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Found 14 results

  1. FEU CrossPost the source because I know that's all you came for: #include "Extensions\Hack Installation.txt" #define HookLocation 0x01C090 //Debug Bootup, obviously Unused PUSH //Removing a bit off mov bonus(suspend only uses 4) //Saving Routine ORG 0xA575C WORD 0xFFFFFE1F //Loading Routine ORG 0xA6104 WORD 0xFFFFFE1F //Using That bit to save and load bit 8 of class class ORG 0xA535E SHORT 0x6019 0x2180 0x4001 0x0149 0x8159 0 0 ORG 0xA57B4 BL(HookLocation); SHORT 0 0 ORG HookLocation SHORT 0x4668 0x8941 0x04C9 0x0FC9 0x01C9 0x7800 0x0640 0x0E40 0x4308 0x4770 POP Explanations: Basically, Suspend allocates 4 bits for mov bonus. however, normal save allocates 5 bits for it. so what I did, was I made it so mov bonus for normal save was 4 bits, and used the newly allocated bit to store the top bit of the class index, to allow for 0xFF, aka 255 classes, instead of the old 127 cap. Proper save expansion is coming soon™ I promise. Pictured here: Eirika with class ID 0x82. FEBuilder patch: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/235253973588639747/398277696125272078/class_save_fix.rar how to install: put folder in config\patch\FE8U, and it should autodetect.
  2. I have just started delving into the world of FE ROM hacking and have a couple very basic questions that I cannot seem to find simple answers to in the large amount of information that is out there: 1) What commands do you need to use to simply write over data from a specific hex offset in an ASM build file? For example, Venno implemented a drop item flag shortcut for FE7 and his instructions to enable it are to paste-write "201C4130007840210840000000000000" at offset "0x17826." It would be nice to just do this in the ROM build file so that I don't have to keep using the hex editor every time I build the ROM again. 2) I'd like to add additional items to some shops that are already in the game. However, it appears that NMM only allows you to replace items and not add additional ones (unless I am missing something). How would I go about inserting additional items in existing shops? Thank you for the assistance!
  3. Hi, Sorry if this is a noob question, but I just couldn't find an answer anywhere and I tried my best to figure it out on my own, but I'm just too stupid xD. Anyway, in a hack that we're making we change the controlled characters a significant amount in between chapters (Radiant Dawn style), so I'm trying to find a way to change the army commander in the status screen per chapter. The Auto-Cursor also glitches, because it can't find the 'leader character'. (In one chapter it goes out of the actual map into black nothing tiles and sometimes freezes, hence it's a big problem).Compare it to: In the first 10 chapters Lyn is the army commander and then for the rest of the game Eliwood. But then in our hack it would be per chapter. Would that be possible? Thanks for the help in advance! (It's a Fe7 hack btw)
  4. [spoiler=OP]Hey there everyone, just wanted to take a quick second to introduce myself before getting to the heart of the matter here. I've been lurking these forums for the past few months now trying to learn the ropes of this hacking business and I had to say the community here has been an absolutely awesome help to someone like me who could barely change growth rates way back when in the pre-Nightmare days. Kudos to all of you for all this great work. Anyways, on to the idea and even an idea for a possible implementation. That's where I'd like to hear from you wizards out there, because I've only really just started to look at ASM and my idea could be total bollocks for all I know. So somewhere along the way while browsing around the forums doing research for an FE8 difficulty hack I'm trying to make, I came across Venno's Passive Stat Boosts hack. I was thinking, with some creative use of this little gem you might be able to create different pieces of equipment (shields, armors, helmets, whatever) to use in game a la Final Fantasy Tactics. Now for those who aren't familiar with the hack, as best I can tell, his hack tells the game to run a search of the characters' inventory for Weapon Ability 3 0x80 and load the boosts designated by the stat boost pointer of the item, kind of like the Starsphere from FE3. If we use the non-stacking version of this patch (tells the game to quit looking for ability bit 0x80 after it finds one instance), couldn't you just tack on another routine to the end of the first to search for another ability byte? So instead of Weapon Ability 3 0x80, just have it search for another unused bit like 0x20 or 0x40, and (if my theory is sound) you'd have multiple "equipment slots" that would interact with each other but not with themselves. I'm not sure how feasible this last one is, but you could even go one step further and add an "Is this Item Usable?" check to the whole routine, and lock certain armors to certain classes/characters based on if they can or cannot use the item. I think a fully