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Found 2 results

  1. What on your thoughts on the Possessed/Corrupted villain type in Fire Emblem games?
  2. What kind of antagonist would you like to see in a future Fire Emblem? I personally would like to see one that thinks of themselves as the one in the right. One who has, in their own views, heroic intentions and thinks of themselves as a good person while seeing the people opposing them as the evil ones, only acknowledging people they approve of as their followers while denouncing morally bankrupt ones and refusing to associate with them. One who's a competent leader and doesn't make cliche mistakes like letting the protagonist go because "They're too weak" or "I have other business to attend to", but instead does what they can to eliminate potential threats. One who's followers believe in them because they see the good that could come from their goal and want to help reach those ends. One who's flaw is the refusal to see the negative impact of the means they use one the ones they oppose, and in turn refuses to see why the protagonists oppose them. Which would help them contrast with the protagonist who, while able to see things from other perspectives, simply can't accept what is happening and wants to put an end to it. As a result the story wouldn't end with unanimous praise of the protagonists, the rival nation may even see them as the villain and their history would remember them as an awful person who took away what could have been a bright future. I think my standards are a smidge too high, is the fact that I want to be a video game writer obvious enough yet?
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