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Found 1 result

  1. kk so i've been like working on this for a while and it's not completely finished The aim of the team is to kill things. To kill things,it uses good offense. Defenses are generally neglegible as i see no reasonable way i'm surviving hits from paired up things Speed is similarly useless since there's no point in trying not to get doubled Priorities: Luna > Aggressor > --faire > Counter > Breakers > Lethality for all combinations (this doesn't really matter though) Breaker priority: Tome (res+10 also works) > Axe > Sword > Lance > Bow Notes::assume all forgable weapons are +3 mt/+25 hit and that all units have LImit Breaker My Unit: Assassin +STR,-HP Swordfaire,Luna,Axebreaker,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Vaike!Gerome: Berserker Aggressor,Axefaire,Counter,Swordbreaker Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Vaike!Gerome!Morgan: Berserker Aggressor,Axefaire,Counter,Luna Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Olivia!Lucina: Assassin (maybe Great Lord? not sure if it's worth it though) Luna,Lethality,Rightful King,Swordfaire Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Frederick!Yarne: Berserker Luna,Axefaire,Aggressor,Counter Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Stahl!Severa: Assassin Luna,Swordfaire,Lethality,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Gregor!Nah: Hero (probably my biggest mistake) Axefaire,Axebreaker,Swordbreaker,Astra Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Brave Sword Gaius!Noire: Assassin Swordfaire,Luna,Counter,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Henry!Cynthia: Sage Tomefaire,Tomebreaker,Luna,Acrobat Inventory: Celica's Gale Rescue Libra!Brady: Sage Tomefaire,Aggressor,Luna,Tomebreaker Inventory: Celica's Gale Rescue Another question wrt the AI: It will attack with the Brave Swords/Axes over the 1-2 range weapons (solely there to counter 1-2 range turn one but it's not really nessecary I guess?)
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