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Found 61 results

  1. Plue

    Art drawn by my gf

    I want to share and promote my girlfriends art because she is the best at what she does also yes I have her permission to repost these. I am simply trying to give her more traffic to her acc and also she is happy to take 1 more commision and have a waitlist that is a guaranteed spot when she opens her commissions again after she takes 1 more. @sakurachanart02 on Instagram and Twitter. I would really really appreciate it.
  2. I've committed myself to a simple yet time-intensive project: draw every single playable FE7 character as a cute chibi! I hope it's alright with everyone here if I post one to this thread each day. (If not, please do let me know!) Here's the first one - it's Lyn.
  3. Übelburg is the first location shown in my original srpg studio game Demon King's Heir, where the Demon King lived until the legendary hero Mordred slew him. I'm quite proud of this illustration.
  4. Does the Legacy of Archanea have artwork that the Archanea/Akaneia memorial book doesn't have? On the opposite end, does the Archanea memorial book have artwork not in the Legacy of Archanea such as the Artemis and Cartas picture? I own the Archanea memorial book, but not the Legacy of Archanea and want to know if I'm missing out.
  5. I swore that I wouldn't do something like this; however there were some things that I felt like sharing as I kind of enjoyed doing them and thought that others might enjoy viewing them . I can do commissions; art trades are for friends and requests are sort of open because I am not super busy. This will be my art thread where I will share art and other work that I have done (and have fun seeing my practice pay off a bit more) I am currently not actually doing anything major so I figured I'd open such a thread to keep me doing art as well as for a bit of fun and maybe making some new friends in the process. I will be adding to this thread as I go so it is very much a work in progress! [spoiler=Commissions] If you would like a commisson the best place to request them is on deviantART. Here is a journal entry with my prices if anyone is interested: http://thesilentchloey.deviantart.com/journal/Another-Year-Passes-567390634 It is my most up to date version of commission prices notes are the best way on dA to request a commission, if of course you're on dA... [spoiler=Requests] I'm open to requests, as long as they are resonable and I have enough details to go on the same rules apply as what I'll do for commissions but I'll hash them out here so you don't have to spend hours looking for them (just kidding they're easily found, but it's nice to put them up anyway): ~No overly mature content please ~OCs are ok as long as I have enough details to go on ~I'll do my best to get things done in a timely mannor, it can and often does take 4 or so weeks for me to do any ark related stuff (properly depending on digital or traditional) if I take longer please don't be afraid that I'm leaving you hanging, I will make sure to keep you up to date if I am falling behind scheduel [spoiler=Art Trades] So long as the other half of the trade is done I am happy to do art trades, and with friends too [spoiler=Artwork Examples] Traditional Media drawing: Traditional Media painting: Traditional media pencils: Fire Emblem related work: Dark Mage Lucina digital media (yeah I couldn't think of a better title for it so I went with this): The cover for my Fan-fiction series Invisible Ties based on my playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening (mark of Grima was found online and modified for the cover) done in digital media: So this is what I have so far. I will be adding to it as often as I can depending on how well I go. I hope you all enjoy ~TSC
  6. @ the title sorry I don't make the rules ANYWAY I don't even know if I'm doing this right by posting here cuz I haven't seen a lot of art around but may as well anyway. Been working on this on and off over 3 days but I mean by that I mean I was painting it for like 2 hours and then edited minor details after because I have issues revisiting art I'm not doing immediately for some reason?? It's also drawn all on one layer! so that's fun! Anyone with eyes can see I'm a filthy apologist so here's my art. It's actually whatever is under his robes I honestly didn't even know either until I saw some concept art so yeah I guess. I never got around to polishing the hands and mug but lets overlook that pls dont kill me if im posting in the wrong place
  7. Hey, does anyone have a higher definition version of the map from the section covering the 8 legends? I need it for a project of my own, thanks all.
  8. Collection of the monthly murals along with their ecphrasis describing a part of Fodlan's lore (as described by the Church of Serios?) and lifestyle. As I mentioned once before, this is something I found to be very interesting and beautifully done. The way they used church-like murals fits very nicely with the game's theme since its history is told by the Church of Seiros and it sheds light on the rest of Fodlan outside of this elite military academy full of nobles. It is the only real glimpse we get of life in wider Fodlan and its traditions as experienced by the people. So I thought I'd share in case anyone else is interested in these things and for me to have a place where they're organized. I only started collecting these from chapter 6 and having completed Part 1 during this run here are the ones I've collected so far, posted on imgur: https://imgur.com/a/0FihBiK. I won't get around to the first 5 chapters until my next run but if someone else wants to chip in, it can be a group effort. I recently found someone else posted all the mural artwork as well but without the narrations: https://imgur.com/a/zx448wc I was considering posting the video clips of each mural and its narration to YouTube as well but there are already video clips available, lumped with the chapter intros. Undecided at this point if I want to upload them on their own or not. The links that @Silent Mercenary provided in answering my previous question were also great. Technical question: it seems uploading images to forum posts is a bit finicky. Sometimes it lets me upload more than others (and sometimes I go beyond the stated max total size). Anyone know what the deal with this is? I uploaded to imgur this time because I couldn't put more than 1 on here while in some other posts I've uploaded far more than this.
