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Found 7 results

  1. It's possible to make over 200 damage in one attack (Critical excluded) ?
  2. Since the Nintendo Switch remakes of Famicom Detective Club are coming to May 14th. I did recently remembered that Sakurai did planned on having Ayumi Tachibana as a Fighter and she did get scrapped in Super Smash Bros. Melee due to Sakurai couldn't think of something to attack moves on Ayumi Tachibana from the official source material and maybe find it obscured before Sakurai did used Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, and Isabelle in the later games. I also know that Sakurai did invented special moves for Captain Falcon before he got into Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. Does anyone that played Famicom Detective Club might know what attack moves that Sakurai could implamented for Ayumi or he should give it to the male protagonist instead? (I don't know if the team might give something for Ayumi in the remake that can be implamented adding to her attack moves for the future installment?) I haven't played the original version from Famicom nor Super Famicom version as well. I am planning on getting the two remakes on launch day.
  3. Working on some new ideas for skills. Here's my first one: Ward Type: Command Target: Self Effect: When activated, physical attacks (Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows, Daggers, and non-magical Monster Weapons etc.) target Resistance instead of Defense for 3 turns. Once the effect ends, the user can not use Ward again for 3 turns.
  4. Hello, everyone! You might have seen me around here before. I've been working on this little project of mine for a while now, and after _hours_ of hard work, I've come up with a result I'd love to share. So far, this is only 1 chapter. Depending on the feedback, who knows, it might be much more~ (And yeah, I know it's April Fools and all, but I'm too excited to share this to wait until tomorrow.) New Things: Mechanics Units Events Graphics Maps etc. Bugs: The stat screen is weird, and idk why. Basically for the first page, the R description doesn't work. Shrug. Also, this means that skill descriptions dont work. Basically, the two people who have the skill (you'll see when you play) can use Dragon Veins. And here's the link to the FEU thread which contains the patch! I took a lot of inspiration from people like Ghast and his non-human characters as well as TLP for people such as Kelik and Anakin and Shon. Such great writing! Oh, and I can't forget the screenshots! I hope you enjoy!
  5. If so, in what game? I don't think I've ever used it in a practical situation (if one exists), I've only used it in the Tower of Valni in FE8.
  6. Ok, I need help. I'm trying to go for the special ending that consists of But I can't seem to have Soren attack Pelleas (or vice versa) in the Part 3 Endgame. I have no long-ranged tomes, and I'm doing hard mode, so there are more enemies (meaning it's a lot easier to get the kill-count to get to 80). I've gotten really close before, and then Nailah killed Soren, and Pelleas attacked the wrong person. I've tried having Haar rescue Soren, and have him follow the Gallia path, but it didn't reduce the kill-count because Phoenicis will take the center path (the path that you're supposed to take). I've had Soren equip Pass, and have a few people (with a lot of defense or avoid) do a berserk strategy without trying to kill many people, but someone usually ends up dying (mainly Haar). If anyone can give me any tips, it would be most appreciated.
  7. So i made this very crude excel sheet that was intended to just be for me, i figured i might as well share it. It's very simple and somewhat clunky to use but it should be nobrainer on how it works and how to use it, any questions just ask. No im not adding Sol, might add Lethality. But my main concern with this sheet was comparing the main damage proc skills to see wich would be most optimal. I'm not going to claim this will be 100 % accurate but it should be pretty close. http://www.mediafire.com/view/?j9bsb2ejwit1t2g Nope i didn't plan placements at all, so it looks pretty messy right now. Probably going to rearrange some boxes so it become more clear and easier on the eye. "Edit" Realised I should move the brave weapon and double boxes, because i had the double part set to automatically change depending on speed versus enemy. And typing in the box wrecked that.. So rearranged thoose and a couple of other boxes to look better "Edit2" Fixed the preview to display the new arrangement "Edit3" Changes to the sheet thanks to feedback from Airship Canon Astra formula corrected Proc rate for Ignis corrected Negative numbers should now be shown as 0 in all results
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