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Found 11 results

  1. You all should have seen it coming when Richard Nixon was a super hero. Yo, one thing I've noticed on SF is that high school themed RP's don't really seem to go anywhere, whether because of a lack of planning or GM dedication. However, I've decided to release a pet project I've been working on for a few months with the second best GM on the site, SnakeMomMelissa. Whilst clearly inspired by the plethora of anime set in high schools, we're pretty convinced that our setting is able to stand on its own two feet without being too derivative. History Premise The current year is 2012, with the plot's focus being on Jyoudan Highschool in the Nerima ward of New Age Tokyo. The school itself wouldn't stand out at first glance, its grade averages are only slightly above average and the school has not produced any remarkable individuals. However, for the last three years, the admission process has been slightly unusual. As well as accepting regular applications, a select number of potential students are sent letters of invitation - even if they hadn't considered applying. Many attribute this to the school attempting to head-hunt, but there are rumours that they have an agenda when selecting students. In this RP, you will be playing one of these invited students... or a total normy if you really want! The RP will begin shortly before homeroom of the first day of school and for convenience purposes, all players will be placed in the same class. However, as those with a reading comprehension greater than a five year old's or a short-sighted dragon, the caveat is that everyone invited has some sort of untapped ability or super power. The structure of the RP will mostly be a freeform play by post ordeal, but there will be a stat based system for combat and mechanical decisions. However, from a gameplay point of view, I'm not going to reveal said system to avoid people trying to powergame or min-max. I will be accepting as many applications as possible to try and recreate the feel of a fully sized class, the remaining students will be NPC's. Also as a first, I am accepting any entry given, although there may be minor adjustments that are required to stop anything from being too broken. Even if I've turned you down from a previous RP, you'll have a spot here! Character Creation
  2. 11th May 812 - The Raewald/Myrcia border The announcement from Ethel had mobilised the forces of Raewald, the vast force moving to the border to begin the path through Myrcia. The hills and mountains of Raewald flattened out, the plains of Myrcia coming into view. The countryside wasn't too disimilar to that of Wyke, although there was a distinct foreign air to the atmosphere. The march across Raewald highlighted the size of the force Ethel had assembled, the number of fighters dwarfed Wyke's own army - perhaps highlighting how Deira had taken Wyke by storm. Many were faceless pawns, people who would probably die and never be thought of again. However, there were a few familiar faces from Raewald. The likes of Lilith and Steve were present among their ranks, and more disturbingly Feran - it appeared Ethel needed every man she could get. The days were full of marching and the camps weren't exactly homely... and the rough terrain made traversing the country difficult, but the desire to stop Deira was powerful through the army. Rumours of Olaf's ambition for continental conquest circled through the camps, the sentiment against Deira was commonplace - even bordering indiscriminate hatred against the Deiran people. Relations had never been great between the two nations, but many of the Raewaldean soldiers seemed to treat them as an inhuman species. Tarasque had showed herself to be a stoic woman, outside of giving orders and relaying information, she appeared to speak very little, keeping any small talk to a minimum. However, she became far more vocal once they approached a verge, looking down at a village in the distance. Smoke was wafting from the collection of houses, with golden banners surrounding the edges of it. It had only been a week, but Deira had managed to spread its forces right to the western border of Myrcia. Owen's group had gathered with Tarasque at the front of their forces, looking at the village under attack ahead. "Deira... taking even a village like this for themselves." she growled, crossing her arms as she scowled into the distance. "They've moved quicker than expected, our reports must have underestimated how far they'd spread. Time isn't on our side, but leaving this village to suffer doesn't sit well with me. Prince Owen, we'll need to make a call... this might be a good place to beat some information out of Deiran troops, as well as stop them spreading further. The defensive forces have the border behind us covered, they'll catch anyone who slips past us." Nelon stepped forward, looking at the sky above the village. "There are no signs of any flying squadrons... it appears that they have not fielded the Reliants here." he added, his eyes slipping down towards the village again. "I cannot see evidence of any camps in the area, it is quite likely that they have only recently arrived... this may be our chance to prevent any serious casualties in the village." "I agree, the last thing we want is for them to set up a new camp, especially one so close to our border." Tarasque replied, looking over at Owen. "I'm leaning towards stepping in. Your Baron Nelon appears to agree. Any thoughts from yourself, Prince Owen?" The party is free to post!