realized system like this would be amazing for a game like FE8 that features branched class promotions, skills, etc. It would add more impact on how the player chooses to promote each unit beyond a possible weapon type and what are in many cases negligible stat differences, as well as serve as a way to indirectly nerf some of the more traditionally OP classes without just tanking their stats. Paladins might have a worse equipment draw than a General, for example. Not even to mention all the creative things you'd be able to do with enemy placements and all the dickish things I already have planned for mine if this is even remotely possible. I think it'd be refreshing to say the least, and that's what we're here for right? Experiencing the games we love (or sometimes love to hate depending on the RNG that day) in a refreshing way. I'd love to hear some input on this idea from someone who know more about this stuff than I do. For what it's worth, I took a crack at adding the second search into Venno's original code myself using what I could piece together from a couple different ASM hacks to see if I'm just spouting nonsense here, but for whatever reason I can't seem to get the original hack to work much less my own attempt at it. It's originally for use with Camtech's assembly patcher but I can't find a link anywhere, and I can't seem to call it with ASMC OFFSET+1 either. I've tried (on a clean file), but VBA just hangs on a white screen before the logos so I dunno ¯\(°_o)/¯ Even then, I wouldn't know where to begin on a "Can X Unit use this Item" check. It'd be a cool thing to see fully realized though. [spoiler=Working Equipment] So after giving it a good look I actually came up with something that works. Much to my surprise, it doesn't even seem like it broke anything either! Basically, I ran a manual check on each individual item slot instead of looping through the inventory automatically. Then it's just a matter of manually ending the item check after we find a valid stat bonus pointer and in the end it looks like we might actually have a winner. It's a good start at least, but honestly I only got that far because Venno already did most of the heavy lifting. It still needs another routine to check for another 'equipment slot' (can probably do this) and ideally a usability check (less confident). I *think* that your idea of multiple flags on one item should work as I have it now, assuming I get that second routine in there. This is literally the first thing I've ever done with ASM so take that with a grain of salt. It's a cool idea though, I hadn't even considered that. Oh, and it still calculates the Equipped Weapon Boost separately, so there are no compatibility issues there (the Steel Sword is where the -2 SPD on Seth is coming from). Is there anything I could reference out there for a usability check? Probably not gonna magically figure that out on my own haha.
  5. Hello Guys, is there any tutorial for this kind of hacking? Im Trying to port FE8 Classes to FE7, but there is a limit, For Rouges I need Pick (No item chest and door opening) Pierce for Wyvern Knigths and summon, for obvious class. As far as i know, summon is posible, is in Elibean Knights, and for pick and exorcist, i might use the efectiveness pointer and the lockpick Pointer to start. For summon i can even use The Light Rune efect, it uses an actual class, i could just make an infinite Item and lock it to summoner Class, there are a lot of kinks for it, like level, weapon and char. So, is there anyone who could give me some Guide on this? Cause i think the dance/play is also an item... And for the last thing, Can Latona be made by just mixing the staff bytes?? I would be like restore, fortify and recorver together. Or If anyone has code for any of this, raw code is the best. Or if anyone knows where the routines of this are in FE8 that would be great too.
  6. Hello guys, it is me again, i been checking the class expansion patch made by icecube, and i have found some kind of kinks/bugs in it, maybe, it is not a clean rom, but listen... The expanded class list works fine and all, but, any promoted class higher than 0x63(So far) gets less experience than any other promoted class, and if it is killed gives a load of experience to your chars like 120 experience, i can alter it by giving it less class relative Power, BUT, it istill gives a whole 120 exp points if you defeat it...Actually that is not much of a problem. But the real Problem is, i just added new classes, let us say Great Knight and ranger, and asigned new efectiveness pointers, they all work fine so far, and i have done that before, but classes 0x6E Ranger F, 0x6F RANGER,0x66 Great Knight,0x67 Great KnightF do not get class efectivness BONUS damage when attacked by rapier, armorslayer or horseslayer, etc, but all other clases seem to get that Bonus... My solution is to change the bytes that say "Only 63 classes" on experience and efectiveness...BUT, i dont now where those bytes are...So, if anyone could help me :D ill be grateful.
