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Found 4 results

  1. Modular Minimug Box Mod This mod aims to allow for (nearly) full customization of the minimug box. If you've seen anything else I've made, you probably know that most of it involves this box. Here's an example of a configuration made for Eliwan: As you can see, quite a lot can be added to the box. If you're interested in learning about customizing the box yourself, or are interested in making routines for it, please see the FEU thread below: FEU thread MMMB Beta Download If you have any suggestions, find any bugs, or have any questions, please leave a reply here or on FEU. Thanks!
  2. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP Last Updated: 24 May 2016 ~~~~~Blazer's Stuff~~~~~(Currently being worked on) [FE7] Character Changer [FE7] Knight Ward [FE7] Sniper Range+1 [FE7] Special Weapon Bonus [FE7] Variable Effectiveness Bonus ~~~~~Brendor's Stuff~~~~~ [FE8] Pierce Glitch Fix [FE7, FE8] Enemy Control/Mine Glitch Fix ~~~~~Camtech's Stuff~~~~~ [FE7] Generic/Personal Themes ~~~~~Circleseverywhere's Stuff~~~~~ (done) [FE8] Boss Movement Display Fix [FE8] Contemporary-Style Talk/Support [FE7, FE8] Enemy Range/Danger Zone Display [FE8] Generalized Support Changing/Setting Events [FE8] Generic/Person Themes [FE7, FE8] L Button Animation Toggle [FE8] More Than 5 Supports/Only One A Support [FE8] Native Instrument Map [FE8] Normal Mode/Difficult Mode Only [FE8] Untradable Items ~~~~~Crazycolorz5's Stuff~~~~~~(mostly done; need to release a few things I realize I never made a topic for.) [FE7] 0xFF = Cannot Critical [FE7] Cannot Double Weapon Effect [FE7] Check if Rescuing [FE7] Check for Equipped Item [FE7] Check Hard Mode [FE7] Compare Levels [FE7] Generalized Support Changing/Setting Events [FE7, FE8]Give All Items ASMC [FE7] Luk Gains on Promotion [FE7] Make Hard Mode ASMC [FE7] Negate Weapon Triangle Effect [FE7] Reaver and Double WTA Split [FE7, FE8] Renewal and Soothing Sword Effecr [FE7] Reset Turn Count ASMC Afterword: Since these are my hacks, if anyone wants an EA installer to be written for any of the hacks here that don't have one, let me know. ~~~~~Icecube's Stuff~~~~~~ (done) [FE7] Automatic Hand Axe Animation [FE7] Enemies Consider Stat Bonuses [FE7, FE8] Fix Weapon Range Display [FE7] Item Based Branching Promotions [FE7] Ranged Weapon in Melee Battle [FE7] Str+Skl Weapon Range Boost [FE7] Transform Weapon Type ~~~~~JJ2357's Stuff~~~~~ [FE8] Arbitrary Number of Weapon Types ~~~~~Venno's Stuff~~~~~(done) [FE7, FE8] Array-Based Weapon Locks [FE7, FE8] Autocursor/Status Screen Fix [FE8] Check if Being Rescued ASMC [FE8] Custom Animations [FE8] Dancers can't refresh other dancers. [FE7] "Drop Last Item" as unit flag [FE7, FE8] Dropped Items Don't Refresh Uses [FE7, FE8] DSFE-Style Growths [FE7] Enemies Gain Luk [FE7, FE8] Growth Modifying Items [FE7, FE8] Index-Based Effectiveness [FE6] Individual Weapon XP [FE7, FE8] Item Might-based Staff Healing [FE7, FE8] Passive Stat Boosts [FE7, FE8] Remove Weapon Ranks on Promotion [FE7] Variable Status Staff Length [FE7, FE8] Weapon Rank Bonuses ~~~~~Misc Work/That of those long gone~~~~~ Mariobro - [FE7] Native Instrument Map Ryru - [FE7] AS Changer WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP it's a work in progress. WIP
  3. Hello. I wanted to figure out how the game determines what item slot a character has equipped for various reasons. Usually slot one, but the unit could have an item in slot one and weapon in slot two, or be unequipped. SURE, I could write my own, but first off, I want to see how the game does it, and second off, it's easier just to write a bl call. Okay, so I set out debugging FE7. I figured that equipping is vital to attacking, so I checked docs for battle routines, and the closest I came to actually determining equipped item is in Nintenlord's "pre battle.txt" which tells me that byte 0x48 after 0203A3F0 will contain "Equipped item after battle"(and also 0x4A for "Eqipped item pre battle"). So I set my debugger to auto-break after detecting a write to 0203A43A, and I played around a bit. It does indeed pause when I go to the pre-battle screen, when I press R over a unit and when I go into the items menu(and for that matter, it re-updates when I scroll around on item menus). Most importantly, it does seem to contain the equipped item. So analyzed the code that was editing it, and moved up a little bit and found (at 08028806) a ldrh r0, [r0], which always loads the correct item ID, meaning if I could find how the game generated the r0 pointer, that would be the pointer to the slot of the correctly equip-able item. My debugger reports r0 as being 0203A40E, whis is by nintenlord's notes the item 1 slot. So then in turn I tried to figure out how the computer gets the correct equip in that slot (It correctly loads the items if I stick a vulnerary in slot 1, although it does trip up if there are no equip-able items, though I can probably look at writes to 0203A43A with no equips to see how it determines that.) (Now that I type that maybe that's an indication that I still have yet to find the exact routine that checks for that). So I set my debugger again to stop when that byte was edited... and I came across a subroutine that I realized copies data from one section of the RAM to another (It's at 090BFFC2). Oh great. After running a few times, it doesn't always use the same source ram(though it is always in the 3000000s, the quickly-accessible RAM). So uh, I still need to find the subroutine, and does anyone want to guide me on how to proceed from here? I'm really at a loss.
  4. I've tried a different assembly hack before, and it gave me the .dmp file, and it worked fine... But it just didn't this time. Here's the actual ASM (I just modified the Hector Hard Mode forcing thing): .thumb .org 0x00 ldr r1, =0x0202BD78 mov r0, #0xFF strb r0, [r1] ldr r1, =0x0202BD6E mov r0, #0x04 strb r0, [r1] ldr r1, =0x0202BD6F mov r0, #0x14 strb r0, [r1] bx r14 The error: This gives me such a headache...
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