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Found 3 results

  1. Dunno about you guys but I'm sure gonna be pissed if we only get waifu axe infantry. Lissa, Charlotte, Rinkah... egh even Camillla...(flier though) I dunno if Vaike and Basilio have any chance but can we at least expect Arthur and Barst? Arthur is about one of the few well written characters in fates and Barst is literary one of the best old school axe users there is AND OGMA's right hand man. Arthur and Effie could easily just be hanging with Elise as always. Any thoughts? Both got in heroes first over them so... cross fingers?
  2. I noticed that Effie and Arthur don't appear during the scene at the end of Birthright chapter 23, does that mean they were killed or do they just retreat? MODEDIT: dude the eu just got the game
  3. I believe Azel is best for Arthur and Tinny MODEDIT: plurals don't have apostrophes you philistine
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