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Found 6 results

  1. I would like to hear everyone's thoughts and reactions to the American Live Action Deathnote on Netflix.
  2. So, I've heard the American public schooling system ragged on a lot for its poor quality (particularly in math), even having seen some articles that try to explain how and why it's flawed (links at the bottom of this post). Though what's always left me confused is why students from, say, Finland (which ranks way higher than the US worldwide on education) would study abroad in America. Besides interest in our culture. I'm no fan of the public school system, myself, but this always left me scratching my head. Links: http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/why-americans-stink-at-math/ http://www.districtadministration.com/article/united-states-receives-average-rankings-pisa http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/25/opinion/how-to-fix-our-math-education.html?_r=0
  3. As was discussed in the Alm vs Claire thread. Okay, so this is a project I'll be working on over some time to complete FE2 as quickly as I can without too much hassle. There is still a good amount that is unknown in this game so not every detail is really worked out, so I will probably be doing some level of improvising as I go through- this might end up being a trial run, and then I can go back and fix thing afterwards. In a way, Gaiden is probably an easier game to speedrun than most others even with a large information gap- there are far less resources I need to worry about, like lack of money and item durability, and there are no promotion items to speak of. That out of the way, there are a few objectives in this playthrough I will be accomplishing along the way, some for practical reasons, others because I will play this run however I please. Since those are important to know, here they are! 1) Everyone will be recruited, even if they aren't very useful or recruiting them is a pain (Atlas, Dyute). I don't like skipping recruitments, even when extra units will almost certainly be a detriment in certain scenarios, so I will not be doing so. 2) Everyone will be alive at the end of the game. This one is interesting, because there are a few spots where it's possible to revive a unit, and deaths could be used in interesting ways to save turns, but at the same time I'm not sure how much I want to play with this since managing timing for this will be pretty difficult. But if I think of some ways to use revival spots for the betterment of the run I'm not opposed to using them. 3) Every map will be visited at least once, even if it is optional. Same as #1, I don't believe in skipping maps when there aren't any that are super hard to visit or anything. Some maps I will need to visit a few times throughout the game for various reasons. I'm not sure how to handle skirmishes because they're beyond my control right now, but they will be a problem I'll need to address when Chapter 3 comes around- if anyone knows of a good way to manage these I'd really love to know. 4) I want to keep RNG manipulation to a minimum. For one, I only know one way to advance the RNG mid-map (which is visiting the unit list), and it is boring, so it is in part a limitation in practicality. Secondly I don't think strategies that are over-reliant on low chances are the part of this run that is supposed to be interesting. If a low-chance critical hit or level-up or something similar is really needed to help beat a map with a significantly lower turn-count then I will do so, but if it's just saving one turn, I don't think it's worth it. I'll be referring to maps based on the number assigned on Fire Emblem War of Dragons because it's an easy way to maintain a certain level of consistency and I really don't know a better way of sorting them out! I think that's about it. I haven't yet started because I need to get everything adjusted on my new computer but I have started planning out stat benchmarks I want to meet on certain units. I have a good idea for where I want to be on most of Chapter 1, then things start getting trickier. I'll be doing videos for every chapter and maybe some form of commentary, I dunno if people like these quiet or with thoughts on what I'm doing. Anyone who has thoughts on commentary, knows anything involving RNG advancing, anything else that I might find helpful in this playthrough, or really has anything to say about this at all would be appreciated. I'll post again whenever I make some progress. That'll be all for now.