  3. 16th April 812 It had been nearly a week since their last battle, but thankfully Owen's group had not faced any more adversity in the remainder of their journey. Leaving the savage lands of Magonsaete behind them, the plains and hills of Raewald were almost a welcome sight. Without threats of bandit attacks, it was far easier to progress. However, Emily had not stirred, her body remaining cold and lifeless throughout their journey. However, there were no signs of death or decay otherwise, it was as if she had entered an incredibly deep sleep. The walls around Tytila were vast, easily fifty feet tall, made from a sturdy stone and complete with multiple guard towers. As they approached the city, Owen's group were immediately hailed by the guards, a group of men clad in a dark grey armour. "Prince Owen of Wyke! It is an honour to welcome you to Raewald! Please, allow us to assist you! Her Highness, Queen Ethel, has instructed us to guide you until she is free to meet with you." one called out, dropping down to one knee as he spoke. The other guards joined him in his gesture. "Open the gates, Prince Owen of Wyke has arrived!" The gates to the city were as large as the walls, although made from a dark iron rather than stone. Opening slowly, the gates revealed the bustling city of Tytila. Even after a first glance, it became very clear that the city was far larger than Hull. The stalls and buildings went on beyond the eye could see, and the grand tower of Tytila castle was very visible in the background. Packed with people, the crowd had a life of its own, the busy city life keeping everyone moving. One of the guards passed Owen a small piece of paper, depicting a map of the area. "Prince Owen, I hope that Tytila has all that you would wish for. If there is anything that you cannot acquire, Queen Ethel has requested that you ask at the castle, and she will see to it personally." he added, his men aiding Sebastian with unloading the group's supplies. "Queen Ethel should be available to meet with you in the afternoon at the castle. She has requested that you only take a handful of your most trusted advisers with you, she has said that she is not usually one for large gatherings. Otherwise, you and your subjects are free to explore Tytila as you wish until then. Mr Sebastian has said that he will be more than happy to deal with unpacking and moving your supplies, but we will do all we can to assist him." The entire party is free to post! Please explore Tytila as you see fit! Remember, this isn't Wyke, you need to behave! TYTILA SHEET
  4. Hull Castle Garden It was a bright day in Wyke, the weather of the unspecified season surprisingly pleasant for the time of year... probably. Owen had gathered all his allies in the castle garden, deciding that a casual gathering would be just what they needed to get to know each other. A light buffet, a string quartet in the background, it had been a frivolous waste of his country's funding - but it was preferable to letting Serge hire more faceless mercenaries. He wasn't entirely sure how some of his mortal enemies were present along with his friends... and Esclabor, but it was further proof that he was popular - and totally the main character. If I can gather everyone, I can try to find out who's after my glorious legwear... There are so many undesirable characters, none of them shall reveal the contents of my trousers... the secrets and responsibilities inside are my own to bear alone. Stepping onto a podium and giving a nod to Angus, Owen waited for his advisor to attract the crowd for him - doing actual work was for poor people. Angus clapped his hands together, silencing everyone with the sound and his underarm odour. "Y'all all stop with the chinwagging and hollerin'. The governor, the head honcho and mighty fine Prince Owen is going to have a declaration, so be lending your ears for some mighty fine words." he called out. "Fellow Wykians, revered guests, valued allies... and Esclabor." Owen announced, making sure a certain man knew his place. "Welcome to my garden gathering, I hope that everyone has found the venue to be suitable... because I'll be hard pressed to believe any of you could do any better. Relax, converse and enjoy. If there is anything you feel that you require, feel free to ask Angus for it. Go forth and mingle everyone. Now, I believe I have a conversation to have with a certain tree." Freya was stood at the back of the ground, blending into the hedge with all the foliage strapped to her armour. She'd contemplated the intricacies of the unusual gathering and how it would fit in with the established chronology - the Christmas party included. However, instead of vocalising her hypotheticals and observations, she simply did what she did best. Standing in the background. Everyone is free to post! Remember, you aren't your own characters for this!
