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Found 2 results

  1. So, I'm curious to know how everyone handled tutoring Authority while also keeping their other weapon/mobility skills up to task, especially for the ones with a weakness in it (Caspar/Felix/Hilda, interesting that every house had at least one.) On my first play-through I kinda just ignored it, stuck a battalion on everyone and just played through, by end-game the highest level was like a C. So on my Blue Lions play-through I'm making a conscious effort to increase it, although the balance makes me fudge up at times. What has been your strategy so far?
  2. While many characters had authority stars, the only characters who actually used them were the ones who commanded the army. Only Ike, Geoffrey, Lucia, Tibarn and Elincia benefitted from them and all their underlings automatically benefited regardless of their affiliation with the commander. The rest of the cast's authority stars didn't matter which is pretty lame. Here is a suggestion that gives authority stars more usage and makes them much more interesting. Each character who has authority stars will enhance characters who they directly influence/outrank in the story. For example, Caineghis, being the leader of the beast tribe, will benefit all the beast tribe laguz. Authority stars can also stack so Skrimir's authority stars can enhance all beast tribe laguz, barring Caineghis and Giffca, since he doesn't outrank them. Sanaki's stars can enhance Sigrun, Tanith, Naesala, Lehran and Oliver. Nailah's can enhance Volug and Rafiel. Tibarn's can enhance Janaff, Ulki and Reyson. Naesala's can enhance Leane and Nealuchi. Ike's would enhance the GMs. Kurthnaga's would enhance Ena, Nasir and Gareth. Elincia's would enhance all characters from Crimea including the CRK, Brom, Nephenee, Heather, Danved, Bastian, Calil and Renning. Geoffrey would enhance just the CRK, Calil and Danved. Lucia would probably enhance Heather, Brom and Nephenee. From parts 1 to 3, there won't be much of a change in terms of gameplay but in part 4, people will have to strategize more when deciding how to split up the army into three different groups. Afterwards, in the endgame, these stars can be something to consider when making a party for the tower. Of course, there are characters which I believe deserve leadership stars but don't have any. These include Micaiah, Tauroneo, Titania, Sigrun, Lehran and Giffca. Micaiah would enhance all Daein units barring Pelleas because he's above her in rank. Tauroneo enhances all Daein units barring the aforementioned. Titania enhances all GMs barring Ike because she's their deputy commander. Sigrun enhances Tanith, maybe pointless due to lack of Begnion units. Lehran enhances all Begnion units barring Sanaki. Haar, being the independent person he is, and the fact that he's broken, gets no benefit from authority stars along with a few other OP characters such as the laguz royales and Ike. This would help in balancing the cast. What do you think of this idea? Should it be implemented in a remastered Radiant Dawn remake or a fanmade mod? If not, would a similar idea work in a new Fire Emblem game?
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