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Found 3 results

  1. Athena Borderland Swords Athena is a character with quite a few possibilities to use. Playing Athena means to be dedicated to Athena, because of one reason. From stats it can be said that Mia is an upgrade to Athena, because she has almost the same stat spread with improvement. A +3 Athena is comparable to +0 Mia one could say. So people who don't merge and like Mia more will not bother with Athena. Also builds could be almost equal to each other. Still she can be a very useful unit. And for non-whales she is a good option for a merge project, which can be counted on and who does not like her tongue? Pros: - her Speed value is good - base kit compensates her lacking atk - her Defense Value is still useful Cons: - she lacks a bit attack, compared to other swordusers - bane hurts her in almost any case for some builds Base stats: HP: 33/36/40 ATK: 28/31/34 SPD: 35/38/41 DEF: 24/27/31 RES: 21/24/28 Default skills: Weapon: Wo Dao+ Assist: [none] Special: Moonbow A: Sturdy Blow 2 B: [none] C: Sword exp 3 Builds: More enemy phased: vun voman army: Player phased Mage run in [Earlier Gales of Borderland] / edit: 22.11.2018 Mixed Broken Borderland Sword Borderland Moon
  2. As soon as the Tharcia 776 remake comes out I’ll transform into Mareeta! Previously I’ve cosplayed Fir Fan of the hotswordswomen: Athena, Say’ri, Celica, Fir and her yummy mummy Karla, Lyn and Lucina Fan of the hot greyarea villians: Berkut & Arvis. Takumi should count Currently supporting Sigurd in the Voting Gauntlet.
  3. So! I'm planning on starting a "blue is for lords" color run of SD, where I only use characters with blue hair. My question is, would Athena count? Her hair is kind of a muted blue, but I had always written it off as black. I'm also not sure if I want to allow re-classing or not; mostly concerned with having someone (most likely Caeda) be a mage to deal with Gharnef. Difficulty would be H1 or 2, I'm not decided on that yet. Maybe 3.
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