  5. The Morning of 5th April 812 Only a day had passed since the group had split to tackle their various objectives. Owen had joined Malaphar to eliminate cultists controlling the region, Cass had rescued Esclabor whilst Angus had managed to retrieve their sea captain. Each task seemed so distinct, but eerily linked together through mentions of a wizard - and there was one wizard that everyone had become painfully aware of. The sun had been setting, there couldn't have been more than an hour left of daylight in the harsh land of Magonsaete. With so much information, much of which concerning, discussion had waited until the morning - giving all involved a chance to recover from their battles. Most of their injuries were rather superficial, even Esclabor only required minimal treatment. The presence of Malaphar hadn't aided things at all. Many had expressed their unease around him. However, with little explanation, the wizard had said he'd be absent for a few hours, leaving Owen's group to their own devices. Now joined by Baron Esclabor and Captain Haddock, they could finally begin to piece parts of the story together. As usual, the Reliants had found their own space to hold up, still feeling like outsiders to the whole host of nobility. The night was quiet, with so many battles in the area, it appeared the barbarian forces had been somewhat depleted. Not a single soul had been spotted or even heard as the hours progressed, the various people on watch having rather little to focus on. Morning had come quickly, and Malaphar was still gone. With no given time frame of his return, it left the group with decisions to make. The sun had just appeared over the horizon, the oranges and reds of the sunrise being replaced by an endless blue. It was difficult to believe that a massacre had occurred when they arrived. People had started to gather in the main meeting room, anxious to hear how Owen intended to proceed. All players may post!
  6. 25th December ??? (The contents of this thread are not considered canon to the main Angelcynn thread and thus does not occur within the timeline of the roleplay. Characters that never met physically will be present together. I implore you to have fun and be as SILLY as possible.) It was a fine Christmas afternoon, and all had gathered to celebrate the festivities. On top of a snowy hill in Magonsaete, the dastardly Malaphar had invited the entire cast to join his Christmas gathering. Nobody was excluded, from the noble Prince Owen to that old guy that made Serge paint his fence for some reason. With the halls decorated and the tables fully laid, Malaphar had cut no corners in preparing for the gathering. Standing at the front of his hall, he clapped his hands together to gain the attention of the room. "Thank you kindly for all being here. I, Malaphar, warmly welcome all of you to my Christmas gathering!" he announced, waving a searing flame through the air. "For some reason, it was felt that my world was deemed an unfitting venue for merriment, but this castle should be suitable! I wish you all the best and hope there are no hard feelings of the events that have transpired. I'm sure there are many of you that I had vapourised during the course of our tales... and I'm certain there are more of you yet to be burned to a crisp! May the festivities commence!" The audience applauded slowly, muttering to each other about who would actually survive into the later acts. However, which such a gathering, their host's oddity could be overlooked for the meantime. Every player may post! This thread is likely to remain active for a week!
