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Found 4 results

  1. Hello question and I have downloaded Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn iso on Dolphin but when I start RFEE01 with geckos codes and Ar codes activated the codes do not work even though I have activated it in the settings.
  2. Hello Serenes Forest community ! I wanted to share what I found, and I need your help to complete. The code I found myself is to change the model of the unit (but only on the map) which is not documented on geckocode.org. I only tested on Edward on Part 1 - Prologue in normal mode. (Dolphin Emulator - FE:RD NTSC-U) Edward ModelMap: 028871DA 00000xxx xxx = the model "index" (value after 185 will crash dolphin) I need your help for finding ALL the model indices. (for seeing the model you've changed, you have to go to the "Guide" option and click whichever guide - once there, quit it and return to the map) Here are what I have found : (Note : for now, models appear unarmed)
  3. So, I was trying to find the offsets of Radiant Dawn through Dolphin, but, I ran into 3 weird things: 1 - I managed to find the offset for Edward Exp just fine, so I could change it to whatever I wanted. But, later, I wanted to continue my own game without cheats and forgot to turn it off, so Jill got 99 Exp on my game. Isn't the offset supposed to be for the character, and not the slot? 2 - Even though I did manage to change Edward's EXP and Item count just fine, I couldn't, for the life of me, change his stats. I just couldn't find the memory offset through the cheat manager, I tried a lot, still couldn't do it. 3 - Regardless of all that, the Radiant Dawn Code Creator, done by this guy from this post right here has some working codes for me. Namely, the skill ones. If I put 0 on the capacity of all skills, all skills take 0 capacity on the characters. But the other codes don't work. So, am I doing something wrong? Or are Dolphin's memory offsets crazy as all hell? I remember the codes did work a while back, all of them, and I even had the version of Dolphin they worked on stored on the computer, however, when I tried these codes on that version again recently, it didn't work regardless. I'm confused, lol
  4. Hi guys, anyone here know how to convert these NTSC codes to PAL version of the game? I'm using the Dolphin emulator (the latest version) and the PAL version of the game. $Have All Items in Convoy and Skills 083E92A0 80B5FE60 410D0028 00000050 $Every Single Unit's First Item is Blessed and Equipped 08884F50 27900000 20A103F0 00000000 Note: I'm not asking you to convert the codes for me, I only want to know how to convert these NTSC codes to PAL.
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