of a gameplay guy anyway so not knowing the history exactly is not a big deal to me, I can still get the gist of it. For more information on the lore and stuff go here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=53190 I will be playing this in hard mode to also be somewhat of a beta tester for that mode and provide feedback as I go. Let's get this shit started. Prologue, laying down the story
  3. sarinomu


    Online name: sarinomu / sarinoku Real name: David DoB: 09/09/98 Favourite FE Game: Currently FE7 but leaning more and more towards FE4 (lyn bby) Favourite Game (other than FE): Kingdom Hearts Favourite FE Character: Lyndis Least Favourite game: Eh Haven't really found one Sports: Nope Online friends: uhhh don't know what about this one Favourite music: grew up with 80s 90s korean stuff so thats cool Favourite artist/band: forced to like KJK (Kim Jong Kook) but its not like hes bad Favourite song: Too indecisive Country: USA MSN/Yahoo/AIM: lolwhat Hobbies: playing videogames, hating school, hating homework, daydreaming Good Point: lack of ego(?) Bad Point: lack of decisiveness (is that even a word)
  4. Because I'm sick of her being called a Sue, Micaiah fans, assemble!
  5. This is a topic for the discussion of pokemon gen 4. Say of you hate it, love it, I don't care. Actually talk about anything and say what pokemon you would be too I guess EDIT: To make this a thread of funny I will apply some rules from this point onward. Be wary. 1. I am good at iders 2. Anything OFFICIAL is our religion in this gen. 3. Lurkers gotta be called out to join. 4. TTP jokes are allowed 5. No insulting me or people I feel shouldn't 6. You MAY be off topic sometimes 7 In this thread Rotom is a toaster. 8. Have fun or you can EXPLOSION. Not near me though.
  6. Hello and welcome to: The JOJ's Florina Emblem Run A screenshot LP of FE7. For some reason I think there's too many of these but at the same time I think there's not enough. So, I'm starting my own. The basis is that I'm going to be overusing Florina. Le start: [spoiler=Prologue] The start screen. Oh wait you knew that already. Entering my name. I think this is the first time I've ever entered the entire thing truthfully. Wow. Nintendo got the name really wrong. Everyone knows Lyn's from Bern. OH GOD I JUST REALIZED. LYN EASY MODE. OH GOD WHY. No, Lyn. I'm asleep. I'm just magically hearing you. I didn't take screens of the beginning conversation because no one wants to see it anyway. Lyn. I'm right next to you. Wow! I didn't know that! Thanks, Nintendo! Lyn was bullying me to move there. What a meanie. So I moved there. So Lyn's saying she didn't expect the bandit to see her that close? Ummmm..... no he's not. Your giant face is blocking him. Lyn killed the bandit. Oh wait she has to. What was Nintendo thinking They're forcing a terrible strategy upon you Some guy. I'm actually kind of scared. This plains dweller just picked me up and expects me to completely trust her. Me: No he's not. Lyn: What do you mean? Me: You're scripted to win. Lyn: What's that supposed to mean?! Me: LYN EASY MODE. Lyn: What? Me: Trust me. I hate it more than you do. Lyn gets a good level. Oh wait. She has to. GOD LYN EASY MODE. IT'S SO..... LINEAR. Once again, Lyn thinks I have the ability to understand conversation while I'm asleep. That's it for the prologue! I hope you enjoyed. Please be brutally honest. I want to improve in every way possible.
  7. What keeps your Fire Emblem gears turning? After reaching two hundred recorded hours of playing, I asked myself this, and I'm curious, what keeps everyone else going? Characters? Enjoyable grinding? DLC? (I wouldn't know too much about that)... Fanservice (ie. Summer scramble)? Or do you just enjoy maxing out your stats and skills? I enjoy having my units reach ridiculous levels of strength and throwing them into the final chapter alone, watching them wreck shop with all those grimleal, but what about you?
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