  7. The following morning The night had been unsettled, especially with their new companion. However, the air had eased as Malaphar departed with Owen, as if a great weight had been lifted from the air. Cass' party had gone straight south, Baron Nelon had sketched a crude map with Malaphar the night before, and combined with a compass, he was quietly directing the group. The sisters were chatty among themselves, but they hadn't quite gotten used to their companions, royalty was daunting even for them. Cass had ended up with a fair chunk of the Wykian nobility. Other than Freya, everyone else held some sort of title. The Valter sisters circled above, staying in sight of the party. Nelon appeared to be relieved by their relative distance somewhat, but it was clear the man was not exactly comfortable about his arrangements. He appeared to be a man of few words, and didn't appear to have any for some people. The sands of the beach turned into dry plains, but then rather quickly into grassy hills. The Magonsaete geography was incredibly variable, although it made sense - nobody would be able to survive in a wasteland that bad. If there were parts of Magonsaete to live in, it was territory that was heavily contested. The hills were relatively steep, especially on foot. Nelon's horse seemed rather adept at finding a path, but even then, it was a slow ascent. After perhaps half an hour, Nona landed near their group, offering a hand out to Cass. "Princess, my sisters and I were thinking that it might be quicker if some of you were to ride with us." she suggested, her hand still extended. "It wouldn't be scary or anything, we used to give daddy rides all the time. There's three of us and only your guard would be heavy! My Elizabeth could probably carry two people! We normally fly in formation, so you'd still be able to talk to everyone... except for Baron Nelon though." Cass, Sidney, Freya and Claire are free to post!
  8. The following morning Angus, along with most of the Reliants had been tasked with rescuing Captain Haddock from the north. Malaphar had left a rather unusual impression, and it was safe to say that most of Serge's men were glad to be rid of him for a little. That raised another problem, Angus hadn't exactly made himself very popular with the Reliants, especially Hans and Lars. The terrain soon became uneven and treacherous as they group continued north. Agro seemed to have some idea of how to deal with it, most likely from its master's madness. Larissa was rather amused by the set up, there was no doubt Doug would be pleased with so many ladies around. It had only been a week or so since Serge had nearly gotten himself thrown out of the Codger, and there he was leading a band of mercenaries. Perhaps he wasn't quite as daft as Larissa had expected? Either way, the Reliants were pleased to be actively involved in a task, many of them had not fought alongside Serge before. Morganna looked over at Alain, still insistent there was more to him. "I heard that you cast a few spells last battle. I hope they were... effective." she mused, the tales of his prowess hadn't been too tall. "Maybe I'll get to see your magic for myself, I'm certainly looking forward to it." Hans approached Serge, pointing ahead towards the coast. "That's where we managed to get to, boss. They must have moved the boat, doesn't look like they sank it... no driftwood." he informed. "That wizard said that their hideout was a little north of here, I'm amazed he's got this entire country in his head." Angus, Serge, Doug and Alain are free to post!
  9. The following morning Despite the unease the group collectively experienced, nobody seemed to question Malaphar's plans. As morning rose, the groups all head off in their various directions, deep into the lands of the barren Magonsaete. Heading west towards a camp, holding control of the area, as well as Malaphar's sought after prize, Owen and his companions continued their journey. The soil was dry and hard, each step was like that against gravel or stone. None of the plant life seemed particularly lively. Most were hardy shrubs, browned and dried from the barren conditions. The few trees they did see were dry and brittle, perhaps even climbing them would cause them to fall. The heat wasn't even that oppressive, although there was a dryness to the air unlike Wyke. Malaphar had said little for the first hour of their journey, leading the party left and right as he navigated what appeared to be a single bare plain. The wizard had glanced up at the sun a few times, only to adjust his path slightly as he returned his attention to their path. "The lands of Magonsaete are unforgiving, only the strongest may survive." Malaphar lectured, walking at the front of their group. "Territory control is vital for these savages, resources are spread far and thin... if a tribe is unable to maintain its grasp upon enough land, it will be only a matter of weeks before it perishes. Sooner considering their barbaric desire to eliminate one another. If they had not ventured beyond their borders, perhaps they would be extinct entirely." Malaphar let out an unsettling chuckle, most likely amused by the prospect of the idea. Sebastian shot a concerned look at Adele, he knew something wasn't right with this wizard, and was certain his lady felt the same way. Malaphar turned back to face Owen, his face still smug, but also rather curious. "Tell me, Prince Owen. How does your father fare nowadays?" he asked. "He must have passed sixty years by now, I can't imagine he is as... spry as he used to be." Owen, Adele, Scuttle and Emmet are free to post!