  9. I’ve been starting up a YouTube channel where I post footage of my art process. My goal is to draw every single Fire Emblem character. Check out my art and videos! For commissions please contact me via email: [email protected]
  10. So I couldn't find or didn't see an appropriate place to post fan art on the forums but I decided to go ahead and make a small thread where I'll post my art. If you like any of it feel free to repost just make sure to credit me and feed back is always appreciated. Now I am a hobbiest for art so it's rare so if I don't update before the time is up before it's considered necroposting, I'll more then likely move this thread over to "far from the forest" that way I don't risk breaking the rule or anyone else potentially accidentally breaking it. So to start off this thread here's my most recent doodle of a chibi Post time-skip Mercedes
  11. Hello everyone~! I'm still fairly new to this forum but I've been drawing for a good chunk of my life so I thought it would be fun to share some of my Fire Emblem art! A lot of the ones I'm going to post are mostly recent since my Awakening fan art from 2013 is a bit...of an eye sore to look at and I've improved a lot since then! My tumblr is carefreejules and my DA is jinglebell-whistle if you want to check out more of my art (o´ω`o)! Hope you guys enjoy! Also sorry if some of them are obnoxiously huge (つд`) Fire Emblem If/Fates Pixels Anyone can use my pixels for their signatures as long as you credit me along the lines of: Pixels are made by carefreejules.
  12. Hey, this is Azure. I came here on behalf of those working on Fire Emblem Fates 2: Electric Boogaloo. It’s basically a redoing of Fate’s story on all three paths. As well as monster encounters (basically make it to where everything isn’t just Faceless). While we may not need it now, we will eventually need an artist to make some custom portraits in the Kozaki artstyle for characters without portraits that need to be added into the game, new enemies, etc., if they have the time. Here is the link to the original thread: Have @SandstormSaber send you an invite. Thank you.
  13. https://gematsu.com/2019/03/fire-emblem-three-houses-details-japanese-limited-edition Also shows some new screenshots, concept art, and even some new tracks on YouTube.
  14. Newest work: Sumia So here's a place where I put some of my art for feedback, critique etc. If you head on over to the last couple of pages, you'll see much less cringy work, as I'm much more familiar with digital art than I was back in May 2017. Requests are currently closed. I'm active on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter and post more WIPs and non-related artworks on there, so if you like what I do you can follow me on those. Commissions are closed.
  15. Hello! Decided to try starting my own art thread-starting off with some pictures I drew featuring my favourite unit in Heroes, Spring Chrom <3 All of these were posted on my deviantart first(also Katrov), so if for some reason you've seen them before I'm not stealing them lol (original post on deviantart) (original post which also has credit for the base I used) (original post-what is it with me drawing bunny chrom with a brown backgrounds? LOL) But yeah, that's all for now, will eventually put more Fire Emblem related art as I do stuff etc....I hope others are just as blessed by Spring Chrom as I was,,,a good bunny <3
  16. Suddenly I take my tablet back from its box (it was there because I lost motivation long ago) and started to draw a random FE6 portrait. And then I just wanted to share it, even when I forgot how to draw.
  17. Hi! So I have been scouring the internet for the past few days trying to find portraits of when Berkut is being influenced/possessed by Duma. For the life of me I can only find one of them and nothing else. If anyone knows where I can find all of them thst would be great, thanks!
  18. Hi, I go by Dame. I've made FE fanart for a couple years, but haven't gotten around to sharing it here... until now. Hope you all enjoy. Please do not repost my art anywhere, you do not have premission. If you want to use my art for avatars and stuff, ask, it'll be a case-by-case basis. I actually have way more stuff posted on my art blog, but I've recently got way better with the Adobe programs and am thinking of cleaning them up before posting here.
  19. Hi all, just wanted to share a collaborative fanart project I organized and am publishing. Volume four just came out so I wanted to update this thread! It involves characters from across the game series, here's some previews- Zenith: Valentia: Tellius & Fates: Archenea: Awakening: Elibe: Magvel: Jugdral: There's also bonus postcards, bookmark, and FE manaktere inspired series of stickers: For those interested in the artists involved please check this info page. The TWR zine's tumblr, the TWR zine's twitter.
  20. Tsak

