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Found 3 results

  1. Er... So, I uh... made an art thread... I know... I know, I'm not the sharpest knife in terms of skills towards art but eh... whatever... I'll see what I can do to myself. Also, these are mostly stuff done smack dab in middle of the late night hours. So here's some old stuff for now... Suicune; based on his Pokemon Crystal sprite... I had a dark idea and then Tharja came, also old stuff... This F-35 had a Sharpedo theme but... it looked a little cartoony when I finished it... Soooo embarrassed at the outcome... Also, I suck at backgrounds I might think of posting some MS Paint animated videos; but unlike my art stuff... they'll just focus more on the joke than the graphical appeal. In other words, they'll emphasize moments of LULZ.
  2. Suddenly I take my tablet back from its box (it was there because I lost motivation long ago) and started to draw a random FE6 portrait. And then I just wanted to share it, even when I forgot how to draw.
  3. Hello everyone~ This thread is basically just going to be a dumping ground for things I have been drawing (Mostly Fire Emblem related, but who knows) I hope that you enjoy. I mostly do traditional stuff, but I hope to get back into digital media some time in the future. This one is rather large, So I'm putting it in a spoiler. [spoiler=The family that cannot be]
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