  10. [spoiler=The story so far] In the humble country of Wyke, Prince Owen was alerted by his father than a rogue noble known as Dettard was conspiring with the bandit nation of Magonsaete. The king being too sickly to travel himself, Owen was sent in his place, taking along Lionel and his other men. His younger sister, Cassandra, then invited herself along, aiding Owen in his journey. Joined by the "charming" rogue, Sidney, Owen learned of skulduggery, vowing to get to the bottom of the issue. Meanwhile, Lady Adeltrudis of Herman met with her father, and was introduced to Jean the Red, a Toulese noble. After being attacked at their lakeside manor, she learned of Owen's quest, taking her brother, Graham, and their butler Jeeves. Joined by Niko and Doug, the group met up with Owen's and joined forces. Battling through the forest, Lionel's men arrived to assist Owen, following them to Dettard's castle. Once there, Dettard claimed that he was Owen's half brother, but was bested in a duel by the noble prince. Inside was the monstrous Baleros, a man-beast with strength beyond belief. With some quick thinking from Angus of Kearney, Baleros was eventually slain. However, part of the group had remained outside, with two of Lionel's men falling to enemy forces. Jeeves the butler also succumbed to his failing health, passing away shortly after the battle. With heavy hearts, Owen and friends return to Hull, the capital, looking to find some answers. The battle at Dettard's manor had been a cruel one. Despite besting the treacherous cur, Owen's group had received their own losses. Still, there were so many things left unexplained, so many questions behind Dettard's actions. However, those had waited until they returned to the capital, where they were quickly met by the King's men. Dettard was detained, taken away to the dungeon, whilst Owen, Cassandra, his vassals and Sidney were summoned before the King. Adele, her brother, Jean and her mercenaries were taken aside to speak to Duke Herman, who had rushed to the capital after Adele had not returned. Castle Gaffney's throne room It was very much a surprise to see the king seated on his throne, Owen hadn't seen him out of bed for several weeks now. Dressed formally, with his crown on his head, Oswald looked up Owen and his men, all stood at the base of his throne's steps. Smiling, Oswald let out a sigh of relief. Oddly enough, there were no guards in the throne room, only the king's own retainers had remained. "My dear children, I am relieved to see you return in good health, and proud that have succeeded in halting Dettard's foolish acts." he announced, his voice tainted with a hint of sickness. "Our kingdom will remain strong with you as its protectors, I could not be prouder as a king, nor could I be prouder as a father. Cassandra, you may have gone against my wishes, but I had received confirmation you were unharmed. I care for you dearly, please take that in mind next time you choose to act." Oswald coughed a few times, a trickle of blood visible on his lip. Wiping his mouth quickly, he looked upon Owen's men. "Noble vassals, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Prince Owen through the challenges he faced. You will be rewarded in due time, you have achieved a great deal for those of your age." Oswald stopped, looking at Sidney for a moment, as if he were choosing his words carefully. "Ah yes, you must be the other woman. I thank you dearly for your own efforts, you do the crown a great service." Owen's party are free to respond! Remember, you're talking in front of the King! Meeting with Duke Herman Having taken one of the smaller meeting rooms, Duke Herman had arranged to meet his own children in private. It was a far less formal setting than the throne room, Tobias had always preferred a more personal approach with his children. "Adeltrudis, Graham, Sir Jean." he spoke, watching as the others entered the room. "All of you, please do take a seat. You may not be of noble creed, but your assistance to my children is much appreciated. I feared that something had happened when you did not return after a few days... however, Jeeves had written to me multiple times, ensuring that I knew of your safety. I apologise, I knew of our King's task for Prince Owen but I feared you would put yourselves at risk if you knew of it." Tobias twirled his mustache, eyeing Niko and Doug. Doug's attire perplexed him, he wasn't entirely sure whether this were a rather uncharming young woman or a perverted young man. His manners were enough for him to shelf the thoughts for now, but he continued his speech. "I cannot say we are acquainted. I have been informed that you are both mercenaries, and that of fine quality. I am Duke Herman, father of Adeltrudis and Graham. Your service to my family is very much appreciated. If you were still looking for employment, I ask you to remain as our guests for a while, and for us to discuss once you have had time to rest." Adele and her group are free to respond!