    Tsak's Sketchbook

    Hey guys figured i'd start a thread up since i finally got off my hiatus of drawing for no apparent reason. I'm willing to do requests but 1 at a time please, and try to keep it fire emblem. (I'm very busy most of the time so it might take a while, but once I'm put to the task I can complete it fairly quickly) I graduated in 2016 with a BFA in illustration and painting, since i've moved out to Utah i have almost no Art supplies, they're still waiting to be shipped out. Hopefully i'll get them within the next month or so. I love drawing character designs, and currently I'm hoping to become an Art teacher, (Utah is in dire need of teachers so i just need to have a bachelors and pass a praxis in the required field) so i'm working towards that. I just sketched out Petrine real quick, decided to go for a more interesting pose. I've never drawn her before so this is going to be a little difficult. (I'm also not very proficient at drawing the female figure, it's quite a lot tougher than the male figure i must say) She's pretty fun to draw, her armor isn't overly intricate, and i will enjoy doing some ink work on her (once i get my pens of course!) Lemme know what you guys think! I'm open to any sort of criticism, and willing to share techniques and inspirations.
  21. Yeah IDK, I do art things sometimes so I guess might as well make a thread and stuff. I draw (traditional/digital both), do sprites rarely, and do photoshop recolors (the easiest thing lol). One weird thing I do that... isn't EXACTLY art...? Is uh, trying to pin down the best 'official' evolution lines for all the traditional Digimon in existence and then display this via charts. It's... uh... an ordeal haha. Yeah IDK if I'd consider it art, but I do it in photoshop and it takes an assload of time, so I guess I'll link that below too. dA page: http://chameleon-veil.deviantart.com/gallery/ Tumblr art tag: http://blademaster-banryu.tumblr.com/tagged/my-art Tumblr OC/art blog (mostly contains character-building things that aren't actually my art though) : http://telvernicart.tumblr.com/ Digivolution chart project: http://digivolutioncentral.tumblr.com/tagged/digivolution-charts I have a BA in art and hardly ever make it lol what a joke
  22. Okay so this has been something on my mind a little bit. What makes good character design? Now I realize that this sort of thing is almost entirely subjective but I'd like to know everyone's thoughts regardless. Personally I feel good character design boils down to answering one simple question: "What can I tell about this character just by looking at their design/artwork/portraits/etc." and if the answer is accurate to what the character is actually like then I feel the design is a success.
  23. Hello guys, To any of you that have the special edition artbook - are there any concept art or final art images of the antagonists or enemy units or is it entirely playable characters? I have a keen interest in the armour for the playable and non-playable characters as well as any concept art for Iago or even for art for the maps. Would it be worth purchasing a copy from ebay?
  24. Basically, I was passing an idea around with a couple of friends talking about making little animated skits (not really animated, more like slideshow drawings sorta) and voice acting fanmade supports between different characters in Heroes for YouTube. For example, here's a support I wrote of Eirika and Lyon upon meeting in Heroes. Every once in a while, we could find some voice actors who would be willing to voice new characters, and have an artist who'd be willing to work on animating them. I know it's hard work animating, so I figured it would only be an occasional thing, and something for FE fans to enjoy. I myself am a professional voice actor, and I know that there are others out there who will work for free to get their names out. If anyone wants to help out, then feel free to either reply or PM me.
  25. Hi there! I finally decided to stop being lazy, and just make an art thread for myself. I'm not super great at drawing, and I don't do it much, but I do enjoy it, and I'm hoping that making a thread will motivate me to do it more. And even if it doesn't, at least I'll have a place to keep whatever I do draw! Please feel free to leave comments or critiques; most of what I draw will just be simple black-and-white sketches in my notebook, but that doesn't mean that advice won't be helpful. I can take requests if anyone really wants them, but I can't promise that they'll be finished very quickly, haha. To begin with, here's a sketch of Clarisse from New Mystery/Heroes that I finished a short while ago. Nothing too complicated, just a character I felt like drawing. I despise the design of her bow, though.
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