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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Shadow Tactician: To Create Fate. The Feedback thread is here if you would like to leave feedback. Thank you for reading. Recap... Exalt Lucina traveled back in time to stop the Fell Dragon Grima from destroying the world. Her mission was to save both her father and the Shepherds, a mission that she wasn't alone in. Travelling with her was her ever loyal tactician, Caleb. Caleb was of course determined to succeed in the mission, fully aware of the risks that they would have to go through to achieve their goal. Of course Caleb wasn't the only one to accompany Lucina. Her younger brother Brady, her cousin Owain, the young duchess of Rosanne Severa, the young Pegasus Knight Cynthia, the shy Noire, the flirtatious Inigo, the level headed Laurent, the ever responsible Nah, the strong willed Kjelle, the moody and mysterious Gerome and the last Taguel Yarne also followed her. This brave group were all that was left of the Shepherds. Though unbeknownst to them, they were followed by Grima and his Lucina to ensure that the Fell Dragon survived. Grima instead of using the Grimleal's Awakening ritual used a more powerful spell that bound him to his soul fragment, none other than Caleb himself. In the process Grima also managed to merge both his Lucina and Caleb's. The resulting chaos caused by the merge forced Caleb to flee as he sort out the last remaining fragment with the help of his wife, Lucina and their daughter Alana. As they fled the Shepherds became divided as Robin, Caleb's mother was taken over by a parasite hell bent on destroying Caleb. Caleb meanwhile was soon joined by others, first Aversa who was bound by blood oath to assist Caleb, then Cynthia and Noire joined Caleb as they both still believed in him. Caleb eventually met with Arilon, who had given Caleb Mjölnir during the war in Valm. Arilon agreed to help the young Fell Dragon to find a safe place as Caleb discovered his wife was expecting a child. After some deliberation, Caleb decided to join the Wanderers as they traveled back to their Ylisse to bury a comrade whom they had lost. It was agreed that they would accompany and guide Caleb to their version of Plegia, as it was a safe place to have a young and seemingly destructive Fell Dragon to stay. However in order to do that, they needed both the King of Plegia and Exalt of Ylisse's Seals to take the young Fell Dragon and his family into Plegia, and so they traveled to Ylisstol to discuss the situation with both men...
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