  11. Castle Gaffney Castle Gaffney was easily the largest and most heavily invested structure in the kingdom of Wyke. Residing on the outskirts of the capital of Hull, it was a symbol of both the presence and status of the royal family. The grounds were well guarded, easily sporting one hundred guards over its several acres. The winter had been relatively mild, a good sign for the following spring. It had been several days since King Oswald had appeared for meals, let alone the royal court. He had made few appearances over the winter, choosing instead to resign himself to his room. Questioning the servants had proved fruitless, they would only say that he was currently resting. Even Queen Eowa was reluctant to divulge much to her children, saying that their father was tackling a minor cold. Rumours began spreading among the nobles, possibly suggesting that Oswald was going to kick the bucket in the near future. At last, during the second week of spring, Owen and Cassandra, along with their loyal retainer, Lionel, were summoned to the King’s quarters, with little warning beforehand. As the trio entered the door, it was clear things were not as they should be. Oswald lay propped up in his bed, appearing rather worse for wear. His beard, usually trim and proper, had become unkempt and scraggly – and far whiter than it seemed before the winter. His eyes lacked their usual stoic gaze, the pair seeing their father vulnerable for the first time. With two servants at his side, he beckoned his visitors forward. “Owen, Cassandra, my children.” He called out weakly. “Forgive my secrecy, but I did not want to distract you from your courtly duties. I must face the cruelty of time, I am no longer a young man, and I am growing weaker and frailer with each year.” Oswald stopped to cough, the old man leaning forwards and barking harshly. The servants at Oswald’s sides approached him, but he raised a hand, denying their attempts. “I did not bring you hear to lament my poor health. I do not feel like departing from this world just yet, I must see you both grow and become adults. Instead, Owen, I have a task that you must perform for me. There have been tales from the western coast… Baron Gewaint Dettard has been making expeditions to Magonsaete… spending more time there than in Wyke of recent. I need you to speak to him, Owen. I would do so myself, but I am unable to leave the castle. Lionel, you shall accompany him. Bring some of the knights with you, I fear that there may be some treachery afoot.” Owen, Cassandra and Lionel are free to post! The House of Herman Whilst not quite as impressive as the royal palace, the status of the Herman family was enough to maintain a relatively luxurious abode. Duke Herman, as head of the royal guard was often absent from his home, attending to his duties. In a striking parallel to the Gaffneys, the Herman children had been summoned by their father, to his personal study. Duke Herman was a solid fellow, standing six feet tall and sporting a moustache of a true gentleman. Still in good health, despite having past his prime, he stood proud, awaiting his children. “Adeltrudis, Graham, thank you for coming.” He announced, offering the pair two chairs to sit on. “You know I have your best interests at heart, despite how it may seem to one of you at times. As you both know, you are the future of our duchy, it will be in your hands when I pass away. There will be a time that you will have families of your own to manage. Graham, your children will go on to continue our line. Adeltrudis… you may not succeed me directly, but you will still represent our family. We may have our disagreements, but I think I have found someone suitable for you. He is a noble from Toulouse, and has ties that will strengthen our family’s reputation. He should be arriving shortly, he is of good stock and quite the character.” Adele and Graham are free to post!
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