  7. Hello guys, i was just testing the branched class patch from icecube, and it was awesome, it made a promotions three based on items, sadly, there was no pallete changing at that time and many animations looked bad with same palletes, so he did a new pallete table to give different palletes to each char according to their class, like it was possible in FE8. Bad thing, it was oonly the thumb assembly code, so how do we noobs get that in our Rom? It is quite easy, we just reverse the bytes of the assembly code, and we have our RAW code. Then, when i saw it worked, i needed a Nightmare Module....So, there was also no Nightmare module either, so i made two XD, each one usses a different offset, you choose where your table is gonna be. Also, you need to change the pointer if you wan to use other offset. I think i am a bit clearer in the readme. So, here is the Deal. Ill give you a link to the raw code and to the nigthmare modules i Made, I hope it helps you :D if you have any cuestions leave a comment. NOTE: For this code and this Nightmare Module to work, you need the patch for branched promotions that where made by Icecube too. All credit goes to Icecube, i just translated it to raw code and made the Module :D https://www.dropbox.com/s/a7geou88khiwm18/Copia%20de%20Branched%20Palletes.rar?dl=0
  8. Hello, i found some great patch made by icecube, that lets you have branched promotions by items in FE7, after going mad at trying to make it work, i fanally did...But i have some issue, at first i made my knight class 0x15, go to King Zephiel class empty slot class 0x61, and worked fine, tried the to make my knight paladin, and worked fine, but then i tried to mame my paladin class 0x67 great knight (Of course, this has class expansion patch, and works) but game freezes, extrangely after that i used a savestate of when it freezes, changed the class from great knight to paladin again, and the result was curious..it had the great knight standing map sprite, but the moving sprite of paladin... Looks like the nightmare module and the patch work only to change to oldsize table classes, but new classes are not recognized. I do not now why this is happening my guess is that the source code needs to be "upgraded" to read more bytes than 0x62 because i just added the extra classes on the nightmare module and updated the size of that list, but does not seem to work...Soo if there is any power hacker that could thell me what byte or bytes i need to change in the source code to make it work i would be thankful. (Note i still do not now how to asm hack, but i can do it in raw bytes in HxD) Version 3. Everything is changed into 08D90000 base Version 3 08D90000 00 B5F0 push r4-r7,lr 01 1C04 r4 = r0 + 0x00 02 4917 r1 = 08D90080 03 1C13 r3 = r2 + 0x00 04 3348 r3 = r3 + 0x4A 05 781B ldrb r3(r3,0x00) 06 7808 ldrb r0(r1,0x00) 07 28FF cmp r0,0xff 08 DA0C bge #22 09 4298 cmp r0,r3 10 D002 beq #14 11 1C13 r3 = r2 + 0x00 12 3104 r1 = r1 + 0x04 13 E7F4 b$ #03 14 1C13 r3 = r2 + 0x00 15 3384 r3 = r3 + 0x84 16 681B ldr r3(r3,0x00) 17 791B ldrb r3(r3,0x04) 18 7848 ldrb r0(r1,0x01) 19 4298 cmp r0,r3 20 D000 beq #22 21 E7F4 b$ #11 22 1C88 r0 = r1 + 0x02 23 7841 ldrb r1(r0,0x01) 24 0609 lsl r1,r1,0x18 25 2900 cmp r1,0x00 26 DB0E blt #42 27 7800 ldrb r0(r0,0x00) 28 2154 r1 = 0x54 29 4348 mul r0,r1 30 4907 r1 = 08BE015C 31 1840 r0 = r0 + r1 32 3004 r0 = r0 + 0x04 33 2328 r3 = 0x28 34 2B30 cmp r3,0x30 35 DA05 bge #42 36 5CC1 ldrb r1(r0,r3) 37 2900 cmp r1,0x00 38 D100 bne #40 39 54E1 strb r1(r4,r3) 40 3301 r3 = r3 + 0x01 41 E7F7 b$ #34 42 7800 ldrb r0(r0,0x00) 43 4902 r1 = 08029821 44 4708 bx r1 45 0000 46 015C 47 08BE 48 9821 49 0802 50 0080 51 08D9 F0 B5 04 1C 17 49 13 1C 48 33 1B 78 08 78 FF 28 0C DA 98 42 02 D0 13 1C 04 31 F4 E7 13 1C 84 33 1B 68 1B 79 48 78 98 42 00 D0 F4 E7 88 1C 41 78 09 06 00 29 0E DB 00 78 54 21 48 43 07 49 40 18 04 30 28 23 30 2B 05 DA C1 5C 00 29 00 D1 E1 54 01 33 F7 E7 00 78 02 49 08 47 00 00 5C 01 BE 08 21 98 02 08 80 00 D9 08 version 3 08027404 00 0608 lsl r0,r1,0x18 01 0E00 lsr r0,r0,0x18 02 686D ldr r5(r5,0x04) 03 792D ldrb r5(r5,0x04) 04 490C r1 = 08D90080 05 780C ldrb r4(r1,0x00) 06 2CFF cmp r4,0xff 07 D011 beq #26 08 4284 cmp r4,r0 09 D001 beq #12 10 3104 r1 = r1 + 0x04 11 E7F8 b$ #05 12 784C ldrb r4(r1,0x01) 13 42AC cmp r4,r5 14 D000 beq #16 15 E7F9 b$ #10 16 78CC ldrb r4(r1,0x03) 