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Found 11 results

  1. What do you think is the reason for this scene? (besides the fact that Kamui's a damn Pokémon for all we know)
  2. I don't know if this has been done! But I couldn't find a topic like this, so if there is one... Sorry in advance! Well, I really like Renka's voice (also Aqua/Azura as a character) and the grunts Garon makes throughout it just pisses me off So I just removed his voice in the song! My editing skills are bad aren't the best but this is still way better than hearing the extra noises in the background!!! Enjoy! Nohr: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-nohr-version Hoshido: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-hoshido-version Renka vocals only: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-renka-vocals-only
  3. Before you read the title and raise an eyebrow, at least try to hear me out. First, we have Aqua. She's a main character and what not. That's all good, until we take a look at her endings, most will always say there were no records of her. Her single ending is what prompted me to think of this. This part in particular: "Some say she was a Personification of the events that transpired, many debate if she was even a person at all" So that brings the question, is Aqua even an actual person? Notice how she has very little development as a character, also notice how she seems to come up with ridiculously stupid plans, like getting Garon to the Hoshidan throne to prove a point to everyone. And everyone else seems to just roll with because she's Aqua. Also notice how she seemingly dissapears and fades away like an abstract thought in the Hoshido and Nohr campaigns. It's almost like now that everything was said and done, she dissapears like she's of no use anymore. So my theory is that is simply a representation of the emotions and confusion that occured throughout the war, she's also the scapegoat for people's ignorance at the time such as making really stupid and convuluted plans.
  4. Does anyone know where I can find the song that Aqua sings in Chapter 14 of the Nohr path?
  5. So I have been wondering this for a while.We have seen Aqua in a black/purple-ish dress a lot and I have yet to see gameplay of Nohr path.I was wondering this cause Aqua in black is my preferred dress.
  6. Seeing how Kamui, Marx, Ryouma and (possibly) Aqua wield unique-looking weapons, I'm curious how they will handle them gameplay-wise. Will they give stat boost/penalties like normal weapons, have extraordinary effects or will they just look fancy? On one hand they are the "canon" weapons that should be strong enough to give players a reason to use them throughout the game, but on the other they shouldn't be too "broken" early on. Also regarding the possible effects of the weapons, how would it affect fighting against Marx/Ryouma? Could they even be effective against dragon-type units like Kamui? Or maybe against each other? What are your thoughts?
  7. It appears in the both her character art and her portrait. Do you think it's going to be her "Legendary Weapon" or will it be more like her "Rapier"?
  8. So a lot of people, myself included, like Aqua, but she'll probably be the Lucina of this game, since they're both featured in a butt ton of artwork, some of the most popular characters with the fans, and one of the most important characters too. With Lucina, you either loved her or hated her, there's no in between. So opinions on her were pretty mixed. I bet it'll be the same for Aqua. When the game comes out, people might not like her personality and thus not like her as a whole but there'd be a few people willing to make exceptions because they like her appearance or something. Hopefully that made sense. Thoughts? also this is my first If thread weeeee
  9. I could be looking into this too much but... Could Aqua be the daughter of the previous king of Nohr? The previous king is Garon's brother and he had him assassinated. Garon disposed of Aqua by giving her to Hoshido. I'd like to think this is why she has a mask when you side with Nohr lol I thought about this when I read Aqua's quote: "I am Aqua. I'm Nohr Kingdom's princess... or was, rather." Isn't it weird that she refer to her royal status as "was"? If she was in the same place as Kamui, her royalty status is not going to be gone by just being raised in Hoshido. She also looks vastly different from the current royal siblings. well Kamui is too but i believe in the theory that Kamui isn't actually Hoshido royalty. The only downside to this is that Aqua must be pretty young to remember when his dad was killed. But idk maybe Garon reminds her everytime she's not a royalty anymore when she was still in Nohr. Also the previous king totally gave Aqua the fire emblem w/o Garon knowing.
  10. I've been thinking, and I've theorized that some things may represent the four major elements (Not necessarily in Fire Emblem). Those elements being Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. I've come up with multiple theories: Theory #1: Water: Aqua- She shows some water controlling abilities and her name means "Water." Earth: Nohr- It seems shadowy and as if it is in a deep canyon or valley. Fire: Fire Emblem- Kind of obvious. Wind: Hoshido- It appears to be in the sky, surrounded by clouds. Theory #2: Water: Aqua Earth: Kamui- They can control the earth to create Dragon Veins. Fire: Yatogami (Kamui's Sword)- The golden hue. Wind: The Dancer's Lance- The pure white coloring. Theory #3: Water: Aqua Earth: Kamui Fire: Fire Emblem Wind: Nohr and Hoshido Families- Wind could represent the friction between them resembling a weather font. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas?
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