  4. i know some of you did not immediately buy the amazing broforce the second you learned about it and that's OK i guess! sometimes we just don't have $15 to donate to freedom, i can understand. enter the expendabros in short: broforce has a !!free!! mission pack. you do not have to own broforce to play it, but you should play it and then buy broforce anyway. :UnitedStates: :UnitedStates:
  5. Rules Efficient is a dangerous word to throw around, so I'm content with doing a bit worse than Horace because I'm not as good as him at FE. Recruit everyone I can. Maybe not Cynthia and Severa, I hate their chapters, though I'm supposed to according to the tier list. Other tier list rules apply as well, of course, that's the point of this No deaths allowed. I guess this isn't really a surprise, but I simply don't like killing off characters, so I won't let myself do that later if it would help me out. Planned Units Chrom x Avatar Stahl x Cordelia Frederick x Sumia Vaike x Lon'qu Panne x Kellam and some other guys as needed. Lucina + Morgan might get used too, we'll see how good they are when I get 'em. This is kind of a lot but I don't care Goals I'm just aiming to get around 130 to 150 turns. Doesn't sound too unreasonable to me. I want to see what Vaike can do in a quicker run than I'm used to doing and without screwing around with optional things. I also want to see how well I can use Frederick into lategame, as people are saying mixed things. Pushing Cordelia and Sumia up a bit is also a goal of this run. Lastly don't think Sully should be over Panne, so I'll be giving Panne a try, there's a bunch of people who already used Sully go read their logs. Avatar +HP -Luck "Violet" Premonition- 2/2 turns lol Prologue- 4/6 turns This one doesn't need too much explanation. Frederick got a few kills here, but Violet/Chrom did most of the work. Lissa didn't do anything. Violet/Chrom MVP Chapter 1- 3/9 turns Another pretty simple one. Sully/Virion/Lissa all hid while Violet/Chrom owned with Fred helping whittle a few enemies down, such as doing most of the damage on the boss (Violet got kill though) Violet/Chrom MVP Chapter 2- 5/14 turns Violet/Chrom to C. Again, not challenging. Violet/Chrom took on some guys on the right while Stahl/Vaike went left. Stahl is pretty awesome, never used him before but he's strong and durable too, I was pretty impressed. Lissa healed him twice though the second wasn't needed. Frederick got the bosskill, which was a bit unfortunate but not completely terrible. He got a good first level up, so not complaining. Chapter 3- 6/20 turns Deploy Chrom, Violet, Lissa, Frederick, Vaike, Stahl. I could've gone a bit faster here, but I wanted to get everyone a bit more experience, so I opted for that. Vaike got the bosskill a bit of favoritism, but eh. I took the left side and recruited Kellam, he'll be supporting Stahl until Chapter 6. Chapter 4- 3/23 turns Violet/Chrom to B. Deploy Chrom, Violet, Frederick, Stahl, Sumia, Kellam. Vaike doesn't really serve any purpose in this map and Stahl/Kellam can build up a bit of support, so I decide not to deploy him. Also sorta makes up for getting the bosskill. This chapter isn't too hard, Frederick/Sumia goes up and to the left to Javelin some stuff, Violet/Chrom goes right and Stahl/Kellam goes left. Everything goes pretty well, though two enemies annoy me by using a Vulnerary, so they take a bit more effort and Stahl misses out on a kill. Frederick gets the bosskill because otherwise she'd heal with Parallel Falchion. Paraloge 1- 9/32 turns Sumia/Fred to C, Stahl/Kellam to C This turncount sort of sucks but I lost patience with this chapter after a while, so fuck it. I got EXP around to everyone I really wanted to, though wouldn't have minded to get more EXP on Lon'qu, though he's really only around to give Vaike a speed bonus. Chrom also could've gotten more, but he was still level 1.9x when I started this, so a full level is good enough for me. I'm also pretty upset at myself for forgetting to get the Rescue in the chest when I had Vaike next to it with a Chest Key on the last turn, but whatever- I'm not using any staff users before the next one shows up anyway. [spoiler=stats after para 1] UNIT CLASS LV.XP HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS WEAPON RANK SUPPORTSCHROM LORD 02.90 21 07 01 08 08 06 08 02 SW D VIOLET AVIOLET TACT 11.06 35 13 09 12 10 10 11 09 SW E TO C CHROM AFRED GKNIT 04.21 31 15 02 13 13 07 15 03 SW D LN A AX D SUMIA CVAIKE FIGHT 06.28 27 12 00 10 07 05 07 00 AX D LON'QU CSTAHL CAVAL 04.97 24 09 01 08 06 05 08 02 SW D LN E KELLAM CSUMIA PEGKN 03.62 19 08 03 12 11 08 05 09 LN D FRED CLON'QU MYRMI 04.20 20 06 01 12 13 07 07 02 SW C VAIKE CKELLAM KNGHT 05.00 21 10 00 07 05 03 12 02 LN D STAHL C(yes lon'qu and kellam are base level but this makes things a little easier for me later)edit: things I forgot Fred got Para 1 boss kill because Sumia dual attacked at an annoying time, was trying to have Stahl get it. I actually removed Solidarity from Violet in Para 1 because Chrom kept critting the bandit at the start I was trying to let Donny kill. This and misses/dual attacks/etc were the only resets of the chapter except for Chrom dying once. The only other reset of the run was when Violet missed Raimi in C3 which made Sumia die on EP and me forgetting to give Fred Javelin in C4 also feedback is cool if you have any edit2: wow I fucked up the code box somehow I'll try and fix that later
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