17 0664 lsl r4,r4,0x19 18 0E64 lsr r4,r4,0x19 19 9801 ldr r0(sp,0x04) 20 3008 r0 = r0 + 0x08 21 7800 ldrb r0(r0,0x00) 22 42A0 cmp r0,r4 23 DB01 blt #26 24 2001 r0 = 0x01 25 E000 b$ #27 26 2000 r0 = 0x00 27 BC30 pop r4,r5 28 BC02 pop r1 29 4708 bx r1 30 0080 31 08D9 08 06 00 0E 6D 68 2D 79 0C 49 0C 78 FF 2C 11 D0 84 42 01 D0 04 31 F8 E7 4C 78 AC 42 00 D0 F9 E7 CC 78 64 06 64 0E 01 98 08 30 00 78 A0 42 01 DB 01 20 00 E0 00 20 30 BC 02 BC 08 47 80 00 D9 08 Version 3 08D90068 00 7807 ldrb r7(r0,0x00) 01 7809 ldrb r1(r1,0x00) 02 1A79 r1 = r7 - r1 03 2900 cmp r1,0x00 04 DA00 bge #06 05 2100 r1 = 0x00 06 7001 strb r1(r0,0x00) 07 4901 r1 = 080298CD 08 4708 bx r1 09 0000 ---- 10 98CD 11 0802 07 78 09 78 79 1A 00 29 00 DA 00 21 01 70 01 49 08 47 00 00 CD 98 02 08 Version 3 080298C4 00 7807 4F00 01 7809 4738 02 1A79 0069 03 7001 08D9 00 4F 38 47 69 00 D9 08 Version 3 08029818 00 BF50 4900 01 1C04 4708 02 6860 0001 03 7940 08D9 00 49 08 47 01 00 D9 08 ________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Anthony N

    [FE7] Skills

    So I was planning to create custom skills for my FE7 hack. But most threads on skills i've read are documentation on FE8 -_- I plan to insert ASM codes then maybe repoint the addresses over the old ones in the Class/Character Ability array (if there's one) used in Nightmare's Class and Character Editor modules. Can anyone tell me if this is feasible? :p (btw if anyone knows the pointers to the Class/Character Ability array in Nightmare's modules please let me know)
  10. So I'm simply trying to find the code that sets game speed to fast. ASMC 0x9010001 //Sets text speed to "Fast" So anyone got a clue what the other one is?
  11. So I'm just casually Nightmaring everything to their FE4 stats, and I decided to convert Eclipse into Hel. As you may know, Eclipse was HP to 1 in FE6, as was FE4 Hel. So I open my FE6 item editor, and the item effect still says halves HP. That's an error, obviously. But would it be possible to find the effect offset from FE6 and port it to FE7? Or would I just have to ASM magic things over? FE7's item editor doesn't list any leftover HP to 1 effect. I improvised an FE7 Eclipse brave attack, but that has its obvious problems, instakilling people and all that. Basically, would it be as simple as copying the 6 offset, dumping it into 7 with my hex editor, or would I have to learn fancy ASM to pull it off?
  12. I found this asm hack here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92273434/FE%20Hacking%2C%20Public%20Files/Renewal%2C%20Soothing%20Sword/Renewal_FE8.asm It's a renewal skill hack made by crazycolorz5 but it hasn't been released in patch format yet. I was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to explain how to do this step by step since I really have no idea what to do with this but at the same time, I feel it'd be fun to play with.
  13. I've tried a different assembly hack before, and it gave me the .dmp file, and it worked fine... But it just didn't this time. Here's the actual ASM (I just modified the Hector Hard Mode forcing thing): .thumb .org 0x00 ldr r1, =0x0202BD78 mov r0, #0xFF strb r0, [r1] ldr r1, =0x0202BD6E mov r0, #0x04 strb r0, [r1] ldr r1, =0x0202BD6F mov r0, #0x14 strb r0, [r1] bx r14 The error: This gives me such a headache...
  14. for a while i was one of the few people that did asm nowadays though pretty much everyone is better than me (see: blazer, that guy who does FEIV, jubbs, kot) due to tutorials and people just being flat out not dumb BUT since everyone needs a hobby, i've been slowly trying to get myself back into this junk by teaching myself how to hack the graphics. "But Cam, GBAGE already exists!" Not *that* kind of graphics, silly. I can insert images into the ROM just as well as the next guy. What I need help with is this kind of stuff: To anybody who doesn't know what that is, that's the tile viewer in VBA. Which leads me directly to what I'm asking- does anybody know how to find/alter the tsa that is used for dynamic graphics (see: the battle screen) given only the offset in memory? To be more specific, the graphics i'm trying to fit a map over are between addresses 0x06013400 and 0x06014000, which is this set of tiles. I'm trying to see if I can't relocate the data on the battle screen, just for kicks.
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