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Found 2 results

  1. So before I start, I want to say thank you for checking this run of Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic+ out. Also thanks for checking out my other Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic Classic playthrough. Below is a video explaining some of the quirks for this run, which is important since the skillsets will be mostly hacked Skillsets to make sure that everyone doesn't die...and we can handle Apothesis...oh boy, what trouble have I gone and done now... Now that you've seen the video, I'd like some skill suggestions for both parents and child units! Feel free to go crazy and I'll be sure to upload Episode 2 which is the actual start of this LP. Also please note that I am still doing my Lunatic Classic playthrough as well, so be sure to check it out!
  2. I wanted something to do as a test post and decided it would be kind of nice to share the characters and builds I used for Apotheosis. I then realized it would be dumb to just list what I had and decided to make it a place where someone can share their builds for Apotheosis and maybe learn about a few nice ways to build their characters. Now, keep in mind that for what I will be sharing this was done on a playthrough I didn't think I'd even attempt Apotheosis on so some of my pairings will be kind of off. This was done on Normal Casual I also used DLC characters, classes and skills in this run. These characters are also taken from my second run (which is why I have Katarina) Now, onto my builds: Aaron (The Avatar) Class: Sorcerer Wife: Tiki Children: Morgan Use: Partner for DLC Katarina Skills: Limit Breaker, Armsthrift, Sol, Ignis, Vengance Inventory: Forged Waste (Scale Tipper), Forged Celicas Gale (Tcale Sipper) 3 sets of Elixer Tiki Class: Manakete Husband: Aaron (The Avatar) Children: Morgan Use: Chrom's meat sheild Skills: Basically all the Manakete skills (+ Limit Breaker). I never bothered with her. i just liked the supports :\ Inventory: 5 Dragon Stone+ Chrom Class: Great Lord Wife: Olivia Children: Lucina and Inigo Use: Pack Mule (carry spare items in the convoy) Skills: Dual Strike+, Limit Breaker, Aegis, Aether, Rightful King Inventory: Exalted Falchion, 4 sets of Elixers Olivia: Class: Dancer Husband: Chrom Children: Lucina, Inigo Use: Dance for my healers so they can heal again or do multiple rescues Skills: Luck +4, Speed +2, Relief Inventory: Nothing but Elixers Lissa Class: Sage Husband: Vaike Children: Owain Use: Healer and Rescuer Skills: Healtouch. Rally Magic, Galeforce, Miracle, Limit Breaker Inventory: Forged Celicas Gale, Rescue, 2 Psychic, Fortify Emmeryn Class: Sage Husband: Single Children: None Use: Healer and Rescuer Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Tomefair Dual Support+, Limit Breaker, Rally Magic Inventory: Forged Celicas Gale, Rescue, 2 Psychic, Fortify Priam Class: Hero Wife: Single Children: None Uses: Attacker Skills: Limit Breaker, Astra, Armsthrift, Swordfair, Rally Strength Inventory: Forged Brave Sword, Ragnell, 3 Elixers Morgan Class: Sorcerer Husband: Laurent Parents: Aaron (The Avatar), Tiki Use: Main Attacker. Deals loads of damage Skills Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Ignis, Astra, Amrsthrift Inventory: Forged Waste (Daddy Complex) Forged Celicas Gale (Kawaii wind) Lucina Class: Great Lord Husband: Owain (Or Companion because Nintendo rightfully censored the incest) Parents: Chrom, Olivia Use: Supporter for Owain Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Aether, Dual Strike+, Rightfull King Inventory: 5 Forged Brave Swords (DemonSpanker) Inigo Class: Hero Wife: Severa Parents: Chrom, Olivia Use: Main Attacker Skills: Armsthrift, Limit Breaker, Astra, Swordfair, Rightful King Inventory: Forged Brave Sword (PassionStick), 4 Elixers Laurent: Class: Sorcerer Wife: Morgan Parents: Miriel,Ricken Use: Supporter for Morgan Skills: Limit Breaker, Vengance, Dual Support+, Tomefair, Lifetaker Inventory: 5 Forged Celicas Gale Owain Class: Dread Fighter Wife: Lucina (Or companion) Parents: Lissa, Vaike Use: Main Attacker Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Astra, Agressor, Resistance +10 Inventory: 5 Forged Brave Swords (AvengerMode) Severa Class: Hero Husband: Inigo Parents: Cordelia, Frederick Use: Main Attacker along with Inigo Skills: Limit Breaker, Armsthrift, Sol, Galeforce, All Stats +2 Inventory: 1 Forged Brave Sword (Tsunderblade), 4 Elixers DLC Katarina Class: Sorcerer Use: Main Attacker Skills: Ignis, Astra, Galeforce, Armsthrift, Limit Breaker Inventory: 1 Forged Waste, 1 Forged Celicas Gale, 3 Elixers DLC Roy Class: Dread Fighter Use: Attacker Skills: Amrsthrift, Limit Breaker, Dual Strike+, Agressor, Astra Inventory: 1 Forged Brave Sword (Sealed Sword), 4 Elixers DLC Lyn Class: Swordmaster Use: Support DLC Roy Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Astra, Zeal, Armsthrift Inventory: 1 Forged Brave Sword, 4 Elixers DLC Ike Class: Hero Use: Attacker Skills: Astra, Armsthrift, Aether, Swordfair, Limit Breaker Inventory: 1 Brave Sword, 4 Elixers Spot Pass Pr. Marth Class: Lodestar Use: Support DLC Ike Skills: Dual Strike+,Dual Gurad+,Dual Support+. Limit Breaker, Armsthrift Inventory: 1 Forged Brave Sword, 4 Elixers Spot Pass King Marth Class: Lodestar Use: Support Priam Skills: Aegis, Limit Breaker, Armsthrift, Astra, Rightful King Inventory: 1 Forged Brave Sword, 4 Elixers If you can notice Im missing one character. I didn't bother to train another Healer (which would have been DLC Celica) Anyways, thanks for reading and if you want post your own builds